Discover what REALLY annoys INFPs. #INFP #MBTI #Personality

5 Things INFPs Completely Hate (with Infographic)

Ever wondered what INFPs really hate? Today we’re looking at some of the major pet peeves of this normally patient type. I’ve put these five major annoyances on an infographic for you. Take a look!

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Explore 5 things INFPs really hate. #INFP #MBTI #Personality

#1 – INFPs HATE Rigidity

These types are all about freedom. Take that away and you’re bound to get on their bad side. For the INFP, personal freedom, control, and autonomy is an essential part of happiness. Rules that seem poorly thought-out, structures that constrain their ability to imagine, and judgmental statements can make them feel furious inside.

#2 – INFPs Can’t Stand Excessive Socializing

Everyone likes to spend some time with friends. But for INFPs, too much of a good thing can leave them stressed, overwhelmed, and more critical than usual. It’s extremely important for these types to get time alone to think, reflect, and dive into their imagination. Doing this helps them to relax, re-energize, and come back to the world of people with a more compassionate, empathetic demeanor.

#3 – INFPs Are Stressed by Confrontation

I don’t think anyone LOVES confrontation, but there are some types who get kind of a thrill from a good debate. INFPs are not typically those types. Conflict, criticism, and confrontation all make their skin crawl. It’s important to them that any kind of conflict be handled in a calm, gentle manner. No need to yell if you can say the same words in a kind voice. No need to waste time on misapprehensions if you can hear all sides of the story.

#4 – INFPs Avoid Inauthenticity

Good or bad, INFPs want you to be sincere in your communication. People who suck up to authorities or people who are famous or popular drive them crazy. They appreciate people who embrace their weirdness and they tend to have a soft spot for misfits and underdogs. People who “fake” a particular persona just to be what other people like just seem confusing and irritating to them.

#5 – INFPs Need Freedom

If you want a friendship or relationship where you can always have the control, steer clear of an INFP. These types need the freedom to pursue their own values, desires, and ambitions in life. They don’t want to control other people and they detest being controlled by anyone else. This point goes hand-in-hand with point #1 about rules and rigidity. If you love an INFP, give them the freedom to explore, create, imagine, and brainstorm.

What about what INFPs Love? 

INFPs are so varied and individualistic that it’s hard to narrow down the things they love. But here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Things That INFPs Love:

  • Freedom to imagine
  • Artistic expression
  • Literature and poetry
  • Being in nature
  • Intimate, authentic communication
  • Helping people in distress
  • Alone time
  • Re-visiting favorite places, re-listening to favorite songs, re-watching favorite movies
  • Unstructured free time
  • Time with animals

Feel Like Sharing Your Thoughts?

What are some things you absolutely can’t stand? What are some things that make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I hate:
    . People who talk at you and never actually listen
    . Being in an environment where several different conversations are running simultaneously. I can never tune into just one.
    . Having someone force me to change my plans at the last minute (that’s not so typically INFP, is it?)
    I love:
    . Having a whole day ahead of me with absolutely nothing I HAVE to do, so I can just follow my fancy as I please
    . Intense, meaningful one-to-one conversations with someone who can relate to me

    1. I hate that too. changing my plans at the last minute annnddd when plans are made at the last minute. I can’t deal.

  2. #1 pet peeve: Fake people. I need you to be yourself good or bad. Be real with me. Please!
    I have never understood the saying fake it till you make it.

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