Discover the unique style attitudes of the INTJ personality type. #INTJ #Personality

How an INTJ Uses Intellect to Engineer Their Style

The INTJ approach to style is an intellectual one – autonomous and analytical – always seeking functional improvements and creative solutions and always asking “why?” INTJs are strongly independent, wanting to do things their own way in their own time. INTJs who have discovered the impact and power of image will embrace style as an important part of their non-verbal communication.  As they want to be competent at everything they set their minds to then gaining an education in how to use style to their advantage is no exception.

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Intelligence and Understanding

INTJs value intelligence and knowledge and when they consider style as a tool they can use to signal their intelligence and their unique personality to the world they fully embrace its potential to support them in their goals.

For INTJs intrigued by style, they have an ability to connect style concepts gleaned from a variety of wide, and perhaps unexpected sources and they seek to understand why things are the way they are, how style works, why certain colour and style rules exist and whether there’s a better way of approaching style. They aren’t seeking ‘cookie cutter’ solutions which won’t sustain their style. They’re seeking unique ensembles with original elements or themes.

Thinking about how to find a solution, a new way, an improvement and how to create something that has a positive impact on others.  I have also had to learn to trust my iNtuition to find a way.  One of the ways to describe my iNtuition is a feeling of “knowing without knowing” and I know that if I crowd it and try and force a solution, they don’t come, but if I put the information in and then let it percolate, a solution will appear.

With their inner vision combined with mobilizing action orientation, they have great ideas combined with a driving need to deliver – they excel in bringing structure to their style intelligence and translating their own style ideas in concrete and useful ways.

Learning about style has changed my life in a positive way. Having always felt like I didn’t “fit in” anywhere, discovering style has given me a new way to communicate so I don’t feel so much like an alien from a different planet.

Style Puzzle

With their scientific approach to most things, style is a puzzle to be solved, a dilemma to be demystified.

With a thirst for knowledge combined with a drive to do, the stylish INTJ approach to style is both analytical and unyielding. There’s no such thing as too much learning.  Once they decided they want to be competent in the style arena, a stylish INTJ won’t stop learning and applying until they have mastered it to a satisfying skill level.

I really need to feel competent and that I’m achieving something worthwhile in my life and work.  I’m a lifelong reader and learner and believe I’ve got a growth mindset.  I love a challenge and a problem to solve. 

INTJs have a well-honed ability to identify the underlying patterns, designs and connections in any system they are exploring, cutting out unnecessary time and energy to improve the efficiency of her style systems, from every day dressing, to laundry and wardrobe maintenance, and even packing.

What I’ve learned is that I have an ability to see a pattern or a reason for something, and then distil the why, into a set of steps, or a theory that can be replicated by others.

Vision and Practicality

INTJs make the best decision based on their extensive research that allows them to create a vision of their ideal image and then making the most efficient style decision based on the information they have right now. Their needs are self-directed and defined – they know what they are looking for and how it fits into their style strategy.

When applied to their style, their discerning eye when it comes to what works for them allows them to have a practical approach to their style – leaving fashion trends in-store that do not fit their needs or culling clothing from their wardrobe that are inefficient, outdated, or simply unnecessary. Their big-picture vision means they may require more clothing options to fit their mood, or they may decide that a smaller more-streamlined wardrobe fits their needs best.

Knowing that I look good in an authentic way means that all I need to worry about when I’m standing up and presenting ideas is the content as my outside is sorted. My clothing feels like me, a second skin and I can use clothing and accessories to express different aspects of my complex personality depending on my mood and the occasion.

For the stylish INTJ, this process of getting dressed is about matching up their inner vision with outer reality – an ideal outfit is imagined and is ‘held’ as the optimal outfit for the day or event and INTJs will typically dress with practicality and comfort in mind. INTJs may have the highly uncomfortable feeling that they are wearing a costume or clothing better suited to someone else and can feel out of sorts when their outfit doesn’t meet their exacting standards.

I am a mood dresser so even if pre-planned, I may not feel like that & change my mind.

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About the authors:

Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers, together with Jane Kise, are co-founders of 16 Style Types –  the combining of the 16 psychological types with concepts of authentic style. 16 Style Types is a world-class world-first approach that draws out the essence of a person’s style based on their personality profile and connects it with personal style in an illuminating, intelligent, and transformative way.

Discover the unique style attitudes of the INTJ personality type. #INTJ #Personality

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