Here’s What Makes Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Brave

Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about bravery and how it relates to personality type. In the culture I live in in the United States bravery is often described in a physical way; the knight who faces the ferocious dragon or a person who can make it through a haunted house without flinching even once. But what if each personality type has its own unique brand of bravery? Each of us has things we’re insecure about. While one type might be brave in the face of physical danger, they might cower in the face of emotional turmoil. While one type might bravely stand up for a cause they might simultaneously back away from an intellectual debate. Each of us CAN be brave about anything with the time, dedication, and passion necessary. But what is each type naturally more courageous about? That’s what I hope to identify in this article.

Disclaimer: In this article, I bring up the things I personally have noticed each type being brave about. What makes you brave may be different! I’d love to hear your story, so feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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Here’s What Makes Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Brave


Unlike some people who choose a steady, secure existence, you’d rather live life with a bit of excitement and adventure. Because of your ability to see countless possibilities you aren’t satisfied unless you’ve explored as many as possible. You defy the norm and face risks with bravery, whether that involves starting your own business, traveling around the globe, or risking it all to be a digital nomad. You pursue freedom over the safer route of a structured, ordered existence. To you, feeling alive means braving uncertainty and proving to yourself that you can do it on your own.

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You want a life full of innovation and possibility. While other types might shy away from risks, you’re willing to face them if it means a higher reward is possible. You’re good at weighing the pros and cons and thinking outside the box to find unconventional solutions. Because you’re okay with getting out of your comfort zone, you bring the world possibilities and theories that are transformational.


In a world that consistently pressures you to “be like everyone else” and conform, you’re brave because you stick to what you believe in. You have a steadfast commitment to your individual code of ethics, and you’ll stand up against any opposition to maintain your freedom. Even when pressure is mounting and the group tries to persuade you to go against your conscience, you hold on to what you believe as strongly as you can.

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While other people might shy away from complex problems and scrap an entire project, you don’t mind complexity. In fact, it excites you. The more mind-bending the problem, the more stimulated you are by the new intellectual world you’re discovering. You’re brave because you solve problems other people are defeated by. You’re brave because you worry less about time constraints, social pressures, and rules and more about what’s true, logical, and innovative.

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While many people shy away from the overwhelming and complex emotions of others, you step in bravely and venture into to dark and uncertain territory. You strive to make everyone believe in their potential, no matter how lost and insecure they may feel inside. You provide emotional support and facilitate growth. Your empathy in the presence of turbulent emotions is inspiring and heroic.

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Your visionary outlook on life and your ability to think quickly in a crisis make you a strong leader. While others might ruminate over decisions or play it safe, you are able to make quick, strategic moves to achieve your goals. You don’t want a routine, “comfortable” existence. You’re willing to put the hard work in to get a long-term, rewarding outcome. Your ambition and intellectual bravery are just a couple of the things that make you an admirable type.

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In a world full of people who obsess over material things you look beneath the surface and try to find out the underlying meaning of everything. You ask those scary existential questions that can make normal folks squirm. You look uncertainty in the face and ask, “What are you? What do you symbolize? Where is the world headed?” You look past surface-level amusements so that you can understand the big picture of life.

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You venture beyond the known to look for the underlying meaning behind all things. You’re not afraid to question popular beliefs and rules, and you don’t shy away from being the skeptic or the devil’s advocate. You create a long-term strategy for life and move with certainty towards your goal. This confidence is something that many other types can only dream of.

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You look life squarely in the face and determine how to make the most of each moment and each resource at your disposal. You’re a self-identified realist, but that doesn’t keep you from optimistically taking risks and embarking on an adventure. Whether you’re hang-gliding over the ocean or starting your own business, you believe life is to be grasped and tasted fully. Your enthusiastic, daring spirit is an inspiration to others.


When a problem presents itself, rather than panic or theorize about possibilities you jump bravely into action. No matter the danger, you welcome it with alertness and resolve, ready for any surprise life might hurl your way. You’re the one people call when they need a solution in a make-or-break situation. Your dauntlessness and quick wit make you a force to be reckoned with.

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You may look soft-spoken and easy-going on the outside, but inside you have a steely determination that is just waiting to be awakened. If someone hurts a loved one or tries to pressure you into their own mold about how they think you should be you’ll quickly show that your resolve is impenetrable. Your dedication to your personal ethics and your pure authenticity make you stand out from the crowd.

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Your ability to keep your cool in high-pressure situations is astounding to many other types. While others might panic in crisis scenarios, you hardly break a sweat as you look at the facts, analyze a problem, and find a fast, workable solution. You’re the MacGyver of the typology world; practical, realistic, and resourceful. Your ability to calm the storm in your mind and troubleshoot in the midst of chaos makes you a highly valued ally.


While many other types shy away from commitments and responsibilities, you bravely take on the needs and cares of the people you love. You combine a no-nonsense outlook on life with a deeply compassionate sense of purpose. You reach out to people who are struggling and hurting and provide practical, realistic solutions and help. Your steadiness and compassion in a chaotic world is exceptional.


You’re not afraid to work hard to achieve your goals and take care of your community. While others might procrastinate or complain about being dealt a bad hand, you take total responsibility for your situation. You believe if you want something all you have to do is structure your time and put in the effort to get it. Your determination and steadfastness is impressive.


While at first glance you might seem soft-spoken and gentle, you can become surprisingly formidable in defense of your loved ones. You believe in protecting the welfare of others, whether that’s through working at a homeless shelter or standing up to a bully. You’re not afraid to make sacrifices to care for people who are hurting or in need and your sense of responsibility and steadfast commitment make you a brave and valued individual.

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Isabel Briggs-Myers said of your type that they, “Look on tempests and are never shaken”. While other types back away from a struggle, you face what life brings you with steady determination and focus. When you commit to something you’re in it for the long haul, refusing to shy away from struggles or roadblocks. You are deeply loyal and you’ll defend those you’re loyal to no matter what difficulties you might face along the way. Quiet integrity and steady responsibility are characteristics that make you brave and separate from the crowd.

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  1. That’s really true! I’m an infj and I feel that I must always search for the meaning behind, the truth in every situation or help others seeing it ,even if it’s hurtful…this attitude makes me live profound moments equally in good and bad..sometimes it feels like a “why can’t I be just lighthearted and ignore the pain”?

    1. I’m an ENFJ! I feel like you captured it well and I’d like to add we don’t like others seeing us hurt, because I know most of us HATE feeling like a burden. One of my friends and I are both ENFJs and you’ll often find us cleaning even if we have the flu… And as common knowledge says, we just don’t speak of our problems and while I don’t think it makes me brave exactly, I think it does for others.

  2. As an INFP it was up to me to write the email that got me and my husband, an ISTJ, fired from our job managing a franchised medical clinic: He was reluctant to “break the rules,” but I wrote to the corporate office that it went against my conscience and my background in public health to put me, my husband, and our patients at risk during our state’s lockdown/shelter-in-place order. The medical care we provide is not primary and the office has absolutely no equipment to protect us, nary a mask or glove. The waiting room is narrow and tight. There was no way we could assure the safety of anyone there beyond Lysol spray and alcohol gel.

    I just couldn’t allow it. And I said so–“bravely.” So we lost our job.

    Ironically, two days later the corporation decided to convert 100% to telemedicine–I like to think my bold insistence on safety was part of the impetus. But as punishment for speaking out, we were not invited to participate and found ourselves dealing with the shock of unemployment. (Note: Hubs, a physician, has retooled quickly and because of the swift and necessary change in the healthcare law last week, is establishing his OWN telemed service! Talk about an opportunity!)

    As I told my spouse, “Like Martin Luther, here I stand, I can do no other.” Yup–even if it costs me my job. (It’s not the first time!)

  3. As an INTP, I definitely agree with taking up challenges that no one wants to solve. For me, I would like to add one more thing. INTPs are not all about logic and reasoning at all times. Sometimes, my bravery comes out when I am ready to confront people about something that they are doing wrong (even if my voice is shaking and my hands are trembling.)
    Beautiful article! 🙂

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