Here’s the Umbrella Academy Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

The Umbrella Academy has been one of my favorite shows for a long time, and like many of you, I can’t wait until June when we can finally get a glimpse of Season 3! In anticipation of that, I decided to analyze the personality types of the characters in the show from the perspective of an MBTI® practitioner. Now, of course, I can’t sit across from any of the characters and actually conduct a thorough type analysis. I can only speculate based on what I see in the show; and for some characters, that’s very little. But with all that said, let’s take a look at my best guesses about the types of the character!

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Here’s Which Umbrella Academy Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Sir Reginald Hargreeves – INTJ

INTJ Reginald Hargreeves

The late Sir Reginald Hargreeves was the adoptive father of the Umbrella Academy. He was a brilliant scientist and a bit of a recluse who was more focused on his work than on the emotional welfare of his children. Everything he did was to achieve his goal, and to supposedly help protect humanity. While he was demanding and perfectionistic, there seems to be some sort of caring and maybe even love for his children underneath his strict exterior. INTJs who are on the unhealthy side of development can have difficulty showing their feelings when it’s absolutely necessary. They may prioritize their vision and intellectual pursuits above the emotional well-being of others. But even with these faults, Sir Reginald has the ingenuity, vision, and no-nonsense logical perspective of the INTJ.

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Cha-Cha – ESTJ

Cha Cha ESTJ

Business-minded and focused, Cha-Cha keeps her eyes on the goal and can move quickly to achieve it. She’s a bit of a hothead, but she’s also good at realistically sizing up a situation and making a quick decision. When it comes to taking out the target, Cha-Cha is all business. But when it’s time to relax, she enjoys a good meal and a stiff drink.

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Hazel – ISFP

Hazel ISFP

At first, Hazel seems to be a callous and unrepentant killer. However, his years on the road have left him feeling unfulfilled and bored. He wants to take time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; making donuts, watching birds, dancing, and spending time with his love Agnes. While the novelty and excitement of his “career” may have been fulfilling at first, he now seeks to live in a way that feels right in his heart. He wants to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and movements of life with someone he trusts. ISFPs are people who want to experience life fully and create lasting memories with the people they love. They have a penchant for beauty and art, and they’re often drawn to nature.

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Pogo – INFJ


As Sir Reginald’s assistant and friend at The Umbrella Academy, Pogo was known for his wise counsel and orderly personality. He was always quick to comfort and support the children, even when they were at their worst. He was the one who told Vonya that she was more special than she knew. Yet he was loyal to Sir Reginald which meant that he often kept his secrets, even when it would have been better if he’d shared them with the children. Pogo and Sir Reginald both had their eyes on a long-term vision and achieving it, but Pogo had a softer and more sensitive side to him.

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Number One “Luther” Hargreeves – ISTJ

Luther Hargreeves ISTJ

Luther (Number One) possesses superhuman strength and durability. Known for his loyalty and protectiveness, he is the “muscle” of the group. He’s often seen as the voice of reason and he takes his role as leader very seriously. Rather than acting impulsively or taking unnecessary risks, he prefers to plan and prepare for any potential danger. This makes sense given his ISTJ personality type. However, when he realizes he has spent so many years on a useless mission to the moon, he spirals out of control and becomes impulsive and reckless (which can happen to ISTJs when they are experiencing extreme stress). While Luther maintains an often stoic and stern exterior, he’s actually very sensitive underneath. This is common for ISTJs who often internalize their feelings rather than sharing them in real time. There is often a private well of feeling and emotion under the surface that they only share with a select few.

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Number Two, Diego Hargreeves – ESTP

Diego Hargreeves ESTP

Diego is the rebellious and impulsive ESTP of The Umbrella Academy. Like many ESTPs, he has a tendency to take action without putting a lot of rumination into his plans. He’s quick on his feet and loves a good adrenaline rush. He’s also fiercely loyal to his siblings and feels responsible for their safety. As the “action” child, he enjoys getting into trouble and always seems to be on a new mission when the rest of The Umbrella Academy is trying to calmly explore options.

Diego showcases some of the emotional intensity of the ESTP. While these types are indeed thinkers, they have fiery emotions that can show up in moments of stress. He has a deep emotional connection with his animatronic “mother” and is fiercely protective of her. He often goes into a rage and lashes out when he feels that someone he loves, including his robotic mother, is threatened.

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Number Three, Allison Hargreeves – ESFJ

Allison Hargreeves ESFJ

Allison is the caretaker and peacemaker of The Umbrella Academy. Like many ESFJs, she has no problem taking charge and fighting for her values. Family means everything to her, and she’s willing to make some compromises to protect her family. Losing custody of her daughter was a devastating blow and one that continues to haunt her throughout the entire series.

As the big sister of the group, Allison is known for her warmth and generosity. While she can have heartache related to those who have wronged her, she often forgives and moves on quickly. This combination of kindness and fierceness is common in ESFJs. They are some of the most loyal and protective people you will ever meet.

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Number Four, Klaus Hargreeves – ENFP

Klaux Hargreeves ENTP

Klaus is the charming and charismatic ENFP of The Umbrella Academy. Fun-loving yet troubled, he often finds himself as the “black sheep” of the family. The trauma he deals with from his childhood never completely goes away, and he struggles with drug addiction to cope with it. Klause’s impulsivity, humor, and creativity are all hallmarks of the ENFP personality type. However, when he is sober he reveals a sensitive, authentic side to himself that few acknowledge or give credit to. When it comes to decisions, he focuses on his personal feelings and values, sometimes making erratic or ridiculous choices as a result. Ultimately, he wants to protect his family and do good, but he needs to have his emotions validated and heard by his family. He empathizes with Vanya when she’s locked up, seeing himself in her situation, and trying to set her free.

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Number Five – ENTJ

ENTJ Number Five

Number Five is the visionary leader of The Umbrella Academy. He’s strategic, intelligent, and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. He’s loyal to his family, but he’s also fiercely independent. As a result, he often butt heads with Luther who tries to control him. When it comes to making decisions, Number Five focuses on facts, data, and what’s best for the group. He’s also known for his brutal honesty, making him a good leader but sometimes not the most well-liked person.

ENTJs are often perceived as aggressive and pushy, which is certainly true of Number Five. However, they can be quite sensitive underneath their tough exterior. ENTJs are great at seeing the big picture and coming up with new ideas to push their team forward, making them excellent leaders. If you want someone who will get the job done no matter what obstacles stand in their way, then a ENTJ is the perfect personality for you.

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Number Six, Ben Hargreeves – INTP

INTP Ben Hargreeves

Ben Hargreeves is stuck in the worst-case scenario for a Perceiving personality type. He’s dead, and his only hope of communicating with the living is through his drug addicted brother, Klaus. As an INTP, Ben is logical, analytical, and often lost in his own thoughts. He’s not the most emotion-driven person, but he does care deeply for his family. Even though he’s dead, he’s still trying to protect them from the danger he knows is coming. While in the TV series Ben is shown as being fairly soft and empathetic, in the comic book series he has a more biting, analytical exterior. While he can be sarcastic and insulting at times, he’s actually deeply sensitive and hates being unable to do more to influence his family. All thinking types can be as caring and compassionate as feeling types, but they show it in different ways. For Ben, protecting his family is his priority, even if it means making some harsh comments to them.

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Number Seven, Viktor (sometimes Vonya) Hargreeves – INFP

INFP Viktor Hargreeves

Vonya, also known as Number Seven or “Viktor,” is the most sensitive and emotionally intense person in The Umbrella Academy. He’s artistic, loving, and has a deep desire to be appreciated by his family members. However, he struggles with depression and anxiety and often feels inferior or misunderstood. He often sees himself as an outcast, feeling like he’s not as special as the rest of his family, despite his telekinetic powers. INFPs are known for their deep emotional sensitivity and compassion, which Viktor has in spades. While they’re usually reserved and low-key, they have a strong sense of self and prefer to spend time with people who understand them. This makes Viktor’s life at home even more traumatizing, since he struggles to find anyone who sees him for who he really is. At his best, he’s protective, creative, and empathetic. At his worst, he’s destructive and self-absorbed, losing himself in his emotions and ignoring the feelings of others.

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Leonard Peabody/Harold Jenkins – ENFJ

Leonard Peabody ENFJ

Convincing and visionary, Leonard is driven by a thirst for revenge. After a cruel childhood, he sought out Sir Reginald Hargreeves in order to join The Umbrella Academy. Dismissed and feeling humiliated, he swore revenge and saw his chance with Viktor. He manipulates Viktor, who is slow to catch on, and uses him as a weapon in order to destroy the Academy. As an unhealthy ENFJ, Leonard is charismatic, persuasive, and driven by his emotions. If he had been a healthy ENFJ, he would have used his powers of persuasion and empathy for good. Instead, he let his negative emotions take over, becoming a destructive force in Viktor’s life.

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The Handler – ENTP or ENTJ

ENTP ENTJ The Handler

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information about The Handler to really categorize her specifically as ENTP or ENTJ. She seems to show signs of both types so all we can know for sure is that she has a preference for Extroversion, Intuition, and Thinking.

The Handler is the calm and collected leader of The Commission, a secret organization that monitors the activities of superpowered people. She’s logical, objective, and always looks at the big picture. While she can be cold and manipulative, she genuinely believes she’s doing what’s best for her team. Her humor and ability to roll with the punches and improvise seem very ENTP. However, her desire for order and structure seems more ENTJ. Ultimately, The Handler shows us how ruthless ENTs can be when they’re operating at the unhealthy side of their personalities.

Agnes Rofa – ISFJ

ISFJ Agnes Rofa

As the former owner of Griddy’s Doughnuts, Agnes helps to bring out the sensitivity and conscience in the hit-man Hazel. She’s a kind and compassionate woman who has a gentle way about her, inspiring others to be more gentle as a result. Like many ISFJs, she enjoys the simple pleasures in life. She’s an especially avid bird-watcher and her dream is to eventually save up enough money to quit her job and move to the countryside, where she could have a vegetable garden. Her love of home and her desire for stability, peace, and comfort are all very ISFJ qualities.

Axel – ISTP


As part of “The Swedes,” Axel is a skilled mercenary who uses his powers to quickly take out any threats. He’s intelligent, analytical, and mysterious. And while the Handler manipulates him into working for her, he’s not afraid to go against her orders if he disagrees with her. ISTPs are known for their independence and resourcefulness. They’re logical thinkers who know how to size up situations and think in terms of tactics and strategy. This makes them very dangerous opponents.

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Alphonso Hargreeves – ESFP

Although he’s physically scarred, Alphonso never loses his sense of humor or his taste for the fun and enjoyment in life. Like many ESFPs, he tries to make the best of an impossible situation. While we don’t know much about Alphonso yet (he should be appearing in the next season) from the research I have done, it looks like he’s an impulsive, fun-loving person who thinks quickly on his feet and tries to enjoy life, despite the hand he’s been dealt. This would all be characteristic of ESFPs.

Raymond Chestnut – ENFJ

Raymond Chestnut ENFJ

Charismatic and visionary, Raymond Chestnut is determined to fight for civil rights, even if it puts his very life at risk. Like many healthy ENFJs, Raymond is willing to give his all for what he believes in. He’s a powerful speaker and isn’t afraid to break the rules to follow his heart.

Elliot Gussman – INTP

Elliot Gussman INTP

Elliot has a special talent for spotting patterns, and used this talent to track the members of The Umbrella Academy. He’s a logical thinker who’s always looking for ways to improve his methods. He’s also a bit of a loner, preferring to work alone rather than in groups. While he’s analytical and a bit of an odd person, he’s also caring and loyal. Even at risk of losing his life, he protects the Umbrella Academy’s secrets.

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