The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENTPs

ENTPs have an extremely eclectic taste when it comes to gifts. Your best bet when shopping for them is to be attentive to their hobbies and obsessions because these vary from ENTP to ENTP and they generally adore gifts that relate to what is currently occupying their thoughts. When it comes to the holidays ENTPs aren’t the most sentimental people in the world, but they do tend to enjoy the festivities, the friendship, and connecting with others over good food and drinks.

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The ENTPs Relationship with Gifts

ENTPs aren’t very materialistic most of the time. When it comes to the holidays, more of them were interested in spending time with family and friends than opening a bunch of presents. They tended to enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them, and definitely preferred gifts that allowed them to continue with their current obsession or hobby.

Unlike most of the other NTs I spoke with, ENTPs didn’t seem particularly bothered by opening gifts in front of other people. Most of them enjoyed opening gifts and sharing their appreciation with their loved ones.

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENTPs

#1 – Tech Gadgets

IPads, phones, robots, and DSLR cameras were all mentioned by ENTPs a lot. Most NTs have a natural fascination with technology, and ENTPs were no exception.

#2 – Gifts Related to Hobbies or Obsessions

Game of Thrones Stemless Wine Glasses

ENTPs tend to have a lot of passions and interests that occupy them from day to day. If you can tap into what that current obsession is, you’re likely to get them a favorite gift. Are they a Star Wars aficionado? A cigar lover? You can find a lot of unusual obsession-related gift ideas on (that’s where I always like to start!).

#3 – Something Humorous

Star Wars Darth Vader shirts from ThinkGeek

Is there an inside joke that you can represent with an off-the-wall gift? Is there something passive-aggressively funny? Get creative and think of a gift that will instigate some laughs.

#4 – A Strategy Game

ENTPs are often master strategists and they are also extremely competitive. Strategy games allow them to exercise their strategic abilities and spend time with their friends and family in some good old-fashioned competition. Not sure what strategy game would be best? Risk, Stratego, Avalon Hill Axis & Allies and 7 Wonders are all good choices.

#5 – Cash

ENTPs didn’t seem to mind the lack of sentimentality involved in getting cash as a gift. They loved how cash gifts gave them the freedom to get exactly what they want where they want it.


#6 – Food and Drink

Does the ENTP in your life have a favorite restaurant? Get them a gift certificate to their favorite place. They also enjoyed getting homemade cookies, cakes, or chocolates as well as wine and alcoholic beverages.

#7 – A Massage

ENTPs can forget to take care of themselves and their physical needs. A massage gives them the chance to get in touch with their inferior Introverted Sensing (Si) and relax and refresh themselves. Not sure where to look? Groupon usually has some good deals on massages at pretty steep discounts.

What Do You Think?

Do you like these gift ideas? Do you have any others to add? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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#ENTP gift ideas! #MBTI

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  1. As a ENTP, It is true that technology is the most interested thing that for us. However, I wonder why is it? Why all the technology things attract us? Can the author of this passage give me some information about this?

    1. Well, I wouldn’t make such a broad statement if I were you. As an ENTP, I don’t find technology the most interesting thing for me or other ENTP’s I know. Maybe it is for you but try to think about other people (I know that’s not the most ENTP thing to be fair (: …)

  2. Functional gifts over sentimental ones. Every thing g listed here was right on. Esp. The techy gadgets. That’s number one for me an an entp. Great article.

  3. I once received a high-tech camera as a gift. At least, a high-tech camera _box_. It felt strangely light.
    When I opened it, there was a scarf inside. And while I do wear scarves, this one wasn’t my style at all, I found it overly feminine.
    I had to plumb the depths of my soul for the acting skills to look excited about that scarf.

  4. Well, I wouldn’t make such a broad statement if I were you. As an ENTP, I don’t find technology the most interesting thing for me or other ENTP’s I know. Maybe it is for you but try to think about other people (I know that’s not the most ENTP thing to be fair (: …)

  5. I’m good with everything besides the massages. I’m picky about who touches me. I consider it an intimate act.

  6. I prefer anything novel and unconventional but still in my area of interest. As an example I’m obsessed with books but I don’t appreciate any old book. I want it to be something I wouldn’t have thought I even wanted. How does a person satisfy that? I have friends who can, though and I marvel at their gift-giving skills.

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