37 Memes That Any INFJ Will Relate To

Have you ever found a meme that perfectly captures something you feel but have never said out loud? Today we’re going to explore thirty-seven memes that most INFJs will instantly relate to. Some may be relatable to other types as well, and some will be very specific to the INFJ type. Let’s dig in!

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Relatable #INFJ memes that will make you laugh out loud! #MBTI #Personality

Memes Any INFJ Will Relate To:

As an INFJ, your dominant function is called Introverted Intuition, or “Ni” for short. Your brain is constantly synthesizing data to try to discern the ripple-effects of various events and situations. Because of this, youhave a knack for seeing how things will unfold. Unfortunately, many people are skeptical of this and may brush off your intuitions without giving them the weight they deserve.

Talking about trivial, day-to-day things makes you feel bored and exhausted. You’d much rather discuss abstract things like the afterlife, the meaning of life, love, and the nature of reality. Of course, one can’t just start a conversation with a line like, “So where do you think humanity will be in fifty years?” so you bring up more pleasant or palatable topics. Unfortunately, this can leave you exhausted and drained – especially if the conversation never veers into deeper territory.

As an INFJ, you prefer to focus on the future and potential possibilities rather than dwelling on the present. Focusing on the present moment is a strength of Extraverted Sensation (Se), which is your inferior function. Because of this, you tend to live in your head more than in the present reality. You are more drawn to imaginative future scenarios than the details of what’s happening right now.

INFJs, we’ve all been there. The lights go out and your mind comes alive with all the ideas you’ve had to brush aside during the day.

Gazing off into the distance while having deep, existential thoughts? Yep, pretty relatable.

While your outer persona might be warm, engaging, and friendly, there are a lot of layers underneath that are harder to reach.

As an INFJ you get so wrapped up in your thoughts that you can forget about time, food, sleep, hydration, or any other number of physical details. As a result, you might suddenly snap back to reality and realize you’re extremely uncomfortable and you have been for quite a while.

INFJs, ISFJs, ENFPs, and ESFPs have auxiliary Feeling with tertiary Thinking. This means that all of these types tend to relate to both thinking and feeling aspects of typology. Many INFJs report that they struggle to fit in fully with either thinking or feeling dominant types.

When someone brushes off your insight or prediction, you’ve probably learned to just wait until it plays out instead of arguing with them.

As always, the future seems so much more colorful and full of possibility than the present moment.

Even if you lose, you’ll have interesting ideas to think about.

Being sent to the corner, or “your room” isn’t really an effective punishment for the INFJ child. These types enjoy the solace and freedom of quiet, solitary places.

As an INFJ, you feel a strong sense of responsibility for your social obligations. Unfortunately, this sense of responsibility is at odds with your desire for quiet alone time and mental exploration.

Every personality type can feel misunderstood, but INFJs tend to experience this at an extremely frequent, maddening level.

If you’re an INFJ, chances are you experience Extraverted Sensation like a nagging voice in the back of your mind that you don’t want to recognize. As the inferior function, Extraverted sensation works to try to get you to focus on reality, facts, and the present moment. However, since you’re guided primarily by Introverted Intuition, you tend to stifle your Sensing side and focus on the future, abstractions, and underlying meanings.  You can find out more about this works in this article about the INFJ mind.

These getting-to-know-you icebreakers can make even the most confident INFJ uncomfortable.

The deeper and more big-picture the concept, the more fascinating it will be to you.

I really don’t know what’s happening in this picture, but I do relate.

If you’re a healthy INFJ, chances are you have a knack for seeing the underlying motivations of other people. This can make it seem like you have a sixth-sense for spotting phoniness or hidden agendas.

Quiet places filled with outlets for the imagination are where you come alive.

You tend to see everything from a big-picture perspective. You aim to get above the current situation so you can see where everything connects and how everything will unfold in the future.

I think any feeling type would relate to this one!

If you’re an INFJ, you don’t necessarily hate all socializing, but you do tend to dislike large social gatherings. You’d much prefer one-on-one conversations where you can get to know someone on an authentic level.

Does anyone like this?

Rather than seeing things for what they are, INFJs tend to attach symbolic meaning to everything around them.

INFJs tend to get absorbed in typology systems because it allows them to understand themselves and others on a deep level. Because of this, they are often extremely defensive of the MBTI® and its integrity.

As an INFJ, you enjoy being there for people when they’re going through a hard time. But…

You can also overdo it and fail to find people who will be there for you during the tough times.

As an intuitive-dominant type, you tend to have idealistic images in your mind of how you want things to go. Reality often doesn’t add up.

I’ve definitely been there before. Have you?

If you’re an INFJ, chances are you get stuck in analysis-paralysis way too often.

Why is it that all our best arguments come to us in the shower when it’s too late to actually say them?

Not all INFJs are shy, but a lot of them are, and many of them will relate to this feeling!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you relate to these memes? Do you have any thoughts or insights to share? Let us know in the comments!

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INFJ Understanding the Mystic

Relatable #INFJ memes that will make you laugh out loud! #MBTI #Personality



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  1. I so new to this but I finally don’t think I’m a psychopath! I love your memes and they describe me so well.

  2. Yes. All of them. Can’t stop laughing. The cow one lolol. The reclusive one. The “too emotional for the thinkers, too rational for the feelers” is too true.

  3. Sometimes I think I’m insane and unsociable and then I read these memes and realise I’m not alone 😉

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