Here’s What You’re the Best At, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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Find out what you excel at naturally, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP

The ENFP – Creating Insightful Possibilities

When you look around you there is so much beauty and potential in everything you see. You want to use your creative mind and eye for innovation to improve the world and help a cause that is close to your heart. Your skill in understanding how people work and what motivates them allows you to inspire them at a core level. You help people to find out what’s important to them and to realize their values by bringing them out into the world. Your adaptable, creative energy allows you to find opportunities for greatness that many other people miss.

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The ENTP – Innovating New Solutions

You look around you and see numerous ideas, possibilities, and creative starting points. Patterns and connections are visible to you that others are blind to – so when a situation seems hopeless, there’s usually some creative angle that you can use to find a solution. People count on you to troubleshoot creatively, to think outside-the-box, and find novel solutions to complex problems.

The ENFJ – Drawing Out the Best in Others

You have a skill for putting plans and actions into place that help others develop and grow. Your insight into the workings of other people’s minds helps you to motivate and inspire them towards a higher potential. Focused on personal development and empathy, you are highly attuned to others, and quickly understand their emotional needs, motivations, and struggles. It’s as if you know just the right words to say to catalyze them towards growth and a higher way of living.

The ENTJ – Translating Possibilities into Plans

A strategic visionary, you have a gift for imagining the future and creating a roadmap to achieve that future. Your skill at conceptualizing and theorizing is only matched by your ability to organize people and situations. You know how to create a logical plan so that objectives can be achieved in the most efficient, timely way. Your ability to plan for the future and trailblaze new paths can help you to succeed in many career fields – especially entrepreneurship.

The ESFJ – Creating Atmospheres of Unity and Shared Purpose

Your core values include generosity, harmony, and security. But you don’t just want to enjoy these things for yourself, you also want to give them to others. You are skilled at putting plans in place to help others and bring them together in a shared sense of community and purpose. Whether you’re helping out at a soup kitchen or planning a birthday party, you make sure everyone feels involved, respected, and part of something bigger than themselves.

The ESTJ – Finding Efficient Ways to Achieve Objectives

Action-oriented and pragmatic, you have a knack for breaking down big projects into sequential plans of action. People look to you when they’re confused about a task and don’t know how to organize their lives to accomplish it. Your down-to-earth, friendly demeanor and clarity in explaining make you a trusted source of advice and wisdom.

The ESFP – Finding the Opportunity and Fun in Every Moment

Adventurous and creative, you know how to infuse each moment with a sense of joy. Your observant, adaptable nature helps you to see resources and experiences that others tend to miss. Your enthusiasm and compassion encourage people to flock to you for personal advice, empathy, and practical solutions.

The ESTP – Thinking Quickly in a Crisis

Clever, responsive, and a little (or a lot) rebellious – you’re someone people turn to when they need an immediate solution to make-or-break problems. You respond creatively to challenges in your environment and are quick to find optimal resources and remedies. You are able to break through standards, procedures, and rules to come up with ingenious solutions.

The INFJ – Envisioning Future Changes for People

Your creativity, insight, and long-range vision help you to create plans that will improve the world for people. To you, life is about discovery, imagination, creation, and deep meditation. In the stillness and solitude, you synthesize ideas and information in order to create a plan for a better future. You use empathy, intuition, and creative approaches to organize and implement your vision.

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The INFP – Using Imagination to Guide People to a Deeper Purpose

You’re guided by your core values to live a life of meaning, purpose, and imagination. For you, life isn’t about getting and spending but transformation and integrity. You embrace introspection, creativity, and innovation to align yourself and others with a deeper, more profound way of living.

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The INTJ – Conceptualizing (and Achieving) Long-Range Goals

As an INTJ, you have a gift for identifying problems and creating ingenious, long-range solutions. Your ability to see things from a global perspective allows you to devise strategies that have lasting power. You’re not just a visionary – you’re a doer, too. You have a knack for getting people on-board with your ideas and strategically mapping out the steps needed to achieve something other types might have thought impossible.

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The INTP – Breaking Apart Systems to Find Better Ways of Doing Things

As an INTP you’re really a bit of a rebel. You don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done or following the rules to a tee. As an iconoclast, you ask difficult questions, look at problems from many different angles, and tear apart the prevailing wisdom to find better solutions. You have a knack for understanding frameworks, models, and underlying systems. Because of this, you can quickly assess where the foundational errors lie in any plan or piece of technology. Your innovative and creative way of seeing the world allows you to troubleshoot problems that seem unsolvable.

The ISFJ – You Shepherd and Preserve Meaningful Details

While the rest of the world speeds through life in an ever-increasing state of distraction, you’re the one who pulls moments into your mental photo album and contemplates their meaning. Life seems so fast, and like bright leaves that fall in autumn and are soon trampled underfoot, life’s moments are often rushed through and forgotten. You’re the shepherd of those moments. You wander through life, pulling little sights, sounds, and details of meaning and beauty into your mental storehouse.  You use these preserved details to create a rich, secure, and beautiful life for yourself and others.

The ISFP – Putting Action to Ideals and Values

You live your life guided by your personal values and core beliefs. But you’re not someone who wants to wander through your days distracted and lost in dreams. You want to put action to your ideals. Whether you’re picking up garbage at the beach or volunteering at an animal shelter, you believe in contributing to your cause and the well-being of the world around you. You blend a practical mindset with a compassionate, free-spirited outlook on life.

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The ISTJ – Creating Stability in a Chaotic World

Responsible, practical, and matter-of-fact, people often look to you for strength when life feels overwhelming. Your steady, sensible disposition and honest, down-to-earth nature makes you a reliable friend and confidante. When life feels disorganized or messy, you are good at implementing plans and organizing people so that there’s a sense of clarity and structure.  You help to organize the world so that fairness, hard work, and loyalty are preserved.

The ISTP – Getting to the Core of a Problem and Solving It

You might seem detached, rebellious, and mysterious to many – but your observant eyes hardly miss anything. You are attentive to the world around you, but prefer to be your own guide and follow your own set of rules. However, when a crisis erupts, you’re one of the first people to move in and get to the bottom of the problem. You are able to think quickly in difficult situations to find realistic solutions. Your ability to adapt and trust your instincts makes you relied upon when unpredictable problems arise.

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Discover what your natural skill set is, based on your Myers-Briggs #personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP

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  1. INTJ here . I would like to disagree with a point mentioned in the article about INTJ. The point is “You have a knack for getting people on-board with your ideas “.
    No, I have never been able to get people on board with my ideas. My ideas bewilder people. Why do you think we INTJs are so independent and self-sufficient? We see it again and again ,in our teen, that people do not understand what we really want to say or do. I have experienced it time and again that if I want something done then I should better do it myself : since no one is going to do it the way I want it done. It was a revelation for me in my early adult years that my motivations and interests are distinct and disjoint from the motivations and interests of people.
    Therefore I learned to be independent and self-sufficient in my late teens.

    1. Not agree Harris, I m good to make appreciate my ideas, my opinions. (the proof, now INTJ and INTP are side by side^^)

      Obviously, it’s not so easy. It is necessary above all a lot to work to convince. Especially if your INT. It is necessary to develop strategies of adaptation with others, and to bring evidence. This requires long periods of work in total autonomy or a lot of failures are to be expected. MBTI is supposed to facilitate relationships, not to drive away people.

      There are necessarly people who share your interests. I discovered my interests and my potential through other people … We form a certain continuity through the ages.

    2. Yeah Harris you sound like an INTP. says we find it hard to express ourselves. The way around this is not to be the driver but to see the issues of foreseeable problems and give ideas or strategies to be more solid in the success of the project.

  2. INTJ-female, I agree with Harris in the objection to the ‘knack’. But unlike Harris, I don’t perceive the people around me are to be bewildered; I perceive them to be resentful. I frustrate them. They don’t want to slow down; they resent the particular things to the particular level I want to accomplish.

    I agree with Harris, “that my motivations and interests are distinct and disjointed from the motivations and interests of people.” It takes a lot of work and effort to bring someone on board. I usually have to start with supporting them and their goals and work my ideas and goals into the process. Sometimes I get tired of stupid people.

  3. I thought your insights here are valuable, as reflecting orientations when functioning in healthy ways and in positive environments. Although the actuality of the world is darker in tone and far more complicated, I believe the “ideal framework” is useful. I test, under your test, mainly as INFJ or INTJ.

  4. I am an ISFJ. My husband is an ISTJ. I agree totally with this assessment. He keeps me emotionally stable and focused when all the chaos in America seems to overwhelm me. I love him so much.

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