Get an in-depth look at what it's really like to be an #ISFJ personality type. #MBTI #Personality

24 Signs That You’re an ISFJ, the “Protector” Personality Type

Would you like to know what it’s really like to be in the mind of an ISFJ? These caring, pragmatic types tend to come across as warm and diplomatic – but there’s more to them than being good hosts or good listeners. Let’s take a look at how it really feels to be in their shoes.

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Signs That You’re an ISFJ Personality Type

Get an in-depth look at what it's like to be an #ISFJ. #Infographic #MBTI

#1 – You Crave A Sense of Continuity

Knowing what to expect in life is crucial to you as an ISFJ. Having a plan, routine, and structure for your day gives you a sense of peace and frees up your mind to focus on more exciting things. You naturally create routines, pleasant rituals, and habits that make your life feel dependable and positive.

#2 – You Have an Extraordinary Sense of Responsibility

It’s vital to you to follow through on what you’ve said you will do. Your word isn’t given lightly, and when you make a commitment it’s held close to your heart. You believe in loyalty, reliability, and selflessness and try to emulate this in your life.

#3 – You Experience the Present Through Filters of Your Past

Almost instantaneously, you make comparisons between what’s happening now and what happened in the past. You tend to see patterns because of this, and readily notice when an action doesn’t fit the pattern. You’ll quickly notice when someone’s body language changes, when their tone of voice changes, or even when a room has been re-decorated in a minor way. This is because you are constantly making comparisons and noticing when there’s an aberration in the overall pattern.

#4 – You Enjoy Creating Traditions and Pleasing Rituals

Whether you’re re-creating your grandmother’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe or celebrating the winter’s solstice by lighting a candle and listening to your favorite songs, traditions are close to your heart. You naturally create pleasant rituals and enjoy revisiting them year after year to commemorate special moments in your life.

#5 – You Replay the Past in Vivid Detail

You have a vivid and rich internal memory and you enjoy recalling beautiful memories regularly. Re-experiencing your favorite memories can get you into a state of “flow” and can remind you of the events that have made life worth living. At the same time, you can also replay negative past experiences in vivid detail. You might lie awake in bed at night replaying about something embarrassing you did in junior high or a relationship blunder you regret. It’s crucial for you to learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes so that you don’t get wrapped up in a cycle of punishing yourself for them.

#6 – You Have Nuanced Inner-Body Sensations

You tend to notice inner-body signals very quickly. This can mean noticing symptoms of sickness earlier than other types or tasting nuances in flavors that others miss. Because you’re so sensitive to inner-body sensations, you prioritize getting enough sleep, eating at consistent times, and taking care of yourself physically.

#7 – You Thrive When You Can Do Detail-Oriented Projects Alone

Whether you’re knitting a sweater, carving, cooking, or weeding your garden, you enjoy being alone to really immerse yourself in the details of something. When you can tune out all the noise of the outer world and really delve into a project in-depth you experience a calming sense of satisfaction.

#8 –  You Have Favorite TV Shows You’ll Never Tire of Re-Watching

Maybe you have a Doctor Who marathon every summer or a Gilmore Girls party every fall. Whatever it is, there’s probably a book or television series that you watch annually because it puts you in a particular mood and helps you commemorate a tradition that brings you joy or makes you laugh.

#9 – You Have a Strong Sense of What You “Should” or “Should Not” Do

You are guided by your values and regularly assess your actions to see if they’re lining up with what your conscience is telling you. A sense of “should” or “should not” guides you and influences the actions you take. You put a lot of thought into your decisions to see if the consequences will be things you can be proud of.

#10 – You Love Good Vibes

Creating a relaxed, optimistic atmosphere is something that brings you a lot of joy. You enjoy swapping jokes and interesting stories with your friends, making your house smell nice with candles or baked goods, or playing low-key competitive games. Creating, or being in, an atmosphere that is laid-back, harmonious, and pleasant is food for your soul.

#11 – You Innately Know What People Want

You quickly pick up on the non-verbalized needs and emotions of other people. If you have friends over, you immediately notice if someone seems cold and might need a blanket or someone is looking around and probably wants to know where the bathroom is. You also notice when one person seems to like another person or when somebody wants to give criticism but is trying to figure out the most tactful way to give it.

#12 – It Can Be Difficult for You to Take Care of Yourself Because You’re So Focused On Others

This is especially true of ISFJ parents and spouses. Because ISFJs are so in tune with the emotional and physical needs of others they can feel compelled to “fix” things for everyone else instead of meeting their own needs. They often feel guilty for taking time for themselves, especially if they know others are struggling or could use some help. Eventually, this tends to lead to burnout or co-dependency, so it’s crucial for ISFJs to learn to set healthy boundaries and practice saying “no.”

#13 – You Are Very Protective of Family

You’ll go the extra mile to protect your loved ones from harm – especially those in your family or inner circle of friends. You have a gift for creating stability, security, and dependability for the people you care about. It’s like you create a force field of protection and gentle care around the people you love.

#14 – You Thrive When You Can Create Something High-Quality

You’d rather do something well than do it fast. While you are extremely conscious of deadlines, it’s more important for you to produce high-quality results than to get something done ahead of schedule. You get a sense of pleasure from perfecting every detail of a project or task and many people consider you to be meticulous.

#15 – When You’re Stressed, You See Negative Possibilities Everywhere

During cases of extreme or chronic stress, you get lost in catastrophic thinking. You imagine dozens of worst-case scenarios and every negative possibility makes you think of another connected tragedy. Find out ways to manage stress here: How Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Reacts to Stress, and How to Help

#16 – You Dislike Telling People What to Do

You’d rather give people information than be overly-directive with them. For example, instead of saying, “Bob, would you set up a hotel reservation for August 13th?” You might say, “Bob, do you know a good hotel for our trip on August 13th?”

#17 – You Also Dislike Being Told What to Do

While you might seem quiet and agreeable on the outside, inside you’re a bit of a rebel. You can handle some structure and rules, but you don’t like dealing with authoritative, rank-pulling individuals. You appreciate people who give everyone a chance to have a voice in a decision. You believe that the best decision comes from collaboration.

#18 – You Don’t Ask Things of Others You Wouldn’t Do Yourself

You hate intruding on others’ time and space, so delegating can be hard for you. You’re unlikely to ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do, and many times you try to just do things yourself rather than asking for help.

#19 – You Get Quiet When You Get Upset

You are famously patient and understanding, but there are limits. When you’ve been angered by someone repeatedly, you’re likely to get quiet and retreat into mental analysis. This is when you delve into your Sensing and Thinking functions. You try to find the rational reasons for your anger and explore whether there are any logical inconsistencies you’re not seeing. You also try to look at the history of the situation to see if there are any negative patterns that are repeating themselves. Just be careful. If you keep stifling your anger it’s likely to come out in a surprisingly explosive way. While it may be difficult to verbalize your anger, it’s an important part of a healthy relationship.

#20 – You Have a Good Sense of Humor

You enjoy lighthearted banter, friendly teasing, and situational humor. You also enjoy sharing memes or funny gifs online. You tend to find something offbeat and funny in nearly any situation, but you don’t always verbalize it. You might just get a sparkle in your eye and a half-smile on your face as a funny scenario or impression plays in your mind’s eye. You can even be gifted in turning a conflict situation into something funny and helping people to laugh about it.

#21 – You Crave Tangible Sensory Experiences

You enjoy taking your favorite objects in your hands and touching them, noticing every detail on your fingertips. You savor the texture of warm, fuzzy socks and cherish the first sip of a hot cup of tea. When you feel something, you try to notice every detail about it and experience it in all its intensity.

#22 – You’re Wary of Intrusive People

While you’re typically friendly, generous, and easy-going, people who seem especially needy or physically overbearing make you put your guard up. You like steady, loyal relationships where you have the freedom to disappear for a busy week or two (or month even) and re-connect as if no time has ever gone by. People who blow up your phone with texts or are always invading your personal space often make you feel uncomfortable and hesitant.

#23 – You Take Great Joy in Simple Pleasures

You believe that life is made up of thousands of precious moments that other people fail to appreciate in their hurry. From the glisten of dewdrops on a blade of grass to the taste of an icy cold popsicle on a hot summer day, you try to savor all the little details and moments that make life worth living.

#24 – You Struggle to See Your Own Potential

You tend to struggle when it comes to forecasting your abilities and potential. You live from moment to moment and try to enjoy all that life has to offer, but you don’t always know how to anticipate what’s coming down the road years from now. You may have incredible gifts and abilities that could be used in powerful ways, but it often takes a friend to help you realize the potential of your many strengths.

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Get an in-depth look at what it's really like to be an #ISFJ personality type. #MBTI #Personality

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  1. Right on but I do not enjoy revisiting memories or rituals year after year to commemorate special moments in my life. Not sure if other ISFJ do enjoy this or people just think we enjoy because we are too polite to say we are bored or feel emotions that we already felt and don’t need to feel again. Done that and don’t need to chew our cud twice

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