The Extraordinary Strengths of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

What are some of the unique gifts and contributions that your personality type brings to the table? Let’s take a look and see!

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The Extraordinary Strengths of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type


ENFPs are ingenious at coming up with many possible solutions to just about any problem. The saying, “When one door closes, another opens” would apply to ENFPs, only they would see a hundred doors, maybe a thousand! ENFPs are skilled at thinking creatively in a crisis and finding innovative strategies for improving things. When it comes to relationships, ENFPs are good at serving as a bridge between people. They can connect ideas and see alternative scenarios that would bring collaborations together or promote peace and understanding. Their talent for seeing things in new ways allows them to be gifted teachers and inspirational friends and partners.

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ENTPs have a skill for creating options and opportunities that other types would miss. They can think their way out of just about any problem and strategize alternatives that are progressive and innovative. They are proficient at sifting through data to find the most usable, accurate information. They don’t mind testing their own biases to see if their thinking is polluted. By doing this, they are constantly using “clean data” to improve whatever project they embark on. They value truth, creativity, and precision in a way that makes them an asset to any team.

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INFPs are always striving to live a life that aligns with their values and ethics. Because living honestly is so important to them, they are gifted at understanding the sincerity of others. They are also good at noticing when others are in distress. They have a strong emotional awareness and a talent for detecting phoniness or the various ways that people conceal the pain they truly feel. They bring authenticity to any relationship and are skilled at gently helping others feel comfortable enough to be more authentic as well. They are gifted at helping in an emotional crisis and listening with empathy and compassion. They have strong “gut feelings” about right or wrong, good or bad, or emotional safety. They can often get inclinations of someone’s character far earlier than other types and are good at discerning who is or isn’t trustworthy. They are also intensely imaginative and creative when they are given the freedom to explore their many wide and varied interests and ideas.

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INTPs are gifted at looking beyond convention and tradition to find illogical behavior and inconsistencies. They can cut through denial, biases, and expectations to find pure data and truth. It’s as if they see the underlying logical blueprint for how everything works, all the connections, assumptions, and logical consequences. They are also good at seeing things in new ways and finding innovations and creative strategies that many other types find surprising and ingenious. All these gifts together make them skilled in strategic thinking, systems thinking, and troubleshooting.

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ENFJs have a talent for recognizing the needs and gifts of others. They are strategic about their goals and are willing to go to great lengths to be catalysts for improvement and progress in the world. Most of their goals involve reaching equality, understanding, and facilitating of the needs of people. This is one of the reasons that ENFJs tend to excel in religious, counseling, and creative fields. They want to understand the heart of different societies, cultures, and groups of people and mobilize them towards improvement. They are good at reminding groups of their common goals, their conscience, and a higher set of ideals and values that everyone should be striving for.

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ENTJs have a gift for organizing ideas, objects, and information to create workable plans. They are good at leading groups towards logical decisions and are eager to make big changes in the world. When a lot of conflicting information is out there, ENTJs can organize it all in a sequential, organized framework. They are firm believers in equal treatment and justice and are unlikely to play favorites or make decisions based on emotional whims. They gain a tremendous amount of energy by achieving end-goals, but they also have a philosophical side. Many ENTJs derive great joy from analyzing complex theories and abstract concepts.

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INFJs have a surprising ability to look ahead and foresee likely future outcomes. While they aren’t “psychic” per se, their unique blend of mental processes gives them a gift for seeing future implications, effects, and most likely realities. Their tendency to try to peer “behind the scenes” of everything going on in the world makes them skilled in the art of decoding the mysterious things that many other types tend to ignore. Mature INFJs also have a unique ability to “absorb” the feelings of other people, resulting in an incredible amount of empathy and emotional awareness.

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INFJ Understanding the Mystic


INTJs are skilled in the art of foreseeing future outcomes and realities. These forward-thinking individuals are always looking ahead to try to envision how things will play out and what the overall “dance of the universe” really is. This ability combined with their rational, analytical mindset makes them highly strategic, insightful, and planful. These are the people you want on your team if you have an end-goal in mind but you’re not sure how to get there. They are good at putting together a “roadmap” to achieve a future outcome.

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ESFPs have a unique gift for finding quick, practical solutions to problems in the real world. These types are enthusiastically and intensely in touch with reality. Their optimism and attentiveness make them good at finding a bright side to any negative situation. They are extremely observant of what’s going around them and this gives them an eye for resources and innovative ways to use them to get something done or fix a problem. These gifts combined with their authenticity, enthusiasm, and empathy make them indispensable friends and allies.

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ESTPs have a unique ability to rapidly assess data and size up a situation to find solutions and opportunities. These fun-loving, clever types are so tuned into the moment and so keenly observant of the world around them that they have the “street smarts” to circumvent nearly any problem. They learn quickly from experience and are eager for action and engagement with the world around them. They enjoy being spontaneous and reflexive, throwing themselves into situations where hyper-fast thinking and responsiveness is necessary. They are excited by challenges and by taking risks that have the potential for big rewards.

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ISFPs are extremely in tune with their ethics, morals, and values. They spend their lifetime honing their value system and refining it to understand what really matters in life and what they really are willing to fight for. Mature ISFPs have an incredible amount of integrity and inner serenity and resolve. They know who they are and they aren’t going to change based on ever-shifting social expectations or trends. Their awareness of their own values gives them a knack for seeing the values and needs of other people as well. They safeguard the values of the people they care for and are good at providing one-on-one emotional support and understanding. Their gentleness, resolve, and empathy make them highly-trustworthy friends.


ISTPs are good at finding clever solutions to immediate problems and conflicts. They sift through every bit of knowledge they have to find out what’s true and usable and then connect it all to see how it’s all related. This makes them skilled at finding the likely cause and effect of problems, as well as multiple solutions. They are good at thinking on the fly and troubleshooting during a crisis. They are the types who can look past emotions, feelings, and cut through denial to get to the core of a problem and find a way out of it.

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ESFJs have a warm, understanding nature and a down-to-earth demeanor that is refreshing to be around. Their ability to sense what is needed in a community and plan out how to get there is admirable. They are skilled at creating unity and cohesiveness and tending to conflicts and disagreements in a group. Their observant, methodical nature makes them good at organizing their world carefully so that pitfalls are avoided, conflict is kept at bay, and the overall goals of their community can be reached as swiftly and effectively as possible.

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ESTJs are gifted at creating workable, step-by-step plans for teams and communities so that goals can be achieved and order can be maintained. These types are exceedingly generous with their time and energy, and if they see a need they find it imperative to fix it or organize a team to do so. They are skilled at scheduling, directing, and creating efficient procedures and policies so that their communities are organized and each person is doing their part to ensure the overall goal is achieved. The down-to-earth, friendly yet logical nature of the ESTJ is a major benefit to any community or organization.


ISFJs have a huge capacity for both empathy and practicality. These individuals spend their lives gleaning wisdom from their experiences and storing information that can be used again in the future. They can quickly recall lessons from the past and apply them to the present to circumvent problems and create stability. They are careful, detail-oriented individuals, not rushing headlong into whatever looks fun or interesting, but analyzing the situation realistically and considering how it will impact each person involved. Their insightfulness, warmth, and grounded nature make them a pillar of comfort and strength in any team.

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ISTJs apply patience and focus to every project they undertake. They are good at setting long-term goals and working methodically and diligently to achieve them. While other individuals skim over information, possibly missing important caveats and loopholes that cause disaster later, ISTJs are skilled at inspecting even the finest details to make sure they aren’t ever caught off-guard. Their word is their bond and their integrity, trustworthiness, and insightfulness make them valued and dependable friends. They take their responsibilities seriously, but they also aren’t afraid to enjoy life, laugh, and create positive traditions that remind them (and us) of what’s really important in life.

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Discover the unique gifts and contributions of every #personality type! #MBTI #personalitytype #Myersbriggs #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP #ENFP #ENFJ #ENTJ #ISTJ #ISFJ #ISTP #ESFJ

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  1. Susan,

    Way to wrap it all up in such a neat and tidy package for me as an intp ? and my isfj wife ?!! Excellent synopsis!



  2. As far as I know, it’s not only mature INFJs who can absorb other people’s feelings; all INFJs have that and can’t even turn it off. It’s the empathy and emotional awareness that only mature INFJs have.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I wonder why you wrote mature INFJs absorb other people’s feelings. I was around 28-30 years old when it started to become a problem for me, I hadn’t been able to sense it before, at least not as intensively as after this age. Is there any reason for that? I have never seen it written anywhere else before, I am curious what your source was. I may find more answers there of you could kindly share it, pr any information that can help.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi D! Sorry, I didn’t mean mature age-wise. I meant mature as in emotionally mature or developmentally healthy. Some INFJs can become very wrapped up in their own aims or they don’t work at developing Ni/Fe properly. When that happens they can have more difficulty absorbing other people’s feelings because they have suppressed Fe. Does that make more sense? Sorry for the confusion!

      1. Hi Susan,

        Thank you for your answer, I have just found it. Yes, it totally makes sense. When I was 28 suddenly I became very peaceful and centered, and since then I have been struggling with others’ emotions. It’s good to know that I am healthy now 😀

        Thank you for your articles, I find them very helpful.


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