Find Out Which Superhero Has Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Today I’m going to take a look at the personality types of some of our favorite on-screen superheroes. While superheroes aren’t bound by actual human limits (for example, you might see a superhero who is both fluent in intuition AND sensing), there are still some patterns that are prevalent among them. These are my best guesses about these characters types, but I’d love to hear YOUR opinions too!

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Discover the superhero that has your #MBTI #Personality type! #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

Find Out Which Superhero Has Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

The ENFP – Barry Allen/The Flash

The ENFP – A possibility-seeking theorist with an eye for potential and hidden connections. ENFPs are guided by their inner value system and their enthusiasm for future transformation.

Barry Allen perfectly captures the enthusiasm, impulsivity, and insight of the ENFP personality type. He’s quick to see connections and underlying motives, and he uses his intuition to make way for his idealistic beliefs and personal decisions. Everything he does must align with his moral code and his open-mindedness and integrity are what make us love him.

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The ENTP – Tony Stark/Iron Man

The ENTP – An ingenious troubleshooter who is skilled at connecting-the-dots and finding creative solutions to problems. The ENTP is guided by a hunger for logic and a thirst for stretching the boundaries of what’s possible.

Tony Stark’s mind is always buzzing with possibilities and ideas that can improve the future. Like all ENTPs, his rapid-fire verbal sparring can get him in trouble, but it’s his ingenious inventions that set him apart. Even in the bleakest scenarios, Tony Stark is able to envision a way out – in fact, sometimes the feeling of being trapped enables him to think more creatively than he would otherwise. This is typical for ENTPs who often find that they get their best ideas under pressure!

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The INFP – Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff #INFP

The INFP – An idealist who is deeply guided by their personal values and beliefs. INFPs are imaginative, insightful, and perceptive of the intentions and motives of others.

Wanda Maximoff embodies the idealism and powerful insight of the INFP personality type. In every decision, she is driven by a powerful sense of what is right and wrong. She is propelled by her values and imagination, even going so far as to fall in love with an android (Vision) rather than a human. She isn’t afraid to make big sacrifices to stand up for the oppressed, and she’s haunted when she inadvertently harms others or puts them at risk.

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The INTP – Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner #INTP

The INTP – An introspective troubleshooter who uses logic and thorough analysis to solve problems. INTPs are imaginative, big-picture oriented, and skilled at thinking outside-the-box.

Bruce Banner is constantly creating and refining an internal set of rules and blueprints to organize his ever-shifting and expanding ideas. While he can be somewhat aloof, he gets excited when a new idea or possibility presents itself and his mind starts humming with questions and theories that he wants to test out. His ability to see outside the realms of rules, traditions and his own personal feelings allows him to come up with clever inventions for the whole Avengers team.

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The ENFJ – Professor Xavier

Professor Xavier #ENFJ

The ENFJ – An empathetic coordinator who knows how to inspire others to use their gifts and abilities to improve the world. ENFJs are skilled at creating harmony and reaching people on an emotional, transformative level.

Professor X has strong insights into the motivations and gifts of others. He uses this insight to create a school for gifted mutants. His clairvoyance and empathy allow him to see the unique struggles and strengths of the people who are often overlooked or seen as “bad”. Like most ENFJs his goals involve changing the world and making it better for others. He’s able to use diplomacy rather than tactics to solve problems and he’s a skilled peacemaker that even the most formidable villains have a hard time ignoring.

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The ENTJ – Magneto

Magneto #ENTJ

The ENTJ – A visionary mobilizer who establishes plans, coordinates events and implements strategies to achieve goals. ENTJs are skilled at directing others using their powerful insight and strong sense of logic. They are natural big-picture thinkers who are good at creating effective and structured systems.

I struggled to find an ENTJ hero, and then I finally settled on Magneto because he’s both villain and antihero depending on the storyline. Magneto is skilled at organizing mutants to achieve his goals and structuring his team to take down enemies. While his motivations to protect mutants are decidedly feeling-oriented, the majority of his actions rely on his ability to use objective logic to his advantage. He uses his intuition to understand what will work in recruiting and how to make long-range plans. He is absolutely driven by his vision of a future where mutants are in charge and no longer at the mercy of corrupt human governments.

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The INFJ – Jean Grey

#INFJ Jean Grey
X-Men: Last Stand (2006)
Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey/Phoenix

The INFJ – An insightful, empathetic personality who is guided by a long-term vision of the future. INFJs combine their inter-personal intelligence with an insight into complex issues and future implications to attain goals and circumvent obstacles.

Like Grey, INFJs are known for their empathy and insight into the feelings and motivations of others. Friend or foe, Jean Grey seems to innately grasp how people (or mutants) are feeling and what their intentions and struggles are. In her human form, she is deeply compassionate and determined to help others and improve the world. While her empathy can be overwhelming (a common struggle for INFJs) she also uses it to counsel others with their personal problems and provide insight for the X-Men as they work to achieve a fairer, more understanding world.

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The INTJ – Doctor Strange

The INTJ – A strategic, intellectual individual who is driven to achieve far-reaching goals by implementing structure and organization in the world around him. INTJs thrive when they can put theories to work in the real world and master as much knowledge as possible to reach their distant goals.

Stephen (Doctor) Strange is able to manipulate reality to suit his long-range aims and goals. Like the INTJ, he is obsessed with knowledge and is continuously absorbing more information. His dominant intuition enables him to eventually accept the mystical world and harness its power to protect others. Also, like the INTJ, Strange is deeply private which enables him to avoid giving up secrets that could leave the world less secure. He has no problem giving commands, structuring things around him, and creating a logical order and strategy for how to deal with ever-changing events.

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The ESFJ – King T’Chaka from Black Panther

The ESFJ – An organized, people-oriented individual who favors unity and sensible living. ESFJs are conscientious and detail-oriented, with a gift for creating security and stability in their community.

King T’Chaka is known for his skill in organizing, his insight into the potentialities of his people, and his observance of tradition. Like most ESFJs he likes to work with what he knows, using the old tried-and-true ways of magic rather than risking the security of his people by making trades with other nations or experimenting with vibranium. While he’s not perfect, he shows considerable bravery in battle and a willingness to risk his life for his values and his people.

The ESTJ – Odin from Thor

The ESTJ – A goal-oriented, logical individual who favors tried-and-true methods and common sense. ESTJs are practical, achievement-oriented, and loyal to their families and communities.

Extremely pragmatic, Odin is quick to make decisions that will advance his goals while keeping his community safe. He adheres to tradition and is dedicated to making Asgard a beautiful and comfortable place for his people. Like the ESTJ, Odin frequently refers to the past and adheres to rules he believes in. He likes an organized, stable life and makes decisions by weighing the pros and cons and favoring justice over the emotional desires of his family.

The ISFJ – Steve Rogers/Captain America

The ISFJ – Focused and value-oriented, ISFJs are driven to protect their community and what they believe is right. They are fiercely loyal to their cause and their loved ones and are skilled at noticing details and historical patterns.

Steve is driven to protect the community and values he holds dear, even going so far as to die for his values. Often called “The Defenders”, ISFJs have a strong sense of duty towards their fellow men. They are also detail-oriented, like Rogers, devoted to their traditions and filled with practical wisdom. Steve Roger’s generous heart, old-fashioned values, and easy-going friendliness are all trademarks of the ISFJ personality type.

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The ISTJ – Okoye from Black Panther

The ISTJ – ISTJs are methodical and focused in everything that they do. They strive to be competent and responsible, going to any effort to keep their word. In decisions, ISTJs are pragmatic and logical. They weigh the pros and cons and refrain from emotional analysis because they believe emotions to be unreliable.

Like most ISTJs, Okoye is fiercely loyal to her people and the values she holds dear. She is a staunch traditionalist who follows her duty and maintains allegiances even when it’s emotionally difficult for her to do so. In decisions, Okoye is practical and no-nonsense. The logical method is nearly always the best way forward even if it means sacrifices have to be made. She presents a calm, focused demeanor to the world and is a steady force for good in Wakonda.

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The ESFP – Peter Quill/StarLord from Guardians of the Galaxy

The ESFP – These outgoing, adventurous individuals enjoy working with others to make things happen. They are highly observant and realistic and are skilled at adapting to ever-changing environments and situations.

Types who value Extraverted Sensing (ESFPs and ESTPs) are known for their ability to act fast and respond to incoming events. Peter Quill is known for his quick reflexes, his agility, and his master marksmanship. Along with this, he has the charm and sense of humor that ESFPs are famous for. His idealism, in-the-moment impulsiveness, and quick wits are all characteristics that make ESFPs so lovable and exciting to watch.

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The ESTP – James “Bucky” Barnes/The Winter Soldier

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, Sebastian Stan, 2014, ©Walt Disney Company/courtesy Everett Collection

The ESTP – These energetic, clever problem-solvers are known for their ability to find solutions in dire situations. They respond creatively to challenges and can react quickly to changes or “surprises” in the current moment. They have a zest for life that is contagious and a quick, engaging sense of humor.

Bucky Barnes shows two sides of the ESTP personality type. ESTPs that are healthy are fun-loving, humorous, pragmatic, and logical. They confidently face challenges, and even enjoy them, as they are able to use their quick reflexes to solve problems in real-time. As the Winter Soldier, Barnes shows the unhealthy side of the ESTP. ESTPs who are under extreme stress become pessimistic, confused, and they feel lost. Their vision of the future becomes bleak and they lose their normal optimism. The more that Barnes is able to heal, the more he showcases the strengths and abilities of this adventurous personality type.

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The ISFP – T’Challa/Black Panther

The ISFP – This personality type has a strong moral code that they follow through life. They prize freedom, adapt quickly to incoming events, and use creative problem-solving when a crisis presents itself. They may be slow to develop intimacy with others, but once they do they are deeply loyal.

Like most ISFPs, T’Challa does whatever he can to live in accordance with his moral code. In decisions, he always considers what’s right, what’s ethical, and what aligns with his personal beliefs. He’s physically responsive to his environment and knows how to react quickly when new challenges present themselves. Like most sensing-perceiving types, T’Challa displays a real-time kinesthetic intelligence that allows him to fight creatively and swiftly and not panic when surprise situations arise. His ethical focus and swift, pragmatic responses make him an excellent example of an ISFP hero.

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The ISTP – Natasha Romanov/Black Widow

The ISTP – Quick-thinking, logical, and adaptive to the environment, ISTPs are appreciated for their tactics and flexibility. They are good at rapidly breaking a problem down to its components and finding solutions and resources that others miss.

Black Widow has the no-nonsense logical mind and quick reflexes that make ISTPs so formidable. She’s able to put aside her feelings and make rapid action-plans that will undermine her enemies. And, like most Sensing-Perceiving types, she’s also highly aware of her environment. This allows her to use her surroundings to her advantage during fights and helps her to spot opportunities that others miss. Even when she’s visibly stressed from past experiences she’s still able to pull it together and respond as needed to challenges and roadblocks. These are all strong characteristics of the ISTP “Vigilante” personality type.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree with these typings? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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Discover which superhero has your #MBTI #personality type! #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

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  1. I love these kinds of articles! I agree that Peter Quill is an ESFP, I’ve seen him labeled as an ENFP somewhere else and knew that wasn’t right… Wanda Maximoff is such a relatable character and accurately represents the INFP power. Her dom Fi is very much apparent.
    Its funny, I used to be torn between ISTP and ESTP for Black Widow, and then I observed how she used her Fe, even when it was unnecessary, and decided that was probably her tertiary function. Her Se+Fe seems apparent to me, as she is very aware of her surroundings, never misses a beat, can hold a conversation about dating with Steve Rogers WHILE fighting, and, of course, as a spy, relies heavily on her Fe charm.
    However, I think she might be hard to type, seeing as she was trained from a young girl to use her Fe.
    Thank you for making this fun list!?

  2. The Black Widow. If you had given me a list of heroes and told me to choose who I wanted to be, Natasha would have been my first choice. I’m going to feel like a badass all day. Watch out world!!!!

  3. I’d says Magneto is much more INFJ. He feels the injustices of the world personally and has reached his own theory based of observance and personal inflection. He is also deeply intuitive and can tell things about people too. When the world doesn’t line up with his ideals (which is often), he tends to react by going supervillain in a very INFJ way, which makes the heart hurt, it really does, but which is using his insight about people in general to go five steps to far to try to fix it.

  4. Seems close enough. Charles Xavier as ENFJ though? I have a hard time thinking of a good one to go in this spot but I think maybe Nick Fury would be a closer choice for ENFJ.

  5. I always thought Barry Allen was an INFP but after thinking about it, and since I have watched every Flash episode and am familiar with Grant Gustin’s acting, I now think he is an ENFP. Even though he had a horrible event in his life that scarred his memory, he still found alternate ways to move on, even when he used his ability to time travel. Time travel would be much harder for an INFP to make some objective decisions about. Thanks for giving me an objective perspective, Susan Storm, on my favorite superhero!

  6. I was prejudiced when I saw that the Flash was an ENFP and not an INFP. I have kept up with the Flash’s current TV show, pun intended, and am very familiar with this version of the Flash. After thinking about it for a few days, I agree that Grant Gustin’s interpretation of the Flash is an ENFP and a mostly Turbulent one at that. Thanks for setting me straight Susan Storm! Keep up the great and fun work!

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