Here’s What Gives You a Sense of Magic and Meaning, Based on Your Personality Type

Do you ever have those moments that you want to preserve for all time? Those moments that take your breath away and give you a sense of meaning and wonder? Those are the moments we’re going to be exploring in today’s article. We’re going to look at the different things that make life meaningful and magical for each personality type. The moments that make you realize life is really worth living. Let’s get started!

Today we’re going to be using the Myers-Briggs® system of typology. If you’re not sure what this is (or what your type is) you can check it out here: A Brief Guide to the MBTI® for Busy People.

Discover the kind of moments that make life meaningful and magical for each personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #ENFJ

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What Makes Life Magical for Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type


You’re brainstorming with a friend and suddenly you have the most brilliant idea. This idea will break the bounds of tradition and stretch everyone’s imagination. This idea will inspire people and provoke them to generate their own ideas and possibilities. As you explain your idea, the words seem to spill out of your mouth faster than you can contain them. The vision in your mind gives you a restless energy that drives you to share your dreams and get others on board too. You get out your pen and paper and write down your idea, you can imagine in it all its vivid beauty when it comes to life. Now you just need the perfect team to help you create your vision.

For you, magic is contained in those moments when possibilities seem endless. Meaning, for you, is about creation and evolution and exploration. When you feel free to pursue innovative ideas that align with your deeply-held values you’re creativity and happiness skyrockets. You’re someone who wants to venture into the unknown and explore new territory. You want to inspire people – to paint a picture in their mind that motivates them to join your team and embark on an exciting new venture. You’re a change-maker, a creator, and an innovator. This is what makes life magical for you.


Someone has just posed a particularly challenging problem to you. To find the answer you need to theorize, debate, extrapolate, and imagine. This problem will harness all your creative mental faculties and force you to think outside-the-box. While some types would shy away from this, you find yourself more and more stimulated and excited as you explore options that could lead to solutions. You’ve had your curiosity wrangled and now you can’t wait to find the answer to this novel problem.

For you, magic is contained in discovery, exploration, and theoretical possibilities. You enjoy being mentally challenged and you get a thrill from playing with ideas and bantering with others. An intellectual debate gets you excited rather than intimidated – especially if you have a competent sparring partner. You’re an ingenious idea-generator ready to change the world and get other people on board with your schemes and ideas. This is what makes life exciting and meaningful for you.


You’re alone in the forest, by the ocean, under the stars, or in a quiet room. The solitude surrounds you like a warm blanket. Everything is peaceful and still. You let your mind wander without any restraints, interruptions, or pressures. As you rest in the stillness ideas and visions play before your mind’s eye creating a spark of creativity and wonder. It’s as if you see the future and all its beauty, possibility, and opportunity with a sense of real certainty and direction. You know after these quiet reflections you’ll return to your daily life with a renewed sense of purpose. You’ve discovered your roadmap – in the peace and solitude you gained a sense of direction that is intensely valuable.

For you, magic is contained in those quiet moments when the answers to the complex puzzles of life appear before your mind. You find beauty in stillness and imagination – unstructured moments where your mind is free to drift over its various contents to find meaningful pieces to connect. Envisioning the future, picturing a possibility in all its nuance and lush imagery – this is what gives you a sense of meaning and magic in life.

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Your workday is done and you’re alone in a room filled with books and the warm glow of a flickering candle. You have a broad stretch of unstructured time in front of you – time without interruptions, demands, or the unpredictable whims of others. Here in the quiet you can pause and consider life’s mysteries while drifting into the expanse of your mind. Now and then you can pull a book out of a shelf and explore passages that are filled with meaning and significance. You’re drawn towards philosophical books, classics, and theories about science, art, or psychology. In these moments of peaceful musing you’re able to get glimpses of meaning and purpose. You know after your respite you’ll re-enter the world with renewed energy, focus, and motivation.

For you, magic is found in quiet, peaceful moments where your mind is free to wander and explore various ideas, strategies, and possibilities. Being surrounded by your favorite books and writing utensils helps you to furnish your imagination and then jot down ideas you can implement later. In these tranquil moments you’re able to consider the future, explore profound ideas, and focus your energy on your intuition.

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You’re such a jack-of-all trades (and interests) that it’s hard to pin you down to one specific moment. Whether you’re chasing fireflies with an excitable kid, dancing to pulsing, passionate music at your favorite club, or stepping onto a plane headed somewhere new and exotic – the magic is in enjoying the impact of what you’re experiencing now. It’s about letting go of restraint or fear and trusting your instincts and impulses. It’s about chasing the passion and beauty present in each moment. You capture opportunity in a jar and jump right in so that you can experience all the excitement and thrills in their fullness and wonder.

For you, magic is found in the sights, sounds, tastes, and emotions of the world around you. You find it by revealing the excitement and possibility in each day and sharing it with the ones you love – seeing their faces light up with passion and enthusiasm. It’s found in glowing stars, vivid colors, and pure, authentic emotional expression untarnished by expectations, limits, or propriety.


Whether you’re surfing an especially intimidating wave or white-water rafting on a choppy watercourse, for you magic is found in facing what other people are afraid of. You get a thrill when your heart is pumping fast and every decision you make has an immediate impact. Being in a make-or-break situation allows you to think on your feet and respond to the environment around you. You enjoy using your reflexes, trusting your instincts, and facing the forces of nature directly. There is something primal and pure about these moments – man (or woman) against nature, seeing who comes out on top. You feel a sense of competence, excitement, and power in what you’re doing.

For you, magic is found in challenging yourself, taking action, and making an impact in the world around you. Whether you find that magic in sports, entrepreneurship, or performance – you’ll find some way to stand out and elicit a sense of wonder in yourself and the people around you.


Whether you’re wandering through an autumn forest or quietly perusing your library shelves, you find meaning in those quiet moments where the rest of the world seems to fall away. All the needs and demands of others fade into the background. In the silence you feel a sense of calm and wonder – what new story will you explore today? What detail in the natural world will draw your attention? A sense of gratitude fills your soul as you immerse yourself in the little details that give life a sense of beauty and wonder. You collect these moments in your mind, revisiting them later when you need a respite from a chaotic world. In a world full of screens, advertisements, and distractions these moments of peace and freedom renew your spirit and your energy.

For you, magic is found in the moments and details that so many other people overlook. While the rest of the world looks for the next best thing, you pause and see the splendor in what’s already there. Magic can be found in the smell of an old library book, the lustre of an antique tea set, the rippling sound of a creek wandering through a quiet forest. Beauty is found in appreciating the meaning that can be found in even the smallest details of the world around you and connecting that meaning to the world inside yourself.

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Whether you’re checking off that last item on your to-do list or making the final payment on your car, you find magic in gaining a sense of competence and independence. This may seem mundane to some – but it’s very meaningful to you. Finishing these tasks, meeting your responsibilities, and taking care of your community – these are all things that give you peace of mind and a feeling of freedom and stability. When your obligations are met you can immerse yourself in your hobbies, tinker with projects that have long been put-aside, or re-read your favorite books. Now that your work is done you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

For you, magic is found in those deep breaths after a grueling task has been accomplished. It’s found in those small moments that other people rush through – the deep blue of the sky at dusk, the taste of a freshly-brewed mug of coffee, the texture of your partner’s hand in yours, the aroma of freshly-fallen rain. When your goals have been achieved you enjoy the magic found in the small details of life that other people overlook.

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You consider yourself a pretty down-to-earth individual, so all this talk of “magic” might make you want to roll your eyes. That said, you find a strong sense of meaning and purpose in achieving your objectives and making a tangible difference in the world. Whether you’re improving the effectiveness of a company or helping out at a homeless shelter, you get a thrill from seeing your hard-work make real improvements in the world around you. If you can combine your love of efficiency with causes that stir your heart then there’s almost nothing you can’t do – and that alone is deeply meaningful.

For you, magic is found in creating order and focus in situations that others find chaotic or unpredictable. It’s stepping into a haphazard situation and, like Disney’s ESTJ Mary Poppins, instantly knowing what goes where and how to make sense of it all. It’s keeping a level head while deep-down enjoying your own offbeat observations of the situation around you. Your magic lies in your ability to organize, take initiative, and persevere in situations that would make others falter.


When you can blend trailblazing, innovative plans with common-sense and workable strategies, that is when the real magic happens in your life. You find magic in coming up with original ideas and finding the best ways to implement them. Whether you’re starting your own business or running for office, your focus is on progressive measures to make the world not only better, but transformed. Same-old, same-old isn’t enough for you. You find meaning in working with a team to organize new ideas that align with your visionary outlook.

For you, magic is found in transforming the world around you. You want to be challenged intellectually to create something nobody has ever created before. But you’re not just an idea person – you know how to get things done. You gather the right people and come up with specific strategies so that your plans can be achieved in a timely, effective way. You also find meaning and purpose in exploring long-range ideas, reading philosophical books, and trying to decode the ultimate meaning of life.


You’re not someone that would call yourself sentimental, pretentious, or dreamy – so the word “magic” might make you a little suspicious. That said, there’s something about chasing your curiosity and trusting your impulses that makes your spirit light up. You love opening new doors and discovering new information to add to your vast mental library of facts. You also love taking risks and venturing out on your own to test yourself – whether that means backpacking through the mountains or creating something new in your workshop. Having an expanse of unstructured free time to fill with your own adventures and experiments gives you a sense of satisfaction and delight.

For you, magic is found in challenging yourself both mentally and physically. It’s about problem-solving and daring to venture beyond familiar territory. It’s about independence, exploration, and a certain rugged individualism that lets you pave your own way in life.


You’ve got a question that is dancing across your mind’s eye and you have a broad swath of unstructured time lying ahead of you. In this freedom and independence you cast off the rules, obligations, and expectations of other people. Here in the quiet you can explore, experiment, and travel down information pathways perfecting your mental map of how the world works. Toying with ideas and theories gives you a sense of wonder and purpose. Taking little breaks to talk to your favorite people, answer a question on Reddit, or play a game gives you a mental break so that you can re-enter your mental playground with refreshment and new perspectives.

For you, magic is found in precision, knowledge, and the search for truth. You want to master whatever you set your mind to and understand how each piece of information connects with the others. Life is like a puzzle to you and you are the ultimate puzzle master – piecing together bits of information to create a complete picture of how the universe works.

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You’ve just had a raw, authentic conversation with someone you care about. You part with a warm hug and as you leave you reflect on the sense of solidarity you were able to achieve with someone else. As you walk down the street you realize you’ve gotten a text from a friend – you glimpse at your phone to see a funny joke complete with a GIF for added impact. You laugh and breathe in, enjoying the connections you have with others – both large and small. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you feel a deep sense of security in your friendships. By counseling others and caring for their tangible needs you feel a sense of purpose and determination. In the sincerity of emotional connection you feel a sense of pure joy and satisfaction. This is where you are meant to be.

For you, magic is found in those small moments of shared understanding between people. It’s found when you look into someone’s eyes and know exactly what they are thinking – and it’s exactly what you’re thinking too. No detail is too small for you to find beauty in it. The creases people get around their eyes when they laugh, the smell of your best friend’s perfume, the vivid colors of flowers in the spring – you collect all these details and meaningful moments in your mind and revisit them whenever you need to remember that magic still exists.


You’ve just shared your deepest longings and visions with a trusted friend, and they’re validating your plans and goals. As you bask in the warm glow of your friendship you envision possibilities that span across the years. These visions spark an enthusiasm that wells up from within you. You feel restless, curious, and satisfied all at the same time. A sense of hope and purpose drives you to bring people with you as you chase your dream and try to improve the world. Ever the idealist, you want to help people find a better future and solve some of the world’s deepest humanitarian dilemmas.

For you magic is found in the spark of inspiration that hits you when you least expect it. It’s found in those moments when what “could be” blends with what “will be.” You want to bring people on board with your vision and show them what the world can be if they expand their imagination and use their unique abilities to their fullest potential.

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It’s the weekend and there are absolutely zero plans. You wake up and revel in the warmth of your blankets, pillows, and the sun streaming in through your window. What should you pursue today? Should you write that song that’s been drifting in and out of your mind? Should you binge that new Netflix show that just came out? Maybe you could just take a walk at your favorite park and think about your dreams, aspirations, feelings, and plans. You turn on a playlist of your favorite songs as you sip your morning coffee. Today you’re going to follow your instincts, impulses, and desires and just see what happens.

For you, magic is found in freedom, possibility, and limitless experiences. It’s found in living in accordance with your values and ethics and setting yourself apart from the crowd. Whether you’re creating a piece of art or helping out at an animal shelter, your best magic comes from moments of pure freedom and independence. In the flexibility of your own schedule, you can immerse yourself in your passions and dreams and either create or experience something meaningful.

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The evening rain dances across your windowpane as you relax inside your room. The outside world can fall away right now, you’re not obligated to do anything right now. Here in the stillness you light a candle, turn on one of your favorite songs, and pull your favorite book out of its shelf. You’re saying goodbye to the real world today – you’ve got adventures to pursue and imaginary landscapes to explore. Whether you’re venturing off to Middle-Earth with Frodo Baggins or getting your invitation to Hogwarts, the magic is there waiting for you whenever you have a moment to daydream.

For you, magic is found in imagination and in pursuit of causes you hold dear. Whether you’re escaping into the literary world or helping out at a homeless shelter – when your imagination and your deeply-held values collide then inspiring moments abound. You find magic when you escape beyond the bounds of the conventional and venture into creative territory where your dreams and ideas can not only help you but help others as well.

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Discover the things that make life meaningful for each personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

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