The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ESFJs

Searching for the perfect gift for an ESFJ this year? These kind-hearted types are often called ‘The Caregivers’ and it’s not hard to see why. They have a huge amount of empathy and practical knowledge that allows them to understand what people need and provide support and hands-on assistance. ESFJs aren’t the types to ask for very much for themselves, so it may be difficult to determine what they want. I spoke with 86 ESFJs about the gifts they love and why they love them and I hope their input will make your gift-giving experience an enjoyable one!

The ESFJs Relationship with Gifts

ESFJs usually love gift-giving and the holiday season. They have auxiliary Introverted Sensing (Si) which gives them a fondness for the traditions that are in full-swing come December. If they have pleasant holiday memories they will often enjoy reminiscing about Christmases past and trying out family-favorite recipes or embracing holiday activities they’ve enjoyed before. ESFJs are very careful about buying gifts, trying their hardest to find something the receiver can really use that is unique to their personality.

When it comes to receiving gifts, ESFJs may feel bad asking for anything. They tend to be givers more than takers, but they are very affected by the thought that went into the givers purchase. When it comes to love languages, gifts are likely to be their least-favored love language. Keep in mind that an ESFJ may rather go out for coffee with you than receive a gift card.

ESFJs do enjoy beautifully wrapped gifts and those little nuances that show you really care. They also like practical gifts that make their life easier from day-to-day. They also said anything nostalgic was a plus!

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ESFJs

  1. Quality Time Together

Again and again, I’ve seen that for many types, particularly feeling types, the best gifts aren’t bought at a store. ESFJs love to spend quality time with their families and friends. A good gift for them might be a night out at a favorite restaurant, a weekly coffee date, or inviting them over for hot chocolate and cookies!

  1. Clothing

ESFJs love dressing to impress, and they try to keep their wardrobes up-to-date with high-quality, classic ensembles to go with the seasons. They tend to veer away from trendiness when it comes to fashion, preferring instead to pick clothes that are elegant and timeless. Some ESFJs said they’d prefer it if people gave them gift cards for their favorite clothing stores because they don’t trust other people to buy the right outfits for them. It’s probably best to get a gift receipt if you’re going to pick out an outfit for them yourself just in case it doesn’t fit or they don’t like it.

  1. A Hand-Written Letter

Words of affirmation mean a lot to ESFJs, and they are greatly touched by a beautiful hand-written letter. Take the time to really tell the ESFJ what they mean to you and things they’ve done that you appreciated or were inspired by. This can mean much more than nearly any of the other gifts on this list!

  1. Delectable Treats

Treat your ESFJs senses with some luxurious chocolates or a bottle of their favorite wine. They also particularly enjoy hand-baked goodies like cookies, cakes, or home-made beverage mixes like cocoa or chai.

  1. Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, ESFJs appreciate something that has a symbolic meaning. Try to find a piece of jewelry that reminds you of them in some way or has a story behind it! They tend to wear more traditional jewelry, so big, ostentatious earrings or especially trendy items are probably a no-go.

  1. High-Quality Organizational Materials

ESFJs are extremely organized people, or at least they prefer to be if they have the time. They appreciate finding unique and beautiful ways to keep their home structured and efficient. They love hand-made bookshelves, storage containers, and several suggested leather-bound day planners. They suggested etsy’s storage and organization section as a great way to find unique and beautiful options.

  1. A Hand-Made Gift

Do you have an artistic skill, crafting ability, or cooking talent? ESFJs adore hand-made gifts that showcase their loved one’s areas of expertise. Whether you have a knack for baking, woodwork, painting, or sewing, they’re bound to appreciate the time and creativity it took to make them something by hand.

What Do You Think?

Do you love these ideas? Hate them? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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ESFJ Gifts

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  1. All of them barring jewellery! I am a guy and thus the limitations 🙂 A perfect list really for ESFJs really!

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