What Your Dream Home Would Be Like, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Do you daydream about living in a tiny home in the country? An RV where you can go anywhere you want? A condo in San Francisco? Your personality can influence the kind of location you’re attracted to! Extroverts tend to enjoy bustling cities more than introverts do, as an example. If money were no object, what dream home would best reflect your Myers-Briggs® personality type? That’s what we’re exploring in today’s article!

And for the record, there’s no way to perfectly capture every individual’s dream home. Some articles I write are very specific and focused on accuracy; articles about cognitive functions, personality type characteristics, and more. This is a “just for fun” article that captures my ideas of the types of home each personality type would love. I did some research and surveyed several hundred people, but there’s no way that I can perfectly capture the detailed dream home of each individual person from each of the 16 personality types. But I still hope you’ll enjoy this article and maybe get an idea or two for your current home!

Discover the dream home of every Myers-Briggs® personality type

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What Your Dream Home Would Look Like, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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ISTJ dream home

ISTJs like you want a blend of practicality and coziness. You want a home you can grow old in, set down roots, and personalize to your individual tastes. A craftsman style home with a big front porch and a cozy fireplace would be perfect for you. You want a home that feels like it has history – a place where your family can create their own memories. You also need a designated “introvert” room where you can wile away the hours reading books or tinkering with your latest project. A library filled with books and roomy couches and a desk is the perfect spot for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Ideally your home would have at least half an acre of land so that you don’t feel like your neighbors are on top of you. You crave privacy and dislike pesky Home Owners Associations that are going to tell you how to run your life.

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ISFJ dream home

You want a space that feels safe and warm – a cocoon where you can relax and escape the stresses of the outside world. A cottage in North Carolina, with a big garden and plenty of flowers would be your perfect retreat. You love the idea of cooking big meals and entertaining close friends and family in your home so a big kitchen would be ideal and an outdoor gazebo decked out with twinkly lights. You also want a comfortable living room with soft couches covered in throw pillows and fleecy blankets. And a fireplace is also a must for you – you love the idea of snuggling up in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Your dream home would ideally be located in the country so that you have some space between you and your neighbors. You also want a big yard where your kids (human, or four-legged) can run and play and where you can garden to your heart’s content.

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ISTP dream home

An expansion ranch in big sky country of Montana is where you find your dream home. Stunning views of the mountain range and the river feed your adventurous soul. Ranching puts your need for action and hands-on labor to good use, allowing you to work at your own pace while no two days are ever the same. When your work is done, you can go on a riveting ride on your stallion through your idyllic acres of this private retreat or skiing at nearby resorts. Your home, a sprawling custom log home with five bedrooms also hosts a horse barn and gorgeous pool with a giant waterfall feature.

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ISFP dream home

You find your dream home at the seashore on the picturesque New England coast. The sounds of the ocean, walks on the beach, and opportunities for bird watching feed your soul. A large, enclosed porch with views of the sea and nearby cliffs offers the perfect environment for your painting studio.  Your charming three-bedroom cottage with soothing pastel hues has a beautiful garden and plenty of privacy.

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INTJ dream home

According to my research, there are two different dream homes for the INTJs. For many INTJs, a modern condo in a studious city like Cambridge, Massachusets would be ideal. Here you could easily visit museums, universities, and libraries while being near an eclectic mix of restaurants. Your condo would be energy efficient and equipped with a high-tech security system. You would also want plenty of closet and storage space because you hate clutter. A home office, a library, and plenty of large windows to let in sunlight are ideal.

The other dream home for an INTJ is a secluded modern cabin, nestled in the woods far away from civilization. This home would have all the latest gadgets and gizmos, as well as a top of the line security system to keep you safe and sound. You would want a comfortable place to work, a library with comfy couches and a fireplace, and plenty of large windows to take in the natural light and scenic views. This home would be your private oasis where you can go to escape the noise and chaos of the outside world.

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INTP Dream Home

A futuristic marvel would be your dream home. Think the TARDIS in Doctor Who or some variation on that theme. This home would be AI controlled to clean itself, and would be packed with hidden rooms and secret passageways. On the outside your house would look unassuming and basic, but on the inside it would be a labyrinth of your own design. You want a home office where you can tinker and experiment to your heart’s content, and a library where you can curl up with a good book. You would also want a comfortable place to relax, like a cozy nook with plenty of pillows and blankets. Bonus points if your home can actually travel through time and space!

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INFJ Dream Home

A lakeside cottage in the mountainous regions of Tennessee is your ideal dream home. You want a cozy place where you can relax and feel at peace, surrounded by nature. In the fall the bright orange and red leaves of the smoky mountains would warm your soul. You’d enjoy sitting out by the lake watching the changing colors while sipping a mug of hot apple cider. Inside your home large windows and light, airy surroundings are a must, as is a cozy library with comfortable chairs, couches, and a fireplace. While you love the quiet and peaceful nature of country life, you’d want to be close to a city so that you could conveniently get to work or go out and explore. Your home would be off-grid, powered by solar panels and wind turbines. You’d have gardens of your own and would enjoy many a moonlit night canoeing on the lake outside your home under the stars.

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INFP dream home

A hobbit hole in the middle of the green rolling hills of Ireland or New Zealand would be your perfect dream home. The idea of living in a place that evokes the great fantasy tales of old fills you with excitement. You would want a large garden where you can grow your own food, a cozy library replete with candles, cozy couches, and twinkle lights, and a comfortable bedroom with an ethereal feel. Everything about your home would be idyllic, cozy, and tailored to your specific niche tastes.

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ENFJ Dream Home

A villa in Tuscany is your ideal dream home. The rustic, stone exterior of your home and the rolling hillsides make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairytale. You want a spacious home with plenty of rooms for entertaining guests, as well as a beautiful garden and vineyard where you can host parties or intimate gatherings. The affectionate and social nature of Italy would be a perfect match for your personality, and you’d spend many an evening sipping wine and enjoying the company of your closest friends and family.

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A bohemian loft in the heart of Portland, Oregon is your ideal dream home. You want a creative and eclectic space that reflects your unique personality. You would want plenty of plants, colorful artwork, and interesting trinkets to make your home feel like a true reflection of you. Cozy nooks for reading and art are a must, as is a backyard or rooftop garden where you can grow your own food. You’d enjoy spending weekends hiking in the scenic surroundings of Oregon and your weeknights strolling Portland’s quirky and unique neighborhoods trying out unique and exotic restaurant, bookstores, or clubs.

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ENTJ Dream House

You’re all about efficiency, convenience, and intellectual stimulation. You would likely choose a large Manhattan apartment on the Upper East Side. The people, energy, and bustle of New York City will energize you and offers ample career opportunities to put your ambition and vision to good use. Your dream home is a luxurious penthouse with plenty of space to entertain guests, a private gym and pool, and stunning views of the cityscape. Exposed brick and metal create an industrial vibe and your private terrace offers amazing city views, including a view of the Empire State building.  A large library filled with modern leather furniture in clean lines, filled with your favorite books and novels is your sanctuary in the home and offers you the perfect environment to brainstorm and plan. NYC offers you amazing opportunities for culture and interacting with other intellectuals to feed your soul.

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ENTP Dream Home

For you, the look of a house isn’t as important as the ideas that can be explored within it. While at first glance your home may look rather ordinary, once you step inside you’ll find all sorts of interesting innovations. You might have a wall that doubles as a whiteboard, a bookcase that doubles as a secret door to a hidden library, or an automated breakfast nook where bacon, eggs, and toast are automatically prepared on-time every morning when you wake up. And, of course, there would be an underground lair packed with technological gadgets and creative materials. And you’d definitely have self-cleaning robotic tools so that you’d only have to press a button to keep everything clean. You’ve got too many amazing ideas to waste time washing dishes!

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ESFJ dream home

A French provincial home in the countryside is your ideal dream home. You want a classic and elegant space that exudes warmth and sophistication. You would want plenty of space for entertaining guests, as well as a cozy kitchen where you can cook and bake to your heart’s content. A romantic bedroom with a fireplace and a luxurious bathroom (with jetted tub) are also high on your list of priorities. Everything about your home would be perfectly organized but without losing the warmth and coziness of your friendly personality. You would love spending weekends exploring the charming villages and picturesque landscapes of France and your weeknights dining with friends on the balcony of your picturesque home.

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ESFP dream home

A tropical beach home is the ideal setting for your lifestyle. You want a carefree and relaxed space where you can enjoy the company of your friends and family. You’d have plenty of outdoor space for entertaining, as well as a pool, hot tub, and fully stocked bar. Tiki torches would be placed around a fire pit for evening chats with friends and you’d enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean as you sipped a pina colada. You’d also love to have a game room where you can play pool, darts, or foosball. You’d enjoy waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and spending your evenings stargazing from adirondack chair on the beach.


ESTJ dream home

A colonial style home in Williamsburg, Virginia is the perfect setting for you to make your own. You want a classic and elegant space that exudes tradition and refinement. You would have plenty of space for entertaining guests, as well as a perfectly organized kitchen where you can cook and bake to your heart’s content. A cozy family room with a fireplace and a luxurious master suite (with walk-in closet and spa-like bathroom) are also high on your list of priorities. Everything about your home would be perfectly organized and in its rightful place. You would love spending weekends exploring the historic sites and museums of Williamsburg and your weeknights relaxing on the porch swing and people-watching.


ESTP dream home

You’re not one to stay stuck in one place for long, so a high-tech RV is the perfect dream home for you. You will have crafted your home so that you can fit all your favorite tools and games inside without it ever looking cluttered. Dining tables double as Murphy beds and the coffee table folds out into a poker table. The kitchen is fully stocked with all the latest gadgets, and there’s even a home theater system so you can watch movies while you travel. Of course, no RV would be complete without a built-in sound system and a gaming console. You’d love the freedom to pick up and go whenever the mood strikes you, exploring national parks and small towns all across America.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

What would your dream home look like? Would it resemble what we’ve talked about for your personality type here? Or would it be something different? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great article!
    Some types I’m not very familiar with but the ones I know you hit on the head. The ISFJ one is very true. I think they would settle for the INFJ’s dream home as well. The ESFJ one legitimately sounds like mother’s home who is said type.
    I like where you went with the INTP idea. My first inclination, that being my type, was it would be very modern with no clutter. Very little distraction. Be it aesthetics or design. The way you envisioned an INTP dream home is almost as they lived there then made it their own.

  2. As an INFJ, I really think that is accurate, you did a lot of studying before posting that –I suppose– and I really appreciate that, it was fun reading that. thank you!

  3. The only things that could make those INTJ houses better, in my personal opinion, are an operational Tesseract and permanent access to my own personal pocket dimension.

    Good job, Susan.

  4. INFJ here. I can see some of the appeal of a lakeside cottage (or any cottage really) but I wouldn’t want to live in one. Too concerned about flooding and mosquitos, and people taking motorboats and jet-skis out on the lake all the time invading my peace and quiet.

    I wouldn’t mind the colonial that ESTJ got (though maybe not right in Williamsburg), or what ESFJ and ISFJ have, or INFP’s hobbit hole. Sometimes a cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven.

  5. INFJ home sounds nice but not an ideal place to live as it’s too much maintenance with dirty water and bugs. Much prefer the ISFJ and ESFJ cottage/provincial styles that are humble/cozy with a fairy tale setting.

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