12 Amazing INTP Anime Characters

Want to figure out which anime characters have your INTP personality type? After weeks of research (and suggestions from fellow anime nerds), I’ve compiled this list of my top twelve best picks for INTP characters.

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Discover 12 amazing INTP anime characters. #INTP #MBTI #Personality

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12 Amazing INTP Anime Characters

Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigani from Dr Stone is an INTP

Get excited, because our first pick for INTP anime character is none other than Senku Ishigami. I’m 10 billion percent sure that he has INTP preferences; although, being as he’s an anime character, he’s near superhuman in many ways and I see a little bit of INTJ and ENTP thrown in the mix as well. What can I say? Manga authors don’t consistently write their characters with only qualities of one specific Myers-Briggs® personality type.

But why is Senku an INTP? Let’s break it down: Senku is constantly trying to figure out how things work. And while many people like to figure this stuff out, it is oxygen for Senku. Down to the most minute detail, he’s obsessed with learning all he can about science. And he’s patient; his focus is less on getting a quick result and more about learning, understanding, and playing the long game for the best possible result. As Behind-the-Scenes™ Interaction Style types (per Linda Beren’s Interaction Styles systems), INTPs are outcome oriented. They don’t mind taking their time, digging into the details, experimenting, and innovating to get the best possible result. That’s more important to them than deadlines, rushing, and coming up with a “good enough” result. Skeptical, inventive, creative, innovative, all these words exemplify Senku.

As an intuitive, Senku knows how to play the long game. he’s got his eyes on the big picture and can dream up possibilities on the fly. But he also needs his space to dig into the details, analyze, critique, and understand the principles of all his scientific ideas.

Pieck Finger (Attack on Titan)

Pieck Finger Attack on Titan is an INTP

Although we don’t see a lot of Pieck Finger; we can gather enough from the mangas and the anime to suggest INTP preferences for her. Pieck has an incredible ability to deduce risks, formulate strategies, and stay calm in chaotic situations. As an older INTP she has learned to give logic and clarity with a touch of tenderness and empathy. She can relate to others, read the room, and grasp how people are feeling while giving priority to logical strategies and analysis. Again, we don’t have a lot to go off of with her character; I wish we could see more of her. But INTP is my best guess for her type!

Gowther from 7 Deadly Sins

Gowther from 7 Deadly Sins is an INTP

“Memories are merely information. Creating or erasing them is not difficult. What I want to understand…is the “emotion” that reaches beyond them.” – Gowther

Moving on to our next character, Gowther from 7 Deadly Sins, who has a personality that’s sure to resonate with INTPs. Like many INTPs, he has the unfortunate tendency to accidentally upset others with his analytical deductions. People just can’t seem to grasp how he can approach situations with so much logic and so much lack of emotional sensitivity; even if his heart is in the right place. He’s often lost in contemplation, analyzing information, and trying to gather knowledge.

Gowther’s analytical and speculative nature is mirrored in INTPs’ proclivity for logical thinking and their insatiable curiosity. However, Gowther’s attempts to apply his theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios often result in mishaps. But he doesn’t let these setbacks discourage him. Instead, he perseveres, letting his pursuit of truth and understanding lead the way.

Kenma Kozume from Haikyuu!!

Kenma Kozume is an INTP

“I’ve been thinking lately…you’re entertaining Shoyo, so I’d like to play a game with you that’s not a practice game. A game where it’s immediately “game over” if you lose.” – Kenma Kozume

Composed and analytical, Kenma is the least enthusiastic about volleyball of any of the players in Haikyuu. This doesn’t mean he’s not competitive, however. As the setter for Nekoma High, he makes a habit of only expending as much energy as possible to make the most accurate plays. Most of his genius appears in his mind, where he strategically analyzes other players, finding their weaknesses and experimenting with plays that will catch them off guard. In typical INTP fashion, Kenma has no respect for rank and authority – caring little what year a player is in or how popular they are. He is undeniably intelligent and uses his intuition and analytical side to stay one step ahead of his opponents on the court.

Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

Kakashi Hataki from Naruto is an INTP

“Every day, I eat, I sleep, I worry about stupid things. My job is to make sure these kids have as many days as they can where they can be idiots like this.” – Kakashi Hatake

As one of Konoha’s most talented ninjas, Kakashi has considerable skill in combat. Yet with all his abilities, he prefers a life of independence rather than pursuing a life of leadership or control. His thinking side is evident, as he frequently makes decisions based on what’s logical regardless of how it will impact people emotionally. As Kakashi grows and matures, he integrates his feeling side and teaches the importance of teamwork. You can find out more about his INTP type analysis in Practical Typing’s type profile for him.

Ranpo Edogawa – Boungou Stray Dogs

Ranpo Edogawa is an INTP

“Too much work. Lame. Boring. Investigating and making inquiries is the work of detectives, not master detectives.” – Ranpo Edogawa

Shockingly intelligent, Ranpo Edogawa is able to solve crimes almost instantaneously because of his keen powers of deduction. Edogawa rapidly formulates theories and then find the necessary facts to support his theories. Jung himself said, “Ti formulates questions and creates theories, it opens up new prospects and insights…facts are collected as evidence for a theory, never for their own sake.” In this way Edogawa is an unmatched genius in deductive reasoning. That said, he still struggles to figure out which train to take to get around town due to his lack of interest in more mundane, day-to-day matters.

Tsuyu Asui “Froppy” – My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Froppy is an INTP

Ingenious and likable, “Froppy” keeps a steady head in situations where everyone else is panicking. Her first concern is troubleshooting the most logical answer to any calamity that presents itself. In a show full of emotionally intense individuals (we’re looking at you, Bakugo and Deku) Froppy is a refreshingly steady, level-headed type. Her innovations in the arena and her unflappable sense of reason make her a pillar of strength to her friends.

Kisuke Urahara – Bleach

Kisuke Urahara is an INTP

“Sadly, your sword exhibits only fear. When you counter, it’s because you fear being killed. When you attack, you fear killing. And when you protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks is senseless fright, and that’s not good. What you don’t need in battle is fear. Nothing will come of it. When you counter, you don’t let them cut you. When you protect someone, you don’t let them die. And when you attack, you kill.” – Kisuke Urahara

Pragmatic and cunning, Urahara knows how to gather information and use idle conversation to gain the upper-hand on his enemies. Bleach shows us a metamorphosis during Urahara’s life. In early life, he was shy, quiet, and nervous. He was never too sure of his abilities or his potential to lead. Like many IxxP personality types, Urahara is more comfortably independently taking charge of his own life than being a leader for others. Yet as he grows and experiments with his many skills, Urahara eventually became a captain and the first president of the S.R.D.I.

Tomura Shigaraki – My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki is an INTP

“Heroes and villains both thrive on violence, but we’re still categorized. “You’re good.” “You’re evil.” That’s how it is!! Symbol of peace? Hah!! In the end you’re just a tool for violence, made to keep us down! And violence only breeds more violence.” – Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki demonstrates an INTP villain at his most unhealthy, warped level of development. Due to a toxic and lonely childhood, he learns that he can only count on himself and “One for All” – the villain who rescued him. He’s strategic, insightful, and irreverent – doing whatever it takes to wipe out “All Might” and destroy the world’s Symbol of Peace. Aside from his destructive Quirk, Shigaraki possesses a sharp mind and a quick analytical ability to deduce the plans and skills of his opponents’ by observing them in action. He deals well with the unexpected, creating strategies on the fly and innovating when needed.

Saiki K. from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Saiki K is an INTP

“I hate attracting attention but I hate owing someone even more.” – Kusuo Saiki

Saiki K is probably my favorite INTP anime character, and, having just finished the series, I felt compelled to add him here. Saiki K has the cool-headed logic of the INTP while also having the undercurrent of generosity that is typical of this type. Many a disastrous situation presents itself to Saiki K (what a pain!), but even at extreme hardship to himself, he winds up helping the very people that annoy him. Saiki K is detached, analytical, but also concerned about doing what’s right by others. He perfectly captures the tension between the Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Feeling sides of his personality type.

Asa Mitaka (Chainsaw Man)

Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man is an INTP

Next up, we have Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man. Mitaka, like our other INTP characters, exhibits the defining traits of this personality type. She’s a thinker, with a knack for making logical decisions even in the most unconventional of situations. She trusts what makes sense to her, even if it doesn’t match the black and white thinking of others. Mitaka also has the the struggle of wanting to be liked but wanting to be anonymous at the same time. This is a frequent INTP struggle borne of their unique cognitive function placements. Their inferior Extraverted Feeling side seeks connection and warmth, while their dominant Introverted Thinking side wants alone time and independent space for analysis and contemplation.

Mitaka’s creativity shines particularly when it comes to repurposing objects to fight or defend herself. Be it turning her uniform into a tool for combat, modifying a motorcycle, or even transforming an aquarium into an object she can use against an opponent, she exhibits an uncanny ability to see possibilities where others might see inutility. This inventive ingenuity is a quintessential trait of an INTP personality type.

Lain Iwakurar (Serial Experiments Lain)

Lain Iwakurar  is an INTP

Last but not least, we present Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain. This character certainly piques the interest of INTP enthusiasts with her high degree of skepticism and curiosity. Lain is synonymous with the word “why”. Her life seems to be an endless quest of inquiry, filled with constant questioning, doubting, and wondering about everything around her. This incessant curiosity is the lifeblood of many INTPs and is wonderfully mirrored in Lain’s character.

Lain possesses an innate need for things to fit within her predetermined framework of logic. She thrives within her own mental structures and logical paradigms. When something doesn’t align with her intellectual structure, she relentlessly probes and analyzes until it either fits in or is discredited. This characteristic truly embodies one of the key facets of INTP’s personality — their relentless pursuit of logical consistency and clarity.

However, it’s also important to be aware of the introspective side of Lain. Much like the INTP personality type, she tends to be reserved and somewhat detached from the social world, often engrossed in her own thoughts. Her skepticism, curiosity, and logical framework make her a fascinating representation of an INTP character in the world of anime.

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Discover 10 of the most memorable INTP anime characters. #INTP #MBTI #Personality

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  1. I love Saiki also. I feel like I’m him without the overpowered superhero powers he has that practically makes him literally godlike, but the irony is that this is a comedy where he only uses his godly powers to live a normal life as possible, while ending up attracting random friends he ends up having to help from their idiotic decisions. He just wants some peace and quiet, man. If people around weren’t so stupid and getting themselves into dangerous situations, he could have more time to just peace and quiet, but nope. Feels almost like the INTP version of the ISTP Saitama from One Punch Man, both ridiculously overpowered characters with a lack of ambition of any kind, except the former is more slice of life despite of that. The only other similar unambitious overpowered character I can think of is Mob Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100, made by the same person who wrote One Punch Man, because clearly the writer has a thing for unambitious overpowered characters.

    If only we could be more like Kisuke Urahara, who is really badass, confident and more cool sounding, despite being lazy and chill outside violent battles. Then I’m just here trying to do a single push up, but most INTPs in real life aren’t badasses like Kisuke or Gintama, but whatever.

  2. Naofumi Iwatani is more like INTJ rather than INTP so, I have seen ppl say he is INTP,ISTP,ISTJ,ESTJ,INTJ but INTJ is the most accurate.

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