10 Things You’ll Relate to If You’re an ESFP

ESFPs are one of the most lively and charismatic personality types in the Myers-Briggs® system. Given the titles “Entertainer” and “Performer”, they are often stereotyped as talkative party animals who want to be the center of attention all the time. But is that really what sums up the ESFP? While many other types are given detailed, nuanced type descriptions, the descriptions for ESFPs are almost always lacking in substance and depth. This is extremely unfortunate because ESFPs have just as many varied characteristics and admirable qualities as any other type. So I want to bring up some of their key characteristics in this article! If you’re an ESFP and you have any thoughts to add be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Discover 10 things that are relatable to most ESFP personality types. #MBTI #ESFP

10 Things You’ll Relate to If You’re an ESFP

#1 – I’m Extremely Resourceful

As an ESFP I try to use what’s around me to its fullest potential. When I’m in a crisis or there’s nothing to do, I’m good at finding solutions, opportunities, and creative avenues to fix the problem or bring enjoyment to the atmosphere.

#2 – I Crave Adventure

I’m a wanderer at heart and love to discover new sights, sounds, places, people, and experiences. I love collecting experiences and coming in touch with cultures and landscapes I’ve never experienced before. I love to travel, try new foods, and test the limits of what I’m capable of.

#3 – I Believe in Being Realistic

As a dominant Extraverted Sensor, I’m very aware of what’s practical and real. While hypothetical scenarios can be fun to entertain for a while, at the end of the day I want to work with what I’ve got in front of me and I pride myself on keeping a level head. I’m very in touch with reality and nature.

#4 – I See Things Other People Miss

I’m so attuned to what’s happening around me and every detail that I notice instantly when someone’s body language changes, when their mood alters, or when there’s an opportunity available. Sometimes I feel like everyone else is walking around in a daydream and if they could just see what’s right in front of them they’d be so much happier and more at peace with the world around them.

#5 – I’m Tactful But I’m Not Phony

I’m very compassionate and want to make people happy and comfortable. That said, I’m not going to pretend for anyone (unless I’m literally acting in a play). Being sincere and authentic is vital to me, and I appreciate the same quality in others. The more real and honest you are with me, the more I’ll feel at home with you.

#6 – I Crave Work That Aligns With My Values

I need to feel that what I’m doing with my life will have a positive impact on the world, or else promote my own personal growth and self-expression. I don’t want to work for a nameless, faceless organization. I want to make a difference, even if it’s in a small way, with the people and communities I care about.

#7 – Humor Is One Of My Greatest Tools

I can crack jokes or swap sarcastic jabs with the best of them, but I’m also sensitive and careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. Sometimes I use humor as a way to deflect attention away from myself, especially if a conversation is making me feel uncomfortable or I feel like someone is prying too much. I enjoy making people laugh, but I’ve also learned to use humor to defend myself from people who seem unsafe, unethical, or overly meddling.

#8 – I Show Empathy Through Action

Words of affirmation are great and everything, but at the end of the day, I’m a practical person and I know people need more than platitudes and generalized advice. When someone I care about is struggling I want to do something to lighten their load, whether it be babysitting their kids, taking them out for a fun night to get their mind off things, or making them a mixtape of their favorite songs.

#9 – I Love Stories

I love telling fascinating stories and I love hearing them. I’m often told I’m a great storyteller and I instinctively know how to make a story interesting because I intersperse relatable humor or action to keep people guessing what will happen next. I can easily tell if someone is getting bored or losing interest and I know how to switch things up to keep them engaged.

#10 – I Learn Best By Experiencing

I absorb information better when I’m actively participating in the world around me. Stick me at a desk, close the windows, and force me to listen to a lecture and I’ll feel numb and listless. But let me wander outside, spend time in nature, get my hands on things, experiment, and learn while being actively engaged in the world around me and I’ll remember things better. I can handle a lot of stimulation and know how to retrieve the most useful facts and details that are relevant to my life even in the midst of chaos or busy, active environments.

ESFPs and Stress

What Do You Think?

Do you relate to these statements or have any you’d add? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I have recently discovered my personality description and let me tell you, its spot on. I am impressed. It told me things about myself that I “knew” at one time but had repressed its function for one reason or another. These articles are reminding me of tendencies and comforts, value systems and abilities. It’s both creepy and comforting at the same time having a complete stranger tell you all about yourself and be so damn accurate too! Susan, you have outdone yourself. I’m impressed. Well done!
    If you made it this far then you have fallen into the enthusiasts trap! I don’t know how many more characters I am allowed but I think I will filibuster about my life until I run out. I don’t know how many that is but I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a few so you better have a seat. Grab a snack, got to keep your strength up. Here we go. My life was such a joy to live, and now such a privilege to recall. As a young boy from rural South Dakota it’s safe to say that I’ve seen the plaines….. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of you already.
    Let’s talk about my birthday. Back in Factory where I was assembled, when looking at my attribute chart , the quality control officer was quoted in saying
    -” oh my! This one’s going to be a very interesting person!”
    -” should we talkin back in and hope that he comes out better?”
    -“naaaaw, it’s almost lunchtime pushing through.” Out onto the street they kicked me what’s $7.42 in my hand. I was confused, confused by the very specific amount of money I was given and what I should buy with it. Fast forward to school. I figured that was the place that would alleviate my confusion. And so often throughout my life, my inexperience prompted me to learn things the hard way. I went to school and only became more confused. I absolutely hated school. It was like prison. ( side note: I’ve been to prison and it’s much better than School.) I’m a smart person. I can quickly understand Concepts. So when we would spend a week on a single subject I would be very bored for 4.5 days that week. And I could tell you more about school but actually I really didn’t like school so let’s fast forward to my first Passion. Hunting agates. But before I get into all of the details of a Fairburn agate I want to share with you a little side note again, there has been one reliable fact in my life that I cannot ignore. I am a hunter. Doesn’t matter what it is, I want to hunt it. The Fairburn Agate is a South Dakota state gemstone. What is called a fortification agate because of the concentric banding it displays. The Black Hills uplift pushed over a mile of ground upward and exposed a layer of limestone that would have never be seen normally. Erosion happened and the layer of limestone I spoke of was also eroded releasing these nodules into the river system. As the water pushes them out into the Prairie they bump along the bottom fracture and break open. Many many many years hopping in that River polishes the surface of agates naturally. You can go out into the prairies and find these agates on the ground. And the nice ones are worth a pretty penny. But even with all of the knowledge that I was able to learn and all of the very excellent hunting areas that I had curated I still could not come up with a viable strategy that you got me any closer to finding more agates. No matter what you still had to search through billions upon billions of rocks to find your prize. Then I learned about gold. And with gold you can put together a strategy that will get you closer to more gold and I ate that up.
    This chapter is called passion number 2. I did well prospecting in South Dakota well enough anyway that my confidence was very high. I felt like I could find gold anywhere. So I decided to move to Alaska and try it out. There are some challenges to this. First being

    1. And there we go folks. Ran out of characters. I have many regrets in life. One of them being the fact that I didnt proof read my story. How embarrassing.

      1. Your comment made me laugh. Actually, I’d like you to explain more please. If you don’t mind that of course.

      2. This comment was great. Your story was entertaining and like the person before me, I’d love to hear more, if you don’t mind!

  2. I’ve always shied away from personality tests. I call them “type casting”. To me, they’ve always been a short-cut to really getting to know a person. But I’m always learning new things, new ways of looking at the world. And today I took the test I’ve been avoiding all my life. (I likely took it when employed in the corporate world – they seem to love it in HR – but I never paid attention to the results. But after taking the test and reading the ten things I’d relate to as an ESFP, I’m IT, to a T. Except one thing. Number 9. I love stories. Yes. I do love stories. But I love them when other folks tell them. I can’t, but I greatly admire that skill. I freeze when all attention is on me. I can’t think, I can’t remember squat. The listener loses interest quickly and I’m left embarrassed.

    But, other than that one instance, this list has reminded me of who I really am. My true north. I get lost in the crowd. A friend described me to myself when I was down and depressed and feeling useless to the world via my husband’s latest tirade when he tells me I have no worth. I’m useless. I try not to believe him, but most times his voice is loudest and overrides mine. I try to explain to him that my attributes are softer. Less visible. I’m not an action hero (like he is). But my friend described me like this: she said I light up a room when I enter. My light out shines all others. I make people feel good just by being in the room and I don’t have to do/change a thing. That’s what she said months ago. But that’s not how I feel. I’m a wall flower. Always chosen last. I’ve been a failure all my life. My kids are estranged. My grandkids don’t know me. Yet, for some odd reason, I have a zest for life that keeps me going if I reach deep enough to where it lays hidden in my heart. I’ll do some more reading on this subject and see what rings true for me. After all, I do love reading my horoscope! So there is something in me that is attracted to being more self aware. I’m a Pieces, BTW.

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