The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INTJs

Not sure what kind of gifts INTJs REALLY want? This comes as no surprise because the INTJ tends to be one of the trickiest personality types to shop for. These types tend to dislike the formality of gift-giving, adn are more likely to search out the kinds of things they want when they want them. Then they’ll read reviews, look for the best quality, and buy the item themselves. Most INTJs don’t save up an imaginary must-have list for the Christmas season, which can leave their loved ones feeling confused and bewildered as they wander through countless aisles looking for the right gift.

“If I want something I buy it myself. I hate the social protocol of gift-giving. I think we’d all be a lot better off if we could just do away with the gift aspect of birthdays, holidays, etc,.”
– Jacob, an INTJ

Discover the kind of gifts INTJs REALLY want this holiday season (or on a birthday!). #INTJ #MBTI #Personality

Many INTJs echoed Jacob’s thoughts, saying that they preferred to just buy their own things and felt awkward or unsure how to respond when they received gifts.

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The INTJs Relationship with Gifts

INTJs are all about practical gifts, or gifts that feed into their interests, obsessions, and hobbies. The element of surprise is not so important to them; in fact, many INTJs said they disliked the surprising aspect of receiving gifts.

“I never know how to respond when I receive a gift. I don’t know if my expression is appropriately surprised or impressed. Half the time I don’t really want what I got anyway, so then I have to fake enthusiasm. The whole process is really stressful for me.”
– Nina, an INTJ

Most INTJs would prefer not to get gifts from people they aren’t especially close to. They feel that this ties them into a contract of gift-receiving/gift-buying that they’d rather not be a part of. They prefer to know someone well before worrying about finding the perfect gift or conjuring up the “right” response to receiving a gift. That said, many INTJs said they do enjoy finding gifts for significant people in their lives. Nearly all said they preferred giving gifts over getting them, but only with close friends and family members.

Gifts can mean a lot to the INTJ, but it’s best to ask them directly what they want or if they have an Amazon wish list online you can check out. INTJs are very specific about the things they like, and they usually research brands, quality, and reviews extensively before making a purchase. This is why you should try to get as much specific information as possible before settling on a purchase.

It was a daunting task to determine which gift ideas were the best fit for INTJs, but after speaking with over 100 of them, I think I have a pretty good grasp of what works best. So, without further ado…

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INTJs

  1. Cash


This gift may not seem very sentimental or romantic, but it gives the INTJ freedom to purchase whatever they want at whatever store they trust. Some INTJs said to be careful about giving in proportion to the relationship. They felt awkward or uncomfortable if a friend who wasn’t very close gave them a large amount of money. This also can have the unwanted effect of making them feel like they have to match your dollar amount with a corresponding gift.

  1. Gift Cards


INTJs also enjoy gift cards because this gives them the freedom to shop their favorite stores without feeling like they need to put the money towards bills or other more “responsible” things.

I always budget and won’t spend money on certain pampering things unless I get a gift card. Gift cards help me beat my own system in dealing with money which is double enjoyment. ”
– Rebecca, an INTJ

  1. Technological Gadgets

INTJs often have a great interest and fascination with technology. They enjoy experimenting with the newest advances in electronics and media. Again, it’s best to ask the INTJ what they’d specifically enjoy, but the INTJs I spoke with suggested video games systems, tablets, external storage devices, and items from

  1. Hand-Made Gifts

INTJs are extremely practical people, but they are often touched by hand-made gifts. Do you have a particular hobby or talent? Try using that to create something heartfelt for the INTJ. Baking home-made cookies, sewing a pillow, constructing a bookshelf, whatever talent you have, there’s bound to be some way you can use that to create something sincere and appreciated by the INTJ in your life.

  1. A Book About Their Interest

INTJs are usually avid readers, and they enjoy escaping into the pages of a book that goes into greater depths about their current interest or obsession. Ni-dominant types like INFJs and INTJs usually have one or two topics that are fascinating them nearly all the time. Try to scope out what areas of interest they have, and then see if you can find a book that coincides with that topic! If possible, check to make sure they don’t own the book already before you buy it (or get a gift receipt!).

  1. Wine and Chocolate

Feed your INTJs inferior Extraverted Sensing (Se) with a delicious gift of the food variety! Many INTJs said they enjoy getting wine, beer, or homemade whiskey as a gift. Others loved teas, coffees, and chocolates.

  1. Quality School or Office Supplies

High-quality pens and pencils, leather-bound organizers, and printing solutions were all mentioned. INTJs love high-quality tools they can use to keep their life more organized, productive, and efficient.  Just try to get an idea what they actually need before picking something out.

What Do You Think?

Do you love or hate these ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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Find out what INTJs REALLY want for a gift this holiday season! #MBTI #Personality #INTJ

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  1. This is a very helpful list. I have a “saved for later” list on Anazon, but hubby just does not trust it, I guess. He’s fully aware of my particular nature. But he also is a “gift giver…” so I do not get those things on the list and he teases me saying, “it’s come to this, I look for something that I think might make it 6mo to a year before you will throw it out…” it’s true I chuck a LOT of stuff, but I keep those things I actually want. Kindle. Love digital books. Last Christmas he finally succeeded in a good gift. Now, about the surprise. No. Do not like surprises… I dont like not knowing how I’m supposed to respond. I’m a “peeker.” Have been since elementary school… I was very happy when I saw he’d got me a new Paperwhite – I was still using the original Kindle. Gift-giving lol hate it. So I have created a “system” of organizing gift giving for the various required holidays and birthdays, mother’s day, etc). Works ok for me. That tertiary Fi lol can be helpful in influencing the “type” of gift per significant person… but everyone else gets nothing. I dont participate and they all just know me or hate me lol I dont know, but they stop buying me gifts and I’m off the hook. It’s plain out stressful. I do wish that giftgiving could just stop. This year I’ve already started a plan to eliminate gifts for the kids and make our holiday about experiencing something. And that we get things when we need them, we get things when it’s something we really truly even want, and we leave all the excess alone. That’s been my mantra for better than 2 decades

  2. Hehe! You’re spot on. My husband has officially declared that all Birthday & Anniversary gifts will be amount put in a special holiday travel fund.
    However, at times, he can suddenly become pouty & kiddish, & claim that I never give him gifts ( we are both excellent & specific, unique gift-choosers), so I sometimes pick up a random laptop bag … or a pair of bathroom slippers (yeah! THAT mundane!!! ) at random 😀 😀 😀

  3. All of your gift ideas are great. I’m an INTJ and I also love: strategy games, books in general but more specifically fantasy, tools, knives, and anything made out of leather.

  4. Haha nice, except that I’d probably replace handmade gifts with socks. I love getting socks!

    But yes, cash, gift cards, wine and chocolate. I’ve asked for these as gifts for the last 30 years or so! When people asked me what I wanted for my 21st (many years ago…) it was cash. Covered the cost of the party!

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