Here’s What Makes You an Amazing Friend, Based On Your Personality Type

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You’re your friend’s biggest cheerleader. When they want to do something daring and challenging, whether it’s asking out their crush or start a new business, you make them feel confident and inspired. You support your friends in their wildest endeavors and encourage them to follow their hearts. You brainstorm with them, encourage them, and listen without judgment.

Find out what makes you excel as a friend, based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP


You’re the friend people can call when there’s a challenge nobody else can seem to sort out for them. Your innovative, analytical mind has saved the day for your friends on countless occasions. You also know how to make people laugh when life seems hopeless – your random, offbeat sense of humor and logical frame of mind can help people to feel less overwhelmed by their situation.


You’re a good listener. No matter what your friend needs to get off their chest, you’re there to help them sort it out. They can admit their deepest, darkest secrets or worries. They can cry. They can yell about how much life sucks. They know that you’ll be there and hear them out without jumping in and interrupting with unsolicited advice.


You are honest, deep, and insightful. When a friend has a problem, you’ll help them sort out the components of the problem and view it from a new angle. You aren’t jealous, manipulative, or controlling. If you have 100 followers on Twitter and your friend has 160K, you’re not gonna care or get competitive about it. You have a “live and let live” mentality unless someone is fooling themselves with inaccurate thinking. You help people to see new possibilities they haven’t thought of before. And you do this without being pushy or playing phony mind-games.


You’re the confidante everyone wishes they had when life gets murky. You’re a good listener, a comforting nurturer, and you see the potential in people that they struggle to see in themselves. Your warm, insightful presence and gentle way of mentoring others helps people to achieve things they never thought possible before.


You’re brutally honest. You don’t beat around the bush when talking sense to people, and the more you care about someone the more you’ll try to prove it through honesty and insight. You make sure that people don’t make stupid mistakes, hurt themselves, or waste their time on fruitless ventures. Your insight into future implications and your logical way of thinking helps you to mentor people and propel them towards growth and progress.


Creative and visionary, you quickly show compassion and caring for others. You let people be themselves, opening up a safe space for them to share their heart without judgment. When you care about your friends, you want them to be able to open up to you about their inner darkness, worries, fears, passions, and joys without fear of judgment or awkward silences. In your quiet, insightful presence people feel free to bare their souls.

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You look out for the long-range plans of your friends. While you may seem quiet and reserved, you’ll go above and beyond to protect the future of the people you care about. Your creative insights and rational way of thinking help you to give constructive feedback, advice, and strategic wisdom to the people around you.

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You’re the friend people go to when they need some hype and encouragement. Whenever your friend posts a selfie or tries out a new talent, you tell them how awesome they look and show support and enthusiasm. You make them feel confident, important, and bold.


You’re the go-to crisis solver in your friend group. Practical, quick-thinking, and brave, nothing seems to rattle you. You’ll step into a make-or-break situation and crack jokes while you solve the problem – winking at anyone sexy as you troubleshoot. You also know how to call people out when they’re acting like jerks. You keep people grounded.


You’re the friend people go to when they want compassion but realness. You care deeply about people, in fact, you care so much that you’re unwilling to be fake, manipulative, or flattering. Quiet and unassuming, you’ll give people real advice when they need it – but in such a way that doesn’t seem pushy or harsh. You’ll throw in some playful humor to lighten the mood at the same time.


Fairness is the name of your game. You are the person your friends go to when they want an unbiased opinion and clear, logical solutions. You care about speaking the truth and making sure everyone is treated equally and with the respect of honesty. Quiet and reserved, people may underestimate you – but your friends know they can count on you for factual, pragmatic wisdom.


You’re the nurturer in your group. When people come to your house, you’re the one who makes sure they have a glass of water and a comfy place to sit. When your friend is going through a break-up, you’re the one who shows up with their favorite snacks and a listening ear for all their heartbreak. You genuinely care about people and show it through practical help and advice.


You’re blunt and no-nonsense. While that might intimidate some people, it is refreshing to many others. You tell it like it is and help people get their lives together. Compassion flows through your actions and your honesty. While you may not be one to sugarcoat, you’re somebody who will set people straight when they’re on the wrong path and tell them when they’re being illogical or inefficient. You’ll also be there to help in a hands-on way when someone is in a crisis.


Your gentleness knows no bounds with your friends. You show respect for their quirks and passions, challenging any actions that seem hurtful or insensitive. Your loyalty and thoughtfulness in the details of people’s lives gives them a sense of warmth and comfort. You’re the one who remembers your friend’s favorite candy and shows up with a bag when life gets hard. You’re the one who is the shoulder to cry on during the challenges life inevitably brings.


Calm and reasonable, you are the sensible friend people count on for an unbiased perspective on a situation. Your logical, analytical mind is revered when people feel overwhelmed by life. You help people streamline their plans, sort out conflicts with rational solutions, and do the responsible thing. You encourage people to plan ahead, think cautiously, and reason sensibly.

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Find out what makes you an incredible friend, based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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