21 Hobbies That INTPs Love

Since our Myers-Briggs® personality types describe the way our minds work it makes sense that people with the same type might have similar interests. We’re each unique individuals and how we like to spend our down-time varies, but you’ll often notice that people with the same personality type enjoy similar hobbies. Today, we’re talking about 21 hobbies that INTPs love.

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Hobbies for INTPs:

1. Browsing the Internet

INTPs tend to be curious people, and browsing the internet is one way to engage that curiosity. It’s fun to follow rabbit trails across different websites while learning new information and observing the strangeness of life.

2. Crafting

Many INTPs enjoy hobbies that produce something creative. Woodworking, leather crafts, sewing, glass blowing, crochet, and metal-working are just a few of the creative hobbies that INTPs enjoy.

3. Computer Hobbies

Quite a few INTPs talk about enjoying computer-related activities, especially those that are creative in some way. These include things like programming, 3-D rendering, and data analytics. Some also enjoy building and repairing computers.

4. Design

One nickname for INTPs is “The Architect,” and many enjoy design-related hobbies. Depending on the INTP, they might gravitate toward on-paper projects, building physical models, computer-assisted design, and/or 3-D printing.

5. Doing Nothing

Many INTPs enjoy using part of their free time to do absolutely nothing. Modern society is so fast-paced that it doesn’t always leave time for introverts to just stop, recharge, and think without outside pressure. This hobby makes room for doing that without expectations of accomplishing anything tangible.

6. Exercise

INTPs are often stereotyped as lazy, but that doesn’t stop many INTPs from enjoying very active hobbies. Hiking, running, kayaking, bicycling, rock climbing, and weightlifting are just a few examples of active hobbies that INTPs may enjoy.

7. Exploring

INTPs often jump from one hobby, thought, or activity to another fairly rapidly. Many have a wide range of interests and hate being bored. Rather than sticking with just a few specific hobbies, INTPs might explore a wide variety of activities and interests.

8. Languages

INTPs often enjoy learning new languages. It’s a challenging hobby, but one that many enjoy and are very good at. I know one INTP who studies several languages at once, and I’ve seen others who’ve worked their way one at a time through learning multiple languages.

9. Learning and Research

I touch on this hobby in other points on this list, but “Browsing the Internet” isn’t the only way INTPs learn and “Science” isn’t their only area of interest. INTPs often enjoy reading non-fiction, talking with interesting and knowledgeable people, and taking classes related to a wide variety of interests. Some also enjoy hands-on research and experimentation, even if it’s just saying something off-the-wall to observe how other people respond.

10. Meditation

INTPs often have very active minds. Meditation is a way for them to slow down, observe their thoughts, and find focus. Many also enjoy yoga as a hobby that’s related to this.

11. Music

Making and/or listening to music is one of the hobbies INTPs talk about fairly consistently. Subcategories of this hobby can include attending concerts, listening to music, playing the piano or other instruments, writing music, remixing songs, and producing music.

12. Photography

INTPs often enjoy photography as a hobby. It’s one of the artistic pursuits that come up the most frequently when INTPs on the internet start talking about which hobbies they enjoy best.

13. Reading

Many INTPs enjoy reading, and not just related to their interest in research. They also love reading fiction. It’s a great way to escape from the world and engage their creative, imaginative side.

14. Science

INTPs often enjoy science-related hobbies and may go into scientific careers. There’s a reason “mad scientist” has become an INTP stereotype. From astronomy to biochemistry to physics, INTPs can be found studying a variety of science-related topics for fun.

15. Spending Time in Nature

Getting out in nature is a favorite hobby of all the introverted, intuitive types. It’s a great way of engaging with and appreciating the physical world. Fishing, hiking, or sitting on a park bench are just a few examples of this INTP hobby.

16. Strategy Games

Chess is one of the most talked-about INTPs hobbies. Many also enjoy other games that require strategic and analytical thinking, such as Stratego.

17. Thinking

INTPs enjoy being lost in thought, and many carve out time for thinking the same way other people carve-out time for hobbies like team sports or book clubs.

18. Travel

A little bit of wanderlust never hurt anyone, and many INTPs enjoy traveling. Some set themselves travel goals each year, others travel more sporadically.

19. Video Games

INTPs often find that they enjoy playing video games. I’ve seen several specifically mention that they enjoy games they can play solo and where they’re in complete control.

20. Watching Movies and TV

Watching films and TV is a good way for INTPs to relax and chill. It’s one of the hobbies that provides a good distraction from everything that’s going on inside their minds.

21. Writing

Writing is another creative hobby that INTPs often enjoy. Many enjoy writing poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. Some also enjoy creating worlds and stories in their heads that never fully make it onto the page, but are still entertaining for the INTP.

Your Turn:

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  1. Drawing… my main hobby and is mostly imaginative… whether it be a life drawing, abstract, it just has to be from my imagination.
    I haven’t been so much as opportuned to try out video games, so I am quite weary on that one
    And science😬, I solely prefer the practicals to theoretical aspects of science.
    But overall, this is quite accurate. Impressive👏

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