Discover the secret inner world of every extroverted #personality type. #MBTI #ENFJ #ENFP #ENTJ #ENTP

The Secret World of Every Extroverted Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

When it comes to extroverted personality types, we often assume that we can understand them quickly. They are usually more outgoing or quickly responsive than introverts tend to be. But what many people fail to realize is that extroverts each have their own unique inner world that guides them and holds some of their deeper thoughts and feelings. While everyone has a completely unique inner life, there are certain patterns that show up in different personality types based on their mental preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the common thoughts and feelings that these types tend to experience.

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The Secret World of Every Extroverted Myers-Briggs® Personality Type


On the outside, ENFPs appear easy-going, adventurous, and full of ideas and possibilities. On the inside, they analyze issues of morality, ethics, and authenticity. Highly individualistic, ENFPs don’t want to go along with the crowd or an authority figure until they’ve looked inside and figured out whether they’re really acting in a way that is true to themselves and their beliefs. The inner world is where they sort out their feelings, emotions, mistakes, weaknesses, and try to understand who they really are. In private ENFPs look at all the possibilities, they’ve generated and ask themselves, “Which of these really matter? Which is right for me? Which should I prioritize?” In solitude and quiet they reflect on their experiences and the emotions and feelings they felt during the day. They look for the underlying meaning of those emotions and try to analyze them as honestly as possible. They look for incongruencies in their actions and their values because hypocrisy is such a cardinal sin to them. The inner world is a place where they explore their true nature, their authentic identity, and their unique purpose in life.

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ENTPs at first glance seem enthusiastic, ingenious, and even debative. They want to critique worn-out traditions and contribute to new ways of thinking. The vision of the future propels them through life with numerous ideas to explore and strategies to realize. Highly analytical, ENTPs are always filtering through data, discarding inaccuracies and inconsistencies and then re-filtering to categorize their thoughts into the proper mental libraries. They want to conceptualize new possibilities and analyze them strategically to see if they have value. Fine-tuning their knowledge and figuring out how it connects to the rest of their “information-framework” is important. When ENTPs carve out some quiet time for themselves they try to sort out limiting beliefs, illogical thought processes, and ways that they might have been acting without integrity. They carefully analyze their thinking to assess whether they really are living in a way that coincides with their principles.

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In the outside world, ENFJs exude an aura of warmth, empathy, and friendliness. Yet when they get time to themselves they enjoy creating long-term plans and setting goals for the future. They slow down and think about their decisions more carefully. They detach from their own perspectives and analyze how other people might be viewing or emotionally responding to different experiences that occurred throughout the day. Going through this process helps ENFJs to realize which choices they’re making because they actually want to and which decisions might be a result of trying to maintain harmony or get other people’s needs met. ENFJs in the solitude of their own mind are able to notice patterns, underlying meanings, and hidden messages that they’ve taken in during their daily experiences. Revelations and epiphanies happen more frequently and they can be more insightful to the true intentions of the people they’ve interacted with. It’s very important for ENFJs to get this time alone so that they can sort out their priorities, analyze their goals, and pick up on patterns that might reveal a hidden truth or possibility.

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In the world of people and experiences, ENTJs come across as confident, decisive, and strategic. They usually have strong leadership skills and are good at getting things done. In their own inner word, ENTJs are always planning, setting goals, and looking at things from numerous perspectives. They like to imagine where situations or decisions will lead, take in new knowledge, and explore philosophies and abstract ideas. Running simulations is a nearly constant background process for ENTJs. They look at many possible scenarios and try to narrow them down into the one most likely to work. Analyzing the future, predicting where a business will go, discussing the fate of humanity or the future of technology, all of these things can get them into a mental flow state.

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Outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic, ESFPs tend to win people over with their charisma and humor. However, what many people don’t see at first glance is that ESFPs have a rich inner emotional world. They want to live an authentic life that has meaning and is in line with their very personal set of ethics. ESFPs have very deep feelings, and when they spend time alone they often process what all those emotions, feelings, and voices inside them are trying to say. They want to prioritize what truly matters to them, and when they spend too much time in the hustle and bustle of the outer world they can lose sight of what their goals or desires really are. It can be a relief for ESFPs to get some time alone to sort things out, process their needs, and listen to their “inner council”. This way they can move forward with their life feeling confident in the choices they make and sincere and sure in their relationships.

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Action-oriented, charming, and adventurous, ESTPs are the daredevils of the Myers-Briggs® type community. These types like a busy, fast-paced life full of new experiences and daring pursuits. However, when they get alone and immerse themselves in their inner world they become focused on sorting out data they’ve collected throughout the day. They categorize information in their mind into finely-tuned volumes, each category getting more and more specific. They sift through information as one would sift through grains of sand; discarding impurities, “bad” data, and inaccuracies to find out what’s really true when everything else is gone. ESTPs want to live a life that is in line with their principles, they want to make choices that have logical integrity. They want to be free from corrupt belief systems or biased, unfair thinking. Spending time in their inner world helps them to develop logical consistency and get rid of limiting beliefs that lack truth.

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Outgoing on the outside, reflective on the inside, ESFJs enjoy getting time alone to immerse themselves in their colorful inner world. They have a varied and personal collection of interests, memories, and impressions that they enjoy sorting through at day’s end. With adequate time alone they connect with their experiences and re-live their favorite moments of the day, post-processing them and analyzing the choices they made. They peer into future possibilities and sort through any plans that need perfecting. They especially enjoy relaxing in a quiet, peaceful environment where they can take a break from worrying about everyone else’s feelings and needs. Here in the solitude of their own mind they can reminisce over their favorite daily moments, plan to re-experience events they particularly enjoyed, or take some time to notice simple details that bring them joy. Contemplating the shimmer of raindrops on a windowpane, the smell of a freshly lit candle or the warmth of a simmering cup of coffee can all bring them a sense of satisfaction. In peace and quiet, their senses come alive and they can immerse themselves in the pure joy of just being alive.

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Task-oriented and decisive, ESTJs pair their pragmatic, outgoing nature with a cautious, reflective inner world. With peace and quiet ESTJs can remember on the day’s events and register any details or situations that seemed out of place or especially memorable. They can look at their plans for the future and see if there are any details that need tending to or revising. They enjoy reading books by experts in a field of their interest, keeping up with the latest news and making notes of anything that seems pertinent to the projects they’re currently working on. In peace and quiet ESTJs can enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. Highly in touch with their inner physical world, they enjoy comforting activities like listening to soft music, sipping a hot drink, taking a nap, or soaking in a scented bath.  They become more in tune with their physical self during alone time and often use this time to tend to their physical needs; whether that means exercising, resting, preparing a healthy meal, or getting a massage.

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Discover the secret inner world of every extroverted #personality type. #MBTI #ENFJ #ENFP #ENTJ #ENTP

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