Get an in-depth look at ten of the most stand-out ESTP anime characters. #ESTP #MBTI

10 Amazing ESTP Anime Characters

The personality types of characters are highly debated because fiction tends to blur the lines between personalities, whether that be due to the author’s own personality type, their understanding of another, or plot convenience. When choosing these 10 ESTP characters I’m going to discuss, I strove to pick a variety of different types of ESTPs that I feel represent the personality fairly well. You may or may not agree with my choices, but that is okay.  It’s merely fiction, after all.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy reading what I came up with!

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10 Amazing ESTP Anime Characters

Portgas D. Ace from One Piece

“Thanks but no thanks. I’m not really interested in living for a thousand years. Just living today is good enough.”

Ace gives off that easy-going, fun-loving vibe that Se dominants are known for. He rushes off to be a pirate at a young age and enjoys all of the adventures that comes with it. Ace struggles under authority, even when he deeply respects the authority figure. Ultimately, he just wants to follow his own impulses, and indulge in the moment, whether that be via action or something as mundane as food. We see his Introverted Thinking surface in the way he shares his thoughts but demonstrates little desire to enforce them. He calls out when things don’t make sense, and speculates on why that might be the case. While some may find it odd that he’s a thinker yet extremely polite, this is merely a positive showcasing of the tertiary Fe that many ESTPs are capable of. In serious moments, he readily cuts through the niceties to say what needs to be said.

Tsunade from Naruto

“This isn’t like plotting a sequel to your novel! We don’t have any time to waste here!”

Tsunade can be both fiery and intimidating. She’s quick to react to whatever situation she’s presented with, which occasionally includes lashing out at others in anger. She’s prone to taking risks, and for several years, falls prey to a detrimental gambling habit. During this time, she wanders from place to place, piling up more debt and avoiding those she owes. As one might expect, Tsunade does not tend to adhere strongly to rules, instead finding ways to bend them for her convenience. During her time as Hokage, whilst others may consider a decision of hers to be risky, she defends and implements her internal logic in spite of any protests. As is common for Ti users, oftentimes she’s shown arguing with those under her, rather than just dismissing them out of hand. She’s critical, cynical, sensitive about her appearance, and avoids personal displays of emotions in front of others.

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugou enneagram 8

“Show us with your actions not your cheap words!”

Bakugo is one to leap into action without a second thought. He strategizes on the fly and figures out his opponent’s weaknesses by attacking over and over again. He’s quick to fight, quick to attack when in danger, and tends to view fighting as the solution to everything. With his Fe being underdeveloped, he tends to be callous towards others. He’s sharp in his communication, blunt, unafraid to call people out, and an unabashed rule breaker. Bakugo struggles to accept things that don’t make sense to him, in spite of external evidence, which is a weakness of Ti users. Initially, he struggles to recognize that Midoriya indeed has a quirk, but later he is the first person to put together Midoriya’s connection to All Might. However, in spite of his tough appearance, he can be sensitive to how others perceive him and he tends to judge himself through their eyes.

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

“I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.”

Many type Meliodas as an EXFP,  but he actually demonstrates a lot of Ti.  For instance, Meliodas frequently makes hesitant, non-committal statements, and rarely phrases things in terms of right and wrong, unless coming to the defense of someone else. People rarely know what he’s thinking, nor does he tend to share his feelings with others, even those close to him. He’s typically amiable and friendly, but can suddenly dip into impish or rude behavior if he feels like it. While possessing an ultimate goal, he lives primarily in the moment, not tending to speculate about the future once he has decided on a plan of action, which typically just involves heading in a certain direction. Meliodas is extremely protective of those close to him, and prone to going into a rage when one of them is hurt or in danger.

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket (2019)

“One of these days, you’ll learn to have fun. I’m sure of it.”

Shigure is another one that people frequently type differently. However, I believe him to be more in line with an ESTP. He is casual, laid back, and content to live in chaos at home with his roommates. While he utters mild protests when fights break out in the house which inevitably cause property destruction, he typically doesn’t do much if anything to prevent them, and merely requires payment as penance. He enjoys tormenting his editor and often adopts a “catch me if you can” mentality when literally disappearing around the time of a deadline. Shigure is ultimately not very concerned with the feelings of others and attempts to manipulate those around him for his own advantage or entertainment. He can be flirtatious, and at times, inappropriate in his remarks. In addition, while he presents himself as polite and amiable, he’s also prone to sarcasm and callous jabs.

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball

“In other words, train as hard as you can, and let’s have a fun life.”

Master Roshi is a martial arts instructor whose method of training is very practical, focusing on useful activities that help out the village nearby, like delivering milk, farming, and construction, which not only demonstrates the sensor in him but his Fe as well. His training is also very risky, to the point where he appears to have no concern for the lives of his students. One thing he teaches is that martial arts is good for living a more enjoyable life. He’s clearly driven by his own sensory impulses, which constantly get him into trouble. Roshi is lighthearted, laid back and relaxed, content to have people constantly hanging around at his house. His Ti surfaces in the way that he emphasizes figuring things out for yourself rather than enforcing fundamentals, an established fighting style, or rigid techniques.

Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach

“People discover their true, inner powers when they want to protect something. Their own lives, status, honor, loved ones, a principle…a fierce desire to protect is the key.”

Yoruichi is bold and forward. While age has taught her to temper her actions, she is still quick to launch forward. Yoruichi tends to just deal with things as they happen. The actions of others concern her very little, and although in a leadership role, she is not controlling. The over-studious nature of one of her subordinates amuses her, but she does at one point feel compelled to rebuke her for thinking too much. Overall, Yoruichi tends to be calm and collected. She hates standing on ceremony and cares little for formal titles, which is common for Ti users. She emphasizes that she values skill, not manners. Yoruichi teases, flirts, and enjoys getting a rise out of others. However,  she is team-oriented and can be very encouraging when she wants to be.

Maho Hiyajo from Steins;Gate

“Solving this may not be an easy feat, but if we work hard, and most importantly, if we work together, we can figure it out.”

Maho is a highly intelligent scientist that links up with the main protagonist to solve a mystery involving time manipulation. She kicks his pessimistic butt into gear, and forces him to see that they can still find a solution if they just plow forward. She’s primarily concerned the practical value of something, and the end result, rather than the specific method used. As with many extroverted perceivers, she tends to fall prey to acting without thinking and occasionally regrets it after the fact. She’s messy and disorganized but claims that it’s functional and makes sense to her. Being rather fiery, Maho is quick to share her opinions and ask questions, although she never enforces these or pushes too hard. As a low Fe user, she appreciates when people just let loose and say what’s on their mind.  However,  she is sensitive to the reactions of others and does struggle with feelings of inadequacy due to comparing herself to others.

Mugen from Samurai Champloo

“I don’t believe in anyone but me and what I can do. See ya.”

Mugen is what I would classify as a much wilder, unhinged ESTP.  He’s temperamental, reckless, and rude, being more akin to an anti-hero in many ways. He enjoys fighting, and is constantly starting them. He’s extremely competitive, and unafraid to accept any challenge that comes his way, assuming it either benefits him or entertains him. Due to his past, he is extremely anti-authority,  although that tendency is not uncommon among STPs.  He spends the series unwillingly working with two others, due to an agreement that he reluctantly made. In fact,  he desires to finish out a fight to the death with one of them when all is said and done. However,  as the show progresses, he slowly gains a deeply felt respect for the both of them, and by the end, they all peacefully go their separate ways.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu from A Certain Magical Index

“There’s no reason, no cause, no sense, no aim, no theory, no meaning, no value. Nothing. …It’s just misfortune.”

Tsuchimikado is a character that is shrouded in mystery. He is sneaky and unpredictable. You never know quite what he’s doing, or if he’s truly on your side. He appears to live entirely in a world of gray, lacking any semblance of ideals and values as far as the viewer can tell. While he does several times help out of the main protagonist of the show, Tsuchimikado actively proclaims himself to be a liar, and says that he cannot be trusted. He devalues playing by the rules and is willing to betray anyone if it serves his purpose. In every interaction, he gives off that ‘cool guy’ vibe, and oftentimes playfully punches the main protagonist for making uncool statements. He can be crude, unsympathetic, and prone to messing with people for his amusement. Tsuchimikado is quick to take advantage of a situation if he sees an opportunity in it, and readily pushes his physical limits to accomplish his goal.

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Get an in-depth look at ten of the most stand-out ESTP anime characters. #ESTP #MBTI

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