Here’s the Disney World Ride You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Confession time: I am a Disney adult. Yes, I’m one of those annoying 30-something women who loves nothing more than taking my family to Disney, eating Dole Whips, riding in a doom buggy, and tearing up to “Happily Ever After” firework shows. I’ll be taking my family to Disney World in a couple of weeks, and with that in mind, I thought today’s article I could write about the particular Disney ride or attraction that best fits each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. Do you agree with your ride? Let me know in the comments!

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Discover which Disney World ride would best fit your Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

The ISTJ – Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom

ISTJ Carousel of Progress

ISTJs are people who love history, facts, and knowledge. They enjoy stability, savor tradition, and crave a life of quiet tranquility. The Carousel of Progress is a perfect fit for ISTJs because it gives them a taste of history, progress, and knowledge, all while giving them a chance to chill out in an air-conditioned, crowd-free location in the parks. This ride and show combination takes you through the history of technology and progress in a fun, light-hearted way. Plus, it’s been around since Walt Disney World opened in 1971! I could easily see an ISTJ sitting in his rocking chair with his loyal dog telling viewers about the amazing inventions of the past and present, just as the audio-animatronics do in this classic attraction.

The ISFJ – Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

ISFJ Peter Pan's Flight

ISFJs are quiet, gentle individuals who have a deeply sentimental side. Every ISFJ I’ve known has picked Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom as their favorite ride; partially because of its whimsical and magical nature, but also because it takes them back to the simpler days of their childhood. Those with this personality type love the whimsy of this ride, and the intricate attention to detail all around them as they fly over London and enter Neverland.

The ESTJ – Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom

ESTJ Kilimanjaro Safari

ESTJs are pragmatic, hard-working types who can find it difficult to really let loose on a vacation. Sometimes Disney World can feel too “pie in the sky” with its hyper-focus on imagination and fantasy. While ESTJs enjoy fantasy from time to time (especially once they hit mid-life and older) they also enjoy something that gives them greater awareness of facts in the real world. With Kilimanjaro safari, you can escape the sweltering heat and crowds of the park for a while and take in the vastness of the African savanna. You get to learn about real-world wildlife while you’re at it! Every safari is different because the animals are real and will show up in different ways at different times of day. At times you may see a giraffe crossing the road right in front of you, at other times you might spot a baby elephant giving itself a dust bath. For ESTJs, this ride offers variety, social interaction with other guests, knowledge about animals and conservation, and a dose of realism.

The ESFJ – It’s a Small World in Magic Kingdom

ESFJ It's a small world

Friendly and harmony-seeking, ESFJs are the kinds of people who go out of their way to make people feel welcome. To the ESFJ the world really is “a small world” and everyone has the potential to be connected in some way. Small World, the iconic attraction from 1971, takes you on a whimsical boat ride, full of brightly colored, singing audio-animatronics. Each new scene you encounter showcases the rich culture of a region as well as a message of unity and friendship. ESFJs will appreciate the sense of togetherness and acceptance that this ride has to offer. Plus, the upbeat music, intensely beautiful surroundings, and cool air conditioning make it a great way to get out of the hot Florida sun for a bit!

INTJ – Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios

INTJ Rise of the Resistance

INTJs are independent, logical thinkers who appreciate originality and competence. If they were a Disney World ride, they’d be one that stretched the boundaries of imagination and technological prowess. Luckily, Disney has just the thing: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios. This is a mind-blowing ride that takes you into the middle of a full-scale battle between The Resistance and The First Order. You experience close encounters with Kylo Ren himself as well as board a real starship for an epic mission – and the technology behind this ride is leaps and bounds beyond anything else in Disney World. INTJs will appreciate the complexity, detail, originality, and intense story line of this ride.

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INFJ – Navi River Journey in Animal Kingdom

INFJ Navi River Journey

INFJs are gentle, empathetic souls who appreciate beauty and serenity. They’re the kind of people who need peace and tranquility to get their best insights and original thoughts. What better way to do that than with Navi River Journey in Animal Kingdom? You board an ancient boat and drift leisurely down a river surrounded by glowing plants and bioluminescent creatures. You catch glimpses of exotic animals, hear the Navi Shaman serenade you with her song, and watch as the river weaves its way into an enchanted forest. This ride is truly a dreamy escape from reality – one that INFJs will appreciate more than most other personality types!

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ENTJ – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Hollywood Studios

ENTJ Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

ENTJs are ambitious, energetic people who strive for success and get excited about overcoming challenges. They don’t shy away from taking risks or pushing their limits in order to reach the top. For these achievers, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is the perfect fit. This thrilling simulator ride takes you on a mission inside the famous Millennium Falcon cockpit, where you’ll need to use teamwork and strategy to complete your mission. ENTJs will love commanding their team as they embark on this thrill-ride full of twists, turns, and surprises!

ENFJ – Soarin’ Around the World at Epcot

ENFJ Soarin Around the World

I had a hard time finding the perfect ride for ENFJs. Friendly, harmony-seeking, and insightful, ENFJs are the kinds of people who appreciate experiences that allow them to grasp patterns, see the big picture, and feel connected to others. I think Soarin’ Around the World at Epcot is a good choice, but not exactly perfect. If you could blend Navi River Journey with the “Wishes” fireworks I think you’d have a better ENFJ attraction. However, Soarin’ happens to be a ride that I find many ENFJs enjoy. It takes you on a thrilling aeronautical journey, from China to Egypt to California and more. You get an eagle eye view of some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, and have the opportunity to “oooh” and “aaah” with your fellow passengers. ENFJs will appreciate the immersive nature of this ride, and its ability to make them feel connected to other people in far-off places.

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ISTP – Test Track at Epcot

ISTP Test Track

ISTPs are independent, adventurous types who enjoy understanding how things work. In Test Track, they get to design their own car and take it for a test ride to see how it fares against other custom creations. During the ride, their vehicle is put through its paces with a range of tests that measure speed, responsiveness, and stability. They’ll also race against other custom cars for a high-speed finale. ISTPs will love the thrill of testing their own creation and seeing how it stacks up against the competition.

ISFP – Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom

ISFP Flight of Passage

ISFPs are creative, free-spirited types who look for experiences that make them feel deeply in tune with nature and the beauty and emotion of life. Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom captures their adventurous spirit perfectly. This ride is an awe-inspiring experience that takes you soaring over the incredible landscapes of Pandora – from the top of floating mountains to deep underground rivers. The vibrant colors, 3D visuals, and realistic sensations of flying through Pandora on a the back of a banshee creates an exhilarating experience. This ride gives you four minutes of pure life-affirming bliss. It’s both exciting and sensory-rich while invoking emotions of awe and wonder. If an ISFP’s spirit, energy, and creativity could be captured in a ride, this would be it.

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ESTP – Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Epcot

ESTP Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

If an ESTP could create a ride at Disney World, it would be filled to the brim with adventure, excitement, and surprises. Luckily for them, Disney has just the thing: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Epcot. This thrilling roller coaster takes you on a journey through time and space with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters as your guides. You’ll experience unexpected twists, drops, turns, and zero gravity moments – all while rocking out to your favorite classic tunes. ESTPs will love the fast-paced, unpredictable nature of this ride and the chance to take on a daring mission with their favorite comic book heroes!

ESFP – Rock ‘n Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios

ESFP Rock 'n Roller Coaster

ESFPs are social, energetic people who seek out thrilling opportunities. They have a hunger for adventure and a love to be immersed in all the sensory enjoyment life can offer. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios captures this zest for live in a high-speed musical roller coaster. This ride launches you from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, and the thrilling twists, turns, and loops will give riders a thrill and adventure that is unforgettable. ESFPs like to make an impression and show people a good time, and this ride will do just that. Plus, the blasting rock music adds an extra bit of flair to the experience – making it perfect for “the entertainer” personality type!

INTP – Spaceship Earth in Epcot

INTP Spaceship Earth

INTPs are individuals who crave knowledge, discovery, and exploration. Spaceship Earth in Epcot blends past and future into a stunning journey through the annals of human civilization. INTPs will appreciate the thought-provoking narrative, immersive visuals, and interesting facts about how our world has evolved over time. Plus, they’ll love hearing from some of the most influential voices in history as they ride inside a giant geosphere! It’s a perfect combination of stimulating visuals and knowledge that few other rides can replicate. INTPs can really feel like they’re there at the emergence of writing, the printing press, and the internet age. Plus, they can appreciate the attention to detail that went into constructing this ride – from the life-like figures that populate it to the story line, visuals, and even the smells. This is a ride that propels you into the past while sparking curiosity and wonder about the future you could create.

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INFP – Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

INFP Haunted Mansion

INFPs are dreamers and creatives who love to explore the depths of their own imaginations. They’re inspired by originality, fantasy, and complex human experiences. Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom is the perfect place for them – eerily gorgeous, this ride transports you to a world of ghosts, ghouls, and mysteries. You’ll encounter an eerie Victorian ballroom where portraits come alive, a whimsical graveyard, and a breathtakingly creepy attic filled with secrets. This is a spooky ride that captures that space between life and death, fear and profound beauty – just the kind of unique and offbeat escapism INFPs crave (and can even create!).

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ENTP – Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom

ENTP Space Mountain

ENTPs hate to be predictable, so if they were a Disney ride they’d certainly be the legendary Space Mountain. Located in Magic Kingdom, this indoor roller coaster is guaranteed to get your heart racing as you rocket through the stars and planets of outer space! The thrilling twists, turns, drops, and bumps are pure adrenaline – and never predictable. Every turn or drop is totally unexpected because you can’t see the track in the dark. Plus, it’s one of Disney’s most classic rides, created in 1975 – perfect for the ENTP who has a fondness for the past while being fascinated by the unpredictable, possibility-filled future.

ENFP – Journey Into Imagination with Figment in Epcot

ENFP Journey Into Imagination with Figment

ENFPs hate feeling bound by structure and rules and love the idea that their imagination is infinite. Journey Into Imagination with Figment in Epcot perfectly captures this free-spirited attitude. You’ll explore the rainbow tunnels of the Imagination Institute as you go on a musical journey with Figment, a mischievous little dragon who loves to break the rules in order to mess with people and make new discoveries! Why not experiment with gravity or shock riders with unexpected smells, sounds, and sights? It’s a wild ride of imagination and exploration – perfect for the free-spirited ENFP!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have any thoughts or experiences you’d like to share with other readers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I enjoy reading your articles. I am an ISTP. Before I retired from my HR Training position, I was more of an ISTJ. After retiring, I took your MBTI assessment and found I had become an ISTP. Both assessments made sense at the time I took them. I love, love, love that my Disney ride is Test Track at Epcot. That would be so cool. When we lived in FL, we went to DisneyWorld or Epcot every year. When we moved to AZ, we tried to do the same with DisneyLand. But, life happens and we haven’t been in years. Thank you for the reminder of how much I enjoyed those trips.

  2. I enjoy reading your articles. I am an ISTP. I love, love, love that my Disney ride is Test Track at Epcot. That would be so cool. Would so like to go to Epcot now.

  3. I am an INFP who loves the Navi River Ride and dislikes the Haunyed Mansion. The Navi River truly is dreamy, the type of world the idealistic INFP wishes existed in real life.

    1. I didn’t know such places existed, I searched YouTube and was so amazed I almost cried 🥺isfp

  4. Wow! Just yesterday morning I was e plaining to my husband why the Haunted Mansion is the best ride at Disneyland and yes, I am a INFP!

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