10 Reasons Why ESTPs Make Amazing Friends

ESTPs are one of the least talked about types in the Myers-Briggs community. Why? Probably because they’re out doing things in the real world instead of hanging around on their computers talking about personality theories (how dare they?!!). Regardless, today we’re taking a look at ten reasons why you should befriend someone with this personality type.

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Discover ten characteristics that make ESTPs incredible friends to have. #ESTP #MBTI #Personality

10 Reasons Why You Need an ESTP in Your Life

#1 – ESTPs are fun.

Intuitives (like me) tend to get wrapped up in deep, abstract musings and miss out on the silly, random, playful moments we could enjoy. ESTPs enjoy amping up each moment and extracting all the pure enjoyment and excitement from it. They’re always up for doing something new and different. Their casual, dauntless nature makes them amazing people to hang out with when you just want to let loose and live in the moment.

#2 – ESTPs aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind.

ESTPs speak the truth and that can be a quality that is highly valuable, even if it sometimes makes you squirm. They don’t beat around the bush with words so if you want someone who will actually let you know if you’re being unrealistic or the outfit you’re trying on makes you look fat, they won’t mind obliging. But they’ll do it with a smile and a wink.

#3 – ESTPs are courageous.

ESTPs don’t let obstacles get in their way and they even enjoy a bit of a challenge. If you’re someone who gets intimidated by other people, having an ESTP around can inspire you to be more assertive and fearless.

#4 – ESTPs are funny.

ESTPs have a great sense of humor and whether they’re making sarcastic comebacks or exaggerating a physical reaction to something, they always have us laughing. They have a knack for seeing the humor in everyday situations and pointing out how ridiculous all the petty things we let get in our way truly are.

#5 – ESTPs are realistic.

ESTPs don’t let themselves get caught up in meaningless catastrophizing. They are incredibly observant and detail-oriented and they can see right through people who are trying to take advantage of them or play games. This also means they can help you avoid such people as well!

#6 – ESTPs will inspire you to take risks.

ESTPs aren’t intimidated by failure, to them it’s just another step towards success. They will inspire you to take on new challenges and risks so that you can learn more about yourself, become braver, and improve your quality of life.

#7 – ESTPs can help you get out of your head.

ESTPs personalities are naturally in tune with their senses, which means that they experience life on a more instinctual level. They rarely get bogged down by the noise of daily life or existential worries and fears. This can help you to become less caught up in your own anxieties so that you’re able to live more freely.

#8 – ESTPs won’t hold you back.

If an ESTP cares about you then they’ll encourage and support your dreams and goals. They’re unlikely to balk at you because you’re taking a non-traditional career path or swimming against the current in some way. They can help you take a step outside of your comfort zone and truly flourish as a person!

#9 – ESTPs have quick wits

ESTPs have a sharp wit and they’re quick on their feet. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation they’ll enjoy saving the day, but just be prepared. You may find them laughing out loud or cracking jokes about the situation. They live in a world of spontaneity and unpredictability so you’re guaranteed to never be bored!

#10 – ESTPs can help introduce you to new people and experiences

ESTPs can help you meet all kinds of new and interesting people. They’re great networkers because they have this natural ability to make people laugh, open up, and feel comfortable. While they’re straight-shooters who aren’t necessarily known for their tact, their casual but clever charm makes it easy for them to rub shoulders with just about anyone. And they’ll help you meet a wider variety of people in the process!

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Discover ten characteristics that make ESTPs incredible friends to have. #ESTP #MBTI #Personality

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