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The Inner Child of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Today, we’re going to look back to our roots, to the inner child residing within each one of us. Through the lens of Myers-Briggs®, we are going to explore the qualities of our younger selves that aligned with our personality types. I made the images for this article over a year ago for my Instagram account and they ended up garnering 31,257 likes total! It was an unexpected surprise, and because the images resonated so deeply with people, I thought I should turn them into a blog post. I hope that this article can help you to get back in touch with a part of yourself that perhaps has been dormant for a while; a part of you that can provide inspiration, fun, and fulfillment.

Let’s get started!

The Inner Child of Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

The INFJ Inner Child

INFJ inner child

The inner child of an INFJ carries an air of wistful idealism, always yearning for a brighter tomorrow. This imaginative visionary is not merely a daydreamer, but an architect of the future, passionately envisioning plans and strategies to turn their ideals into reality. Though their thoughts are often in abstract places, they’re also curious about the real world. The INFJ inner child is a veritable closet detective, inquisitive and insightful, ceaselessly investigating the “why’s” of the universe. Their thirst for understanding is a testament to their commitment to personal growth, a key aspect of the INFJ personality type. This inner child feels emotions with profound depth, caring passionately about their loved ones. Their heart’s desire is to facilitate harmony among those they hold dear, and conflict or tension can feel devastating to them.

In a world that often dismisses imagination as a childish folly, the INFJ’s inner child emerges as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a brighter future. This unique Myers-Briggs® personality type possesses the rare ability to envision a future that transcends the limitations of our present reality. The INFJ does not just imagine – they use their insights to proactively construct a roadmap for a better tomorrow.

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The INTJ Inner Child

The INTJ inner child has an insatiable hunger for knowledge, constantly seeking to understand the world around them in a logical and systematic way. They have a unique ability to see through the surface-level facade of things, digging deeper to find the underlying patterns and meanings. Their intelligence often surprises those around them, and they take pride in their ability to think outside the box. However, despite their logical and analytical strengths, they’re more sensitive than most people realize, with deep inner feelings they hold close to their hearts. These secret longings and emotions are precious to them, and they choose to share them only with those they trust the most.

The INTJ inner child isn’t afraid to embrace their uniqueness. They take pleasure in standing out from the crowd, and are often the ones who break traditions and challenge the status quo. However, in childhood, the condescension of adults can become frustrating to them. They often feel underestimated and misunderstood. They crave for their wisdom and knowledge to be acknowledged and respected. The INTJ inner child knows more than most people realize, and longs for a world where their insights and ideas can become a reality.

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The ENFJ Inner Child

ENFJ Inner Child

The inner child of an ENFJ is a vibrant dreamer, a believer in the limitless potential of the human spirit. They see the future not as a fixed destination, but as a brilliant canvas on which to paint the world of their dreams. This inner child is driven by a heart that sees a better future – a heart that yearns to dive into profound conversations, to explore the depths of human experience. Their minds stretch beyond the realms of the ordinary, beyond the confines of the everyday.

The ENFJ inner child doesn’t merely dream – they aspire to bring their dreams to fruition through their passion and dedication. They yearn for meaningful conversations that reach into the depths of the soul, sparking thoughtful reflection. They ache to discuss the world’s potential, the ways in which we could make things better and bring about real, significant change.

The ENFJ’s inner child detests the thought of being fenced in by narrow-minded perspectives. They believe in a world far grander than the one we currently inhabit – a world where humanity’s latent potential is fully realized and everyone is encouraged to strive for their dreams. This inherent belief in the power of human potential and the ability to imagine a brighter future is what drives ENFJs to be change-makers in the world.

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The ENTJ Inner Child

ENTJ Inner Child

The ENTJ inner child is an innate competitor, thriving on the thrill of the challenge and the satisfaction of victory. They relish opportunities that test their abilities, stretching their limits, and honing their skills. This inner child thrives on the pursuit of excellence and the process of surpassing obstacles. Yet, beneath the shell of their competitive spirit lies a heart softer than one might assume. They hold a deep-seated compassion for certain underdogs and causes, choosing to advocate for those they perceive as overlooked or undervalued. The ENTJ inner child is a secret defender, their guarded sensitivity often concealed behind a robust exterior.

This inner child is not all seriousness and competition, though. They have a quirky sense of humor, delighting in the absurd and the unexpected. Their laughter is infectious, their wit, swift. They enjoy making others laugh, especially in childhood.

The ENTJ inner child is also a firm believer in the power of dreams. They dream big, their aspirations reaching for the stars. Yet, they are not just dreamers; they are doers. They believe in the power of action, in making dreams a reality. This is the essence of the ENTJ inner child – a combination of lofty dreams, competitive drive, and a secret inner sensitivity that together create a multifaceted personality that is as complex as it is compelling.

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The INFP Inner Child

The INFP inner child is a wellspring of sensitivity and imagination, a protector of introspection in a world that often overlooks the introspective and the thoughtful. With a depth of emotional acuity that surpasses the norm, the INFP feels more deeply than most, their heart resonating with the melodies of the world in a symphony of empathy and compassion. Their mind is a fertile ground for lush imaginings, a sanctuary in which they cultivate vibrant dreams and poignant emotions as a form of coping and discovery.

This inner child doesn’t just dream; they breathe life into every seed of thought, every whisper of a better tomorrow. Their imagination is a powerful tool that they wield to creatively construct a future that is kinder, more compassionate, and richly diverse. They often wonder why the world can’t be more understanding, why people can’t place more weight on compassion, empathy, and the things that truly matter.

Yet, amid their dreams of a brighter future, the INFP inner child is also hopelessly nostalgic. They harbor a longing for the specific moments in the past, for songs, stories, and places that make them feel connected to the best parts of their early days. This nostalgia, coupled with their profound sensitivity, forms an intrinsic part of their identity.

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The INTP Inner Child

INTP Inner Child

The INTP inner child is an unending source of curiosity and wonder. Inquisitive by nature, this inner child is always asking “why”, their thirst for understanding unquenchable. They are not satisfied with mere surface-level explanations, always probing deeper, dissecting and analyzing the inner workings of the world around them. Their minds are like intricate labyrinths, teeming with theories, concepts, and ideas.

This inner child doesn’t just believe in imagination – they exist within it. They see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be, their minds fertile playgrounds for the fantastical and the unknown. They challenge rules and conventions, driven by a fierce belief in the power of individual thought and creativity.

Yet, beneath their endless curiosity and strong drive for understanding, there lies a hidden desire for affirmation. They long to be recognized for their unique way of thinking, their innovative ideas, and the distinct perspectives they bring to the table. While they can be somewhat shy around others; they crave warm relationships filled with mutual understanding and fueled by a drive for knowledge.

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The ENFP Inner Child

ENFP Inner Child

The ENFP inner child is a radiant spirit of exploration and wonder, perpetually seeking out the unexpected and the extraordinary in the everyday. This inner child despises the monotony of mundane tasks and pressures, feeling constricted by routines that dull their vibrant imagination. They yearn for unfettered freedom, a life steeped in adventure, discovery, and rich with purpose.

This inner child carries with them a contagious brand of humor and fun, a joy that bubbles from their very core, spreading like wildfire and igniting the same spark in those around them. They believe in the transformative power of humor and mirth, using it as a tool to break barriers and build connections.

At the heart of the ENFP inner child lies an unyielding faith in the magic of imagination, in the realm of “what could be”. They are dreamers, their minds teeming with fanciful ideas and colorful dreams. They believe, with a passionately unwavering conviction, that one is never too old to imagine, to dream, to “play”. To them, life is an endless adventure, a journey filled with endless opportunities for wonder and discovery, and they intend to explore each one with infectious enthusiasm and child-like wonder.

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The ENTP Inner Child

ENTP Inner Child

The ENTP inner child is the embodiment of ceaseless curiosity and inventive imagination. They are constantly questioning, forever exploring realms beyond the conventional box. “How does that work?” is a phrase etched into their vocabulary, their restless mind always seeking to understand the intricate mechanics of the world around them. This curiosity often leads them into tricky situations, but it’s in those moments of trouble that their creative problem-solving skills truly shine.

The ENTP inner child doesn’t just thrive on curiosity but also cherishes the thrill of competition. The power struggles of board games, the quest for victory in video games, the rush of a good debate – these become arenas where they display their strategic acumen and quick-thinking abilities. Their competitive streak is not about winning for the sake of winning, but rather about pushing boundaries, testing their limits, and growing through challenges.

Yet, perhaps the most defining trait of the ENTP inner child is their insistence on doing things their way. They are the mavericks of the Myers-Briggs world, the rule-breakers who fight for independent thought, even if it ruffles peoples’ feathers. They believe in the power of free thinking, truth, and discovery, and are not afraid to challenge societal norms and conventions in order to attain it.

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The ISFJ Inner Child

ISFJ Inner Child

The ISFJ inner child is a tender, nostalgic soul, rich with sentimentality and an enduring love for things that carry special significance to them. They find beauty and warmth in the relics of their past, each item a precious capsule of memories they cherish and hold dear. They encase their world in these mementos, their homes a comforting sanctuary reflecting their personal histories and the love they have for those who’ve colored their journey.

This inner child harbors a longing for a gentler world, one steeped in kindness, understanding, and heartfelt compassion. They dream of a reality where empathy reigns, their gentle hearts often aching at the harshness they witness. They are often peacemakers, their desire for harmony and kindness underpinning their every action and thought.

Contrary to popular belief, being a sensor doesn’t deter the ISFJ inner child from possessing a sense of imagination and randomness. Their vivid imagination lends them a quirky comedic edge, their wit often catching others by surprise. This humor, much like their creativity, is grounded in the tangible, yet it’s tinged with an imaginative flair that makes it distinctly theirs.

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The ISTJ Inner Child

ISTJ Inner Child

The ISTJ inner child is a quiet observer, intrigued by the world around them, and content in the company of their own thoughts. Deeply attached to their hobbies, they find immense satisfaction in the peaceful moments where they can experiment, create, and tinker to their heart’s content. Nature fascinates them, and they love studying its intricate patterns and rhythms, finding comfort in the predictable yet profound aspects of the natural world.

Routine is sacred to the ISTJ inner child. They find tranquility in the predictability of it, in the reassuring rhythm it brings to their life. They find joy in the simpler things, in the comfort of knowing and understanding the world around them. This doesn’t mean they are devoid of emotional depth. Beneath their no-nonsense, logical exterior lies a heart that is sensitive and caring. Although they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve, they feel deeply, and their love and loyalty towards those they care about is unwavering.

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The ESFJ Inner Child

ESFJ Inner Child

The ESFJ inner child is a radiant beacon of warmth, friendship, and shared joy. Their heart overflows with a desire to bring people together, to create a space that resonates with laughter, camaraderie, and heartfelt connection. They are the friendly hosts, the gracious companions, and the tireless nurturers, often there with a listening ear or a kind word to anyone who needs it.

They are the children who, no matter how old they grow, never lose their sense of wonder for the beauty and majesty of nature. They find solace in the whisper of the wind, the rustling of the leaves, the melodic chirping of the birds. To them, nature is a symphony, a soothing melody that grounds them and fills their spirit with peace.

Yet, this inner child is not without their worries. They thrive on knowing what to expect, on having a plan to follow. Uncertainty unsettles them, the unknown often weaving webs of anxiety. They yearn for predictability, for a sense of control that assures them they are on the right path. However, part of their growth journey involves overcoming these moments of fear, to navigate the waves of uncertainty with grace and resilience.

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The ESTJ Inner Child

ESTJ Inner Child

The ESTJ inner child is a vibrant force of nature, always at the center of action and actively shaping their own destiny. These children dream big and chase those dreams with a relentless zeal that is both inspiring and infectious. Their world is one of bustling activity, their spirits thriving amidst the thrill of motion and progress.

Within the family unit, traditions hold a special place in the heart of the ESTJ inner child. They are the threads that weave the familial tapestry, each one a beautiful strand of shared experiences, laughter, and love. These traditions become rhythms of their life, marking the ebbs and flows of time and etching deep-rooted bonds of belonging. Their love for these rituals is a testament to their immense value for stability and continuity.

Underneath the tough, assertive exterior of the ESTJ inner child lies a sensitive soul, often overlooked due to their often brusque demeanor. They care deeply about causes close to their heart, and their passion for these issues is a driving force in their lives. This sensitivity, although not always apparent, is a crucial aspect of their identity, shaping their interactions, decisions, and how they perceive the world.

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The ISFP Inner Child

ISFP Inner Child

The ISFP inner child is a beautiful juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability, a delicate balance of introspection and action. Their world is a canvas of emotions, each feeling a different shade adding dimension and depth to their internal landscape. They are deeply sensitive, feeling every high and low intensely, their emotions ebbing and flowing like waves. But this sensitivity, though profound, is often hidden beneath a quiet exterior, a private world that they share with only a select few.

These children have a remarkable ability to find beauty in the unconventional. They do not merely see the world; they experience it, each sensory detail a thrill to be savored. Their penchant for the unusual is often evident from their interests. My own daughter, an ISFP, loved bats and rats and consistently cared for things that others found “ugly”. This trait is one that many ISFP’s possess.

ISFPs are gifted at recognizing and appreciating the uniqueness of the world around them. They look past the commonplace, their hearts resonating with the beauty of the otherwise overlooked. This ability to appreciate the unusual is not a quirk, but a testament to their innate understanding of the world’s diverse beauty. It is a trait that allows them to engage with the world on a deeply personal level, forging connections that are both meaningful and profound.

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The ISTP Inner Child

ISTP Inner Child

The ISTP inner child is an embodiment of curiosity, always seeking to understand the intricate workings of the world around them. These children are born inventors, their minds teeming with ideas and their hands eager to bring those ideas to life. They thrive in environments that allow them to explore, to dissect, to learn by doing. Whether it’s taking apart a toy to see how it works or spending hours absorbed in a challenging puzzle, their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

Yet, this thirst is not limited to the physical world. The ISTP inner child is also deeply reflective, their introspective nature often leading them on solitary quests to see what they’re made of without any help or guidance from others. They relish the quiet moments of solitude, the peace it brings allowing them to delve deeper into their thoughts.

Understanding the ISTP inner child involves understanding their need for freedom, their passion for discovery, and their desire to challenge themselves to be more independent. Their journey to personal growth is a beautiful fusion of intellectual curiosity and introspective exploration, a journey that, although challenging at times, leads them to a profound understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit.

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The ESFP Inner Child

ESFP Inner Child

The ESFP inner child is driven by a hunger for adventure and freedom, their vibrant spirit a testament to their love for life. They know the power of living in the moment, their days a dance filled with laughter, discovery, and creativity. They do not just exist; they truly live, each day a new adventure to embark upon, each moment an opportunity to experience something new and exciting.

Yet, the ESFP inner child often grapples with the societal dictum of ‘growing up’. They are befuddled by the notion that maturity equates to seriousness, that adulthood requires relinquishing the joy and spontaneity of childhood. They cannot comprehend why growing up often means trading in laughter for solemnity and creative expression for dull routine.

In reality, the ESFP inner child understands something that many seem to forget – that embracing joy, exploration, and creativity is a vital part of personal growth. That one can be mature without losing the childlike ability to appreciate the simple joys of life. In this sense, they can be powerful teachers, reminding us all of the importance of the beauty and opportunity in the moment.

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The ESTP Inner Child

ESTP Inner Child

The ESTP inner child is a natural explorer, their spirit of adventure ingrained in their very being. These children are constantly on the move, their bodies filled with a restless energy that thrives on action and discovery. They love to touch, to feel, to experience the world in the most tangible way possible. Whether it’s scaling the highest tree or dashing through a field, they are always in the midst of an adventure.

Their curiosity is not limited to their immediate environment. The ESTP inner child is also a budding problem solver, their minds constantly working to understand the world around them. They have an innate ability to see practical solutions to problems that others might overlook, their pragmatic approach often leading them to surprising insights. This analytical side of their personality, although not always apparent, is a crucial aspect of their identity.

The ESTP inner child cherishes warm, personal connections with their peers. They are drawn to the camaraderie that comes from shared experiences and mutual understanding. Laughing with others, arguing with others, and competing in games are all things that give them a sense of excitement about life. They relish a good challenge and enjoy pushing their limits, but always in the spirit of good-natured rivalry.

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We’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts on this topic. How does your inner child align with your Myers-Briggs® personality type? Do you identify with the traits described above? Share your insights, observations, and stories with us in the comments!

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