Today we’re going to find out what gets under an ENTP’s skin. ENTPs are often referred to as visionaries, and it’s not hard to see why! They are known for their insightfulness, their love of logic, and their innovative approach to life. Many of the great inventors, philosophers, and thought leaders of the world have been ENTPs; people like Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Socrates. Chances are you even have a favorite celebrity ENTP like Robert Downey Jr., Jon Stewart, or Claire Danes. If you’re looking for someone with an infectious love of new ideas, someone who challenges the commonplace, or someone with a quirky, offbeat sense of humor, chances are you’ll love an ENTP friend.

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Now the question is, what should you avoid if you want to stay on an ENTPs good side? What things stress them out or get on their nerves? I consulted my MBTI manuals and talked to some ENTPs to get their ideas, and I came up with this list of 5 behaviors to avoid:


ENTPs love freedom and the ability to explore ideas and pathways without restrictions. Because of their dominant Extraverted Intuition (Ne) they are constantly aware of multiple options, various avenues of thought, and different ways of achieving the best end result. They hate to be controlled or to have too many restrictions placed upon them. Control freaks, micro-managers, text-stalkers; all these types of people are bound to get on an ENTP’s nerves.

People Who Argue Opinions They Haven’t Researched

ENTPs are true rationals who are always looking for the most logical answer to a problem. Before they settle on an opinion they make sure to research it from every angle, to argue their opinion with themselves (and others), and to make sure their opinion is backed by every form of logic. They are disappointed when others don’t do the same. In fact, they can quickly lose respect for people who hold fast to an opinion they haven’t researched fully or who aren’t open to hearing an alternate view.

People-Pleasing Behavior

ENTPs appreciate being blunt and authentic. They have tertiary Fe (Extraverted Feeling) that gives them an easy charm in social settings, but they are quickly turned off by excessive people-pleasing behavior. They can quickly spot inauthenticity, manipulative behaviors, and games people play to try to get approval. They are quickly frustrated by this kind of behavior, and will either correct or avoid someone who does this consistently.


ENTPs are true lovers of logic and the scientific method. They have a strong distaste for superstitious behaviors and what they feel are “illogical” beliefs. Believing in something that can’t be rationally verified or held up to scrutiny seems like a crime to an ENTP. While some ENTPs find superstitions amusing; there are not many who are bound to take them seriously, and they will be puzzled and eventually annoyed if someone tries to push their superstitions onto them.

People Who are Quick to Judge

It may seem like a contradiction to some of the earlier points, but ENTPs are actually very open-minded people. As long as you’re willing to listen to their side of the story or their insights, they’ll listen to yours as well. They enjoy a healthy debate or challenge, and even bond over these kinds of exchanges. They like to see things from multiple angles (through Extraverted Intuition) and understand all the ins and outs of a problem (through Introverted Thinking), so they aren’t quick to make judgments – and they prefer if other people aren’t either.


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