Why INFPs Dislike Uniforms and Dress Codes

INFPs are considered the most unique of all the style types because of their internal values which are deeply personal. Because these values differ from person to person, the way each INFP’s personal style shows up in the world varies greatly. Idealistic, INFPs are catalysts for change in their world, concerned with an idealistic vision and passion for causes close to their heart.  The INFP style must feel authentic to their values and personality. INFPs are their stylish best when they place attention on expressing their artistic, highly interpretive and unique self to the world.

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Find out what style draws in INFP personality types. #INFP #MBTI

True to Themselves

The INFP approach to both life and style is often unconventional and may be relatively unconcerned about societal expectations in the style arena.

For many INFPs, style is a statement that fits with the whole person. Style is continuity, linked with authenticity and comfort. The stylish INFP best expresses themselves wearing clothes they love, that communicate in different and sometimes quirky manner.

Style is a statement about who I am in the world, about colour; shape, attitude—the whole thing. Style is what I wear and how I wear it. It’s something I identify that fits with the whole person that I am.

Style-wise this can result in choices that make sense to few except the INFP themselves… which is often just fine by them. This may show up in an obviously arty outfit – unusual colour combinations, style pieces from bygone eras (hats, gloves), an adherence to a style emblem such as everything being uniquely constructed. Feeling connected, authentic and true to themselves is important to an INFP

I strive to have my wardrobe reflect my passion for artistic expression and the cumulative influences that have made shaped my creative evolution. My style is about creative expression, artistic influences, and the continued evolution of my style.

Congruence between their inner selves (values, beliefs, what is most important) and outer expression is an integral part of the INFP DNA.  INFPs need to feel a connection to their style expression so corporate dress codes and other external-world imposed forms of appearance can be difficult to reconcile and are often eschewed.  In fact, many INFPs will refuse to work somewhere there is a uniform or strict dress code that doesn’t fit with their personal values.

Imaginative and Unique

For INFPs, finding their style often starts early in life, when they encounter something unusual, artistic, or creative that speaks to them. They may not realize what is being sparked, but an interest has been piqued, and the INFP is drawn to exploring more. In this way, the stylish INFP who has embraced style as a worthy pursuit or passion draws on a wealth of inspiration to create their look.  An INFP will never borrow from or emulate the style of others – they are originals and will create it all themself! They may mix patterns and colours, wear their shirt backward or upside-down, and will layer in ways that the more conservative dresser would never consider.  They are often driven to make their own clothing and accessories to ensure that what they wear is totally unique.

In college, I made most of my own clothes. The ones I didn’t make, I altered. I had a rock & roll look and was pretty good at not looking like anyone else. To this day, I love consignment shops, upscale op-shops, and out-of-the-way boutiques. I find pieces that nobody else has.

INFPs are not only comfortable with the quirky but often require an imaginative and original element to their style.  INFPs don’t seek to follow established trends or externally set rules. It’s too constraining and goes against the grain – they want to decide for themselves what parameters they’ll choose to style themselves within.

Clothes that speak to me are a bit different in some way, and are often quirky. I would feel uncomfortable in another style type’s clothing. I know deep in my soul “That’s me”. I put it on and it feels Yes, and fits with my shoes and my watch and it all just feels right. When I wear it, it feels me. When people see me, they say, “That’s you!” I feel authentic, congruent. I’m saying, “Here I am, this is me”.

The INFP sense of style is often unconventional and the INFP themselves may be relatively unconcerned about what’s expected and this may extend to include their style. An INFP may also come to realise that in their idealist quest for loveliness, as big-picture visionaries, they may miss the practical considerations that go into creating or maintaining a look and that their wardrobe is taking up too much time (and possibly, space) or factoring in the details of clothing maintenance.

My style downfall is being disorganised so the items which would combine to give the look I fancy in that moment aren’t available, not washed or I can’t find them. I have to compromise and am then dissatisfied.


INFPs have a deep need to live congruently with their values and these apply to style and how they dress, shop, and curate their wardrobe. INFPs value the connection and contribution over material possession; they are the living definition of “substance over style”.

With a strong sense of values driving them, some INFPs confess that they actively eschew the fashion world, finding it uninspiring in its mass-market approach, and sometimes they may find it objectionable because of the values they hold about fashion production.

INFPs are programmed to find deeper meanings so you ask an INFP about the meaning behind their clothes, you may find out about some unexpected symbolism. They look for things that resonate with their values and unique tastes and may wear tokens of the causes they support – such as a coloured ribbon, enamel pin or graphic tee.

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Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers, together with Jane Kise, are co-founders of 16 Style Types –  the combining of the 16 psychological types with concepts of authentic style. 16 Style Types is a world-class world-first approach that draws out the essence of a person’s style based on their personality profile and connects it with personal style in an illuminating, intelligent, and transformative way

Find out what style draws in INFP personality types. #INFP #MBTI

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