5 Reasons Why You’ll Need an ISTP During a Zombie Apocalypse

It’s 2074 AD and the human race as we know it is about to end. A bacteria has infected most of humanity, producing flesh-hungry zombies who scour the earth looking for blood. Only one small group of scrappy survivors remains, and with them is one ISTP personality type. Often labeled “The Mechanic”, “The Virtuoso” or “The Vigilante”, these types are irreplaceable in a crisis. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll need an ISTP around if the zombie apocalypse ever DOES become a reality:

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5 Reasons Why You'll Need an #ISTP during a zombie apocalypse! #MBTI #Personality #personalitytype #typology

Why You’ll Need an ISTP During a Zombie Apocalypse

#1 – ISTPs Are Wired to Handle Surprise Elements

Think a flesh-hungry monster can sneak up on an ISTP? Think again! These types are gifted with intense observational awareness. Hardly anything can happen around them without their knowing about it (think Jason Bourne, a famous fictional ISTP). ISTPs brains are literally wired to handle surprise incoming tasks. While many other types would panic by the sudden appearance of a ghoulish fiend, ISTPs channel their adrenaline into alertness and swift, logical responses.

#2 – ISTPs Don’t Mind Playing Dirty to Survive

While other types might get distracted by rules and zealous over-planning (we’re looking at you Judging types), ISTPs are more than happy to throw caution to the wind to survive. They have strong instincts and, as psychologist David Keirsey states, “can be fiercely insubordinate, seeing hierarchy and authority as unnecessary and even irksome….Crafters (ISTPs) must be free to do their thing, varying each move as the urge strikes them, and they are proud of their ability to make the next move skillfully.”

#3 – ISTPs Are Fiercely Analytical

Leave the comforting to the feeling types, ISTPs are the ones you want to come up with a clever, logical plan of action. They enjoy analyzing data, weighing pros and cons, and finding loopholes to proposed plans. They’re careful yet quick in their thinking and they can rapidly create ingenious action-plans during crisis scenarios.

#4 – ISTPs Keep Their Cool

Good old Uncle Bob’s been bitten and everyone’s freaking out….well, everyone, that is, except for your ISTP teammate. He and the INTP are working overtime to create an anti-venom and a venom extractor out of raw berries, bamboo shoots, and pine needles. Uncle Bob still might not make it, but panicking will do no good. Using their resourcefulness and innovative nature, the ISTP and INTP at least attempt to solve the problem.

#5 – Daryl from “The Walking Dead” is an ISTP

Daryl #ISTP

Action-oriented, analytical, and calm in a crisis, Daryl represents some of the most impressive qualities of the ISTP personality type. If you want to survive, you’ll NEED a Daryl on your team.

What Are Your Thoughts?

If you could have five personality types on YOUR zombie-survival team, which types would they be? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Reasons Why You Will want an #ISTP During a Zombie Apocalypse! #MBTI #Personality #Typology #Myersbriggs

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