Here’s the Kind of Enemy You’d Be, Based On Your Personality Type

How would someone with your personality type fight injustice or defend their loved ones? What unique gifts make you a formidable enemy? Find out in this (slightly tongue-in-cheek) new article!

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Before we begin, here are some of the strengths you have when you’re
fighting against evil:

Si-Users (SJ Personality Types):

You guys are all about details and patience. You’ll observe your enemies and notice all their ticks, habits, routines, and weaknesses. You’re not going to rush into anything without a careful plan of action, complete with contingency plans and optimal resources at your disposal. You are the prepared, detail-oriented enemies.

Se-Users (SP Personality Types):

You guys are gifted with an intense awareness of your environment and a unique ability to become one with it. You’re good at blending in, using the resources at your disposal, and staying completely tuned into the moment. You have quick reflexes and can react with a level head to disaster and sudden changes. You’re the stealthy, clever, quick-acting enemies.

Ni-Users (NJ Personality Types):

You guys are all about the long game and foreseeing your enemy’s next move. You’ll come up with plans that are strategic, complicated, and have lasting, long-term effects on your enemy. You’re the perceptive, visionary enemies who are always one step ahead of your opponents.

Ne-Users (NP Personality Types):

As extraverted intuitives, you come up with creative, unusual strategies to trap your enemies or make them change their ways. Whether it’s getting them stuck in complex scenarios that they can’t escape or confronting them with 1000 alternate lifestyles they could be living, you’re likely to flip their world upside down and change their way of thinking. You’re the creative, unpredictable, strategic enemy.

Thinking Enemies:

Thinking enemies are primarily concerned with justice. They are less likely to be merciful and more likely to be fair and no-nonsense. They will value tactics or strategy over diplomacy and usually won’t make efforts to induce their enemies to change their ways. They are less likely to impose guilt trips on their enemies and are more likely to make sure they pay the penalty for their wrongdoing.

Feeling Enemies:

Feeling types are more willing to make exceptions for their enemies depending on the context and background of the crime and the criminal. Justice and mercy waver in order of importance depending on the enemy’s motives and the personal impact of the crime. They are more likely to impose guilt trips or damage their enemies’ reputation than thinking types are. They are also more driven to try to understand WHY their enemy did what they did instead of HOW they did what they did. If their enemy doesn’t pose a real threat, they may just try to motivate them to change their ways.

The Enemies, By Type


People talk a lot about your dutiful, responsible nature, but what they don’t say is how fiercely protective you are of your loved ones. Your intense attention to detail, your loyalty, and your hunger for justice all combine to make you a daunting foe. You will patiently observe all the details and weaknesses of your enemy until you are able to come up with a comprehensive, foolproof plan of action. Every contingency plan will be put into place to protect your loved ones and there’s no way your enemy will get past your Plan A’s, B’s, and C’s. Find out more about your type here.


People in the type community describe you as the “teddy bear” of all the personality types. You are known as soft-spoken, generous, and dutiful. But do you know what else they call you? The defender. And that’s because you are fiercely loyal to your loved ones and will do anything to protect them from danger. You pay careful attention to the details of your enemies, their slip-ups, their motivations, and desires.  Initially you might try to get through to your opponent through finding common ground and appealing to their conscience. If that doesn’t work, or if their crimes are especially heinous, you’ll pull out all the stops and come up with an exhaustive plan of action. You’ll use every detail you discover to your advantage and turn their biggest weaknesses against them. Find out more about your type here.


One of the things that makes you so dangerous as an enemy is your ability to quickly pull together a team to fight alongside you. You’re the kind of person who holds in your aggression unless you feel it’s needed, but if someone endangers one of your loved ones, all that fury will come lashing out. Before your enemy has the chance to blink, you’ll have assembled an army, optimized a plan of action, and forcefully taken control of the situation. You’ll be quick to spot incompetence in your enemies behavior and use those weaknesses against them. Your blunt, no-nonsense, determined nature will strike fear into the heart of anyone who crosses you.

The ESFJ Enemy

With your social connections, strong organizational skills, and insight into the feelings of others, you make an underestimated yet brutal adversary. If provoked, you can infiltrate any social structure or organization to get the word out about your enemies whereabouts. You’ll keep a watchful eye on anyone in danger while assimilating a team to scope out the location of the criminal. Your organizational skills, attention to detail, and insight into human nature will all be advantages as you try to take down your enemy or make them change their ways.

The ISTP Enemy

With your cool, stoic nature and your ability to blend into any environment, you’re the quintessential covert operator. You’ll analyze every detail of your enemy’s thought process and figure out every vulnerability or loophole in their plan. You’ll work undercover and behind the scenes to trap your enemy and confront them before they have a chance to escape. If combat situations arise, your resourcefulness and rapid reflexes make you an intimidating opponent. You know how to become one with your environment and use everything in the vicinity to stop evil from prevailing.

The ISFP Enemy

You might seem serene and soft-spoken to most people, but if somebody violates one of your values or hurts someone you love there’s no telling what you will do. Your resourcefulness and ability to think quickly in a crisis make you a formidable enemy. Your insight into the intentions and hidden nature of others also makes you verbally sharp and menacing. If the nature of the crime wasn’t especially terrible, you might try to appeal to your opponent’s moral compass or values. If that doesn’t work, or if they’ve done something especially awful, you’ll use your quick wits and your sharp instincts to take them down.

The ESTP Enemy

As a dominant extraverted sensor you are resourceful, scrappy, clever, and quick. If someone is a threat to one of your loved ones there’s no lengths you won’t go to in their defense. Your rapid reflexes, quick, analytical mind, and your ability to blend in anywhere make you the enemy nobody sees coming. Your detailed visual perception and heightened awareness of everything around you makes you agile, intense, and terrifying as an enemy. Find out more about your skills here.

The ESFP Enemy

One of the best things you have going for you is how much your enemy will underestimate you. Your enthusiastic, friendly persona belies a fierce protective nature and a quick ability to respond to a crisis. You miss nothing in your current environment and your quick reflexes and your inner resolve make you truly threatening. You’ll pick up on your enemies core motives along with their physical strengths and weaknesses and adapt to the situation and your surroundings to be an unstoppable force for good. Find out more about your skills here.

The INTJ Enemy

Beneath your cool, reserved demeanor lies an intellectual vision that can be truly threatening when weaponized. If anyone harms you or your loved ones, you’ll come up with a master plan to stay one step ahead of them at all times. You’ll envision their next move, strategize a logical course of action, and your enemy will find themselves confounded by the complex traps you’ve set. When they try to read you or manipulate you, they won’t stand a chance, because you’ll keep your true feelings hidden behind a piercing INTJ death glare.

The INFJ Enemy

You may appear quiet and friendly, but underneath your warm smile lies an uncanny insight into the hidden motivations and desires of other people. If someone threatens you (or worse, threatens someone you care about) you’ll use everything you know about them to transform them or stop them. If their crime against you wasn’t too severe, you’ll confront them, showing them their true potential for life while empathizing with their past traumas. If they are an especially formidable threat, you’ll work to envision their course and stay ahead of them each time they try to escape. You’ll analyze their mind, their choices, and their psychology to strategize where they are most likely to escape or who they  might harm next. Your discernment into the potential actions of others makes you a skilled detective. Find out more about yourself here.

The ENTJ Enemy

If someone hurts one of your loved ones then you’ll quickly trade in your level-headed, logical persona for something much more foreboding and aggressive. You are fiercely loyal to the people you care about and quick to devise strategic plans of attack on anyone who threatens them. Facing your enemy up-close won’t frighten you; you are stimulated by challenges and aren’t afraid to intimidate and confront those who have wronged you. You’ll build a team of fighters, strategize your enemy’s next move, and trap them with no way out. Manipulation, phony apologies, and excuses won’t work on you. You will ensure that justice is served.

The ENFJ Enemy

You tend to be inspiring and friendly, but if someone is putting your loved ones in danger, you’re quick to step in. Your plan of attack will likely be more psychological than physical. You’ll learn to understand your enemy, get into their head, and motivate them into changing their ways. You’ll put symbols in their life that remind them of a time when they used to be kinder and more innocent. You’ll sit near them in coffee shops and give moving, convicting speeches to other people that they can’t help but overhear. Before you know it, they’ll be changing their ways and getting back to the person they should have been all along. If their crime was especially heinous, you’ll analyze their motives and probable next moves to track them down.

Find out more about your personality type here.

The INTP Enemy

As an INTP you tend to avoid people you dislike, but that will all change if someone harms a person you care about. You’ll make a game out of finding their weaknesses and creating confusing scenarios for them to get trapped in. You’ll probably avoid direct face-to-face confrontation because it’ll be too much fun watching from the sidelines as they get stuck in the over-complicated situations you’ve devised for them. You’ll make everything in their life a puzzle too confusing to sort out and before long they’ll be packing their bags and leaving to go somewhere less perilous and perplexing. Find out more about your personality type here.

The INFP Enemy

As an INFP it takes a lot to become your enemy. Someone would have to violate one of your values in a really bad way. If the crime isn’t too severe, you’re likely to pursue psychological understanding to get them to change their ways. You will try to understand where they are coming from, what led them to being this way, and attempt to find the root cause of their actions. You’ll empathize with the traumas of their childhood that inevitably influenced their wrong choices. You’ll appeal to their conscience and try to inspire them to find a more honorable calling in life. If they have done something especially unforgivable, then you’ll uphold your values and the cause of good as you fight ceaselessly and intuitively to trap your enemy so they can’t hurt anyone again.  Find out more about your personality type here.

The ENTP Enemy

As an enemy, you are clever, strategic, and filled with ideas that will make your enemy’s life strange and confusing. When they try to get into their car in the morning, they won’t be able to find it…wait, why is it stuck in a tree? They’ll try to find their keys but you’ll have locked them in a safe with an unbreakable code. They’ll inexplicably find crumbs in their sheets and decaf in their coffee maker. You won’t have to employ combat tactics, you’ll just make them feel like they’re living in a really annoying version of the Twilight Zone.

The ENFP Enemy

 It takes a lot for someone to become your enemy. You’re usually willing to empathize and give second chances. But if one of your values is violated or someone you care about is threatened, you can switch gears surprisingly fast. You will warn other people about the individual and confront them, riddling them with questions to get to the bottom of their character. At the end of the conversation, they’ll be wondering how they lived with themselves and they’ll have a list of 1000 alternate, inspiring possibilities for their future.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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What kind of vigilante or freedom fighter would you be? Find out! #personality #personalitytype #MBTI #Myersbriggs #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP #ENFP #ENTP #ISTJ #ISFJ

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  1. Nice.I think that what characterizes STP is the manipulation by seduction. Make the other do what he wants, without him realizing it. Then a realist plan.

  2. Hihi, I can tell you had too much fun writing this (if such a thing exists).

    I love the description of the ENTP, it sounds seriously fun and wacky, I don’t know who I prefer though, the ENTP or the ENFJ, ENFJ just sounds like the best way to do it. Oh, and I love the description of the INTJ death-stare, both here and through your link, I never knew thing thing had such an awesome name!

    Btw, speaking of ENTP vigilantes (and your awesome reference to The Twilight Zone), have you seen the series Firefly?

    1. As an ENTP I must say this seems a bit, though I have done some sneaky things to people I dislike or to get the upper hand. Confusion is definitely something that works for us ENTPs. For instance, I have 2 ENTJ enemies that really like to have the upper hand and they certainly have in the past. Over time I have been able to win is by doing the opposite of what they think I’m going to do: kill them with kindness. It infuriated one of them till he finally just gave in and started being nice back. There are more cunning examples, but the bottom line is we can be clever, devilish, and very adaptable, so adapting our strategy to the current enemy situation is most effective.

  3. As an ENTP type, my first instinct is to follow the path of the ENTJ and simply bury the offender. Following that initial flush of emotion I ‘doublethink’. I act in the same manner that Jesus did at the time of his arrest in Jerusalem. He at first orders his disciples to arm themselves in resistance. He stirs the emotional environment to the point of the impetuous Peter cuts off the servant’s ear. Shocked at his own human lust, he heals the servant and peacefully surrenders.

    Your characterization of the ENTP as a ‘frat rat’ crumb spreader is a slander against individuals that find reconsideration of their human urges as the highest form of socially appropriate behavior. Any Judger can effect a powerfully preconcieved and prepared response to a predictable circumstance; but it takes a Perceptor to consider the immeadiate and long term consequences of their actions. Many of the noblest characters of literature project a carefree persona that turns in to a self-sacrificial martyr. Vision of the ‘big picture’ demands an ethos of generosity toward the imperfected world. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

  4. As an ENTP I found your description humorous. I do tend to use some creative methods but I think total destruction is the usual out come not crumbs in the sheets. A challenge I face is to moderate my behavior because I’m prone to imposing a severe penalty for relatively minor infractions. I’m pretty sure an ENTP invented the cold war policy of mutually assured destruction.

  5. As an INFP, I’ve found that the best reaction to my enemies is no reaction. After all, as the saying goes, if you seek revenge, dig two graves: one for your enemy, one for yourself. Most of the time it’s not worth risking your life and reputation trying to destroy someone else’s. And I’ve found that oftentimes karma takes care of the revenge for me. 😉

    Also that description for INTP is highly accurate. One of my loved ones is INTP, and this person enjoys coming up with elaborate revenge schemes that drive their enemies slowly insane. When I sent them the article, they sent me back a Newman from Seinfeld meme in response.

    1. This is very true. I have been in many positions to enact some sort of revenge against unfair treatment, but really I would rather confuse someone with a no-response they aren’t expecting than satisfy them with a heated response that they are (expecting). Living in someone’s head rent-free, even if for a little while, is good enough for me. Besides, my belief system tells me not to seek vengeance. We’ve all done things we should be punished for, so I am in no position to be your punisher. But there are always exceptions.

  6. OMG! I’m an ENFP-T, and this is SOOOOO true for me! A “friend” recently hurt my other friend pretty badly and suddenly walked out on us, and no one else knew what was up, and I don’t either, but I think I have a clue. My friends are okay with that person right now, and I immediately confronted her and asked the girl what was up. So funny how realistic this was!

  7. I’m an INTP-T. The turbulent type. A chaotic thinker. And very. Very vindictive. I won’t do anything to make enemies, but if you get to that point, you’d best relocate to another galaxy, because I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell. I won’t beat you up. I won’t ruin your reputation. I will let you ruin your own. You’ll be entirely powerless to stop it. I will be that constant gentle nudge to the grave I made you dig. I won’t make you hate me. I will make you hate yourself. Nothing is worse than making an enemy out of an INTP-T. Anyone who’s ever done that, knows just how obsessive we can get and the psychological torment we can inflict if you get on our bad side. And trust me, when you do, you’ve earned it.

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