Here’s What’s Unforgettable About You, Based On Your Personality Type

Each personality type at their best has qualities that make them stand out and impact the world in meaningful ways. Things that make us stop and think, “Wow! how did I get so lucky as to have this person in my life?”. Each individual also has things that make them unforgettable that have nothing to do with their type! But this article is about recognizing the things that mature versions of each personality type bring to the world.

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Here’s What Makes You Unforgettable, Based On Your Personality Type


There’s something inspiring about your strong, steady attitude and your authentic, modest demeanor. Your dependability and grounded nature instill confidence and comfort in the people around you.  In a world that’s constantly fluctuating and where people’s words mean less and less, you are a steady force of dependability, honesty, and strength. On top of that, your offbeat, quirky humor is the perfect contradiction to your otherwise reserved persona.


Your ability to observe and notice the needs of others is so finely-tuned that it’s easy for it to go under the radar. But when you’re gone we suddenly realize how much you really did, how many details were taken care of that we didn’t stop to notice. But your ability to help isn’t all that makes you unforgettable. You’re a person of conviction who balances intense reflection with a proactive, productive lifestyle. You listen to troubled people and do tangible things to help them. You balance empathy and practical know-how to bring the world kindness and consistency.


Your direct, in-charge attitude inspires confidence in the people around you. The way you go after your goals and achieve things without letting it get to your head is inspiring. You’re not afraid to work hard to achieve your hopes, which is probably why you’re the highest-earning personality type.  Your steady determination and no-nonsense attitude keeps you ahead of the competition and inspires the rest of us to work hard to achieve our goals as well. You’re also responsible. You take care of the people you love, not through platitudes and sugar-coated words, but through action and solution-finding.


There’s something so comforting and supportive about your strong, capable personality. You seem to know just how to organize people to get along and get a job done at the same time. You have a gift for creating unity, and you do it so effortlessly that it doesn’t seem like you’re working at it. Your empathy combined with your practical, level-headed nature make you an indispensable friend.


Your cool, level-headed nature is both attractive and intriguing. In a crisis when everyone else is panicking and flipping out, you keep a steady demeanor and look for quick solutions. Your confidence and resourcefulness is indispensable and intensely appealing. You may not know it, but we all secretly want to be like you (or maybe that’s just me) 😉


Your ability to honor your individuality and the freedom of other people is immense. You appear gentle and reserved, but sometimes you give us a glimpse of your inner resolve and passion and when you do it’s inspiring and authentic. You have a creative, adaptable approach to life and we can’t forget how you open our eyes to meaningful experiences and the beauty and opportunity in the world around us.


Your confidence and sense of adventure is inspiring to all of us. You make us feel like we’re all capable of seizing the day and facing risks with bravery. Hardly anything seems to rattle your bold nature. In fact, you seem to get excited by challenges that would cause other people to break down. Not only are you exciting and clever, you’re also friendly and humorous. What’s not to love?


You have a sixth sense for adventure and opportunity that is nearly unmatched! Your energy and spirit make all of us feel like life is a beautiful story ready to be opened. Between your eagerness to experience everything, your enthusiasm for life, and your quick sense of humor, you manage to bring limitless alternatives and possibility to any experience you’re a part of.


Yes, you are rational, intense, and visionary. But you’re more than that too. So many type descriptions paint you as cold and robotic. But they’re missing something. Your ability to see things from so many different perspectives makes you more empathetic than people realize. You’re also not afraid to tell people the truth if you feel that it’s what’s in their best interest. Your honesty and global, forward-thinking perspective is sometimes scary,  but also astoundingly useful.

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You have a depth of empathy and insight that leaves people feeling understood and valued. You grasp the underlying meaning of what’s going on rather than just what appears on the surface. You probably hear, “how did you know that?!” a lot. Because of your insight, you can be there emotionally for others in a way that many other types can’t. Your perspective into the emotional states of people as well as the future possibilities that lie before them is scarily accurate.

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You’re the person who cuts to the chase and can quickly tell us which ideas work and which ones are just plain stupid. Your directness and insight are indispensable and help all of us save a lot of time and energy. While you may appear tactless at times or scarily confident, we also know you’re fair, ceaselessly curious, and fascinated by big-picture ideas and possibilities. You don’t just get things done, you open our eyes to new ways of seeing life.


Your empathy, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in others makes you an indispensable friend. You have a way of drawing out potential and seeing a future and possibility in someone’s life that is inspiring and motivating. We know that you feel it when we’re sad, and you’re cheering for us when we’re happy. Your intensity, determination, and emotional intelligence makes you never to be forgotten.


Beneath your quiet, reserved demeanor is an individual with a million and one ideas and theories. Your mind is a fascinating place and your ability to see things from unusual angles is astounding. While you may not be the most chatty friend on the planet, you give people the freedom to be themselves and you never make them feel controlled or pushed into a box. We know we can count on you to bring imagination and logic to the table.


You have an inner depth of compassion and empathy that makes you a valued friend and trusted confidante. When we’re going through dark times, you’re there to listen and analyze it with us. Your ability to not shirk away from the struggles of others makes you an invaluable solace. Your imagination makes us feel like the world is bigger than it ever was. You may be quiet and private, but once we know you we wonder how we went so long without you.

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When it comes to thinking outside the box, you seem to find a way to obliterate the box entirely and make an elephant. How can you come up with so many innovations and ideas at the drop of a hat? Your thoughts are sometimes non-conformist, sometimes inspirational, but always novel and exciting. You make us feel like no topic is too weird to debate or analyze and no boundaries are too impenetrable to get through. You inspire bravery and creative thinking in all of us.


Your ability to generate ideas and motivate the people around you is unsurpassed. Your enthusiasm and vision makes us feel unstoppable and inspired. You believe in dreams, in big ideas, in things that other types might call impractical or far-fetched. But you let us know there’s real hope to be found in our dreams. You  make us feel like nothing is impossible. You also give compassion and empathy to us in our darker times, and we can’t thank you enough for that.

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Find out how each #personality type is unforgettable! #MBTI #Myersbriggs #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP #Personalitytype #ENFP #ISTJ #ISTP #ISFJ #ISFP

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