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The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INFJs

Christmas is just around the corner, and lots of us are hunting for the perfect gift for our significant other, child, sibling, mom or dad! Do you ever baffled when tracking down the perfect surprise for your loved one? I know I do! I wondered if different personality types were impressed by different types of gifts, so I decided to ask around. I checked with friends and family, people on personality forums, facebook groups, and more to determine what each personality type really wants and why!

The INFJs Relationship with Gifts

For an INFJ, the important thing is the meaning behind the gift. It doesn’t matter so much what the gift is as the thought that went into it. Many INFJs said they felt uncomfortable or bad when they received gifts. Some mentioned feeling guilty, some were embarrassed, and others felt awkward.  Overall, many preferred the joy of giving rather than receiving. However, a gift with a symbolic meaning or a personal touch could completely make their day.

INFJ Understanding the Mystic

The Gifts That INFJs Enjoy the Most

  1. A Handwritten Letter

By far, the gift that INFJs raved the most about was a hand-written letter. Being able to read someone’s heartfelt thoughts, dreams, wishes – this is what meant the most to them. On the flipside, giving a greeting card with nothing but a signature was a major no-no for INFJs!

  1. A Book

INFJs are usually major bookworms! We love to read (yep, I’m an INFJ myself, so I can attest to this). Introverted Intuitives love being able to escape into a rich, imaginative story. What kind of books? That was harder to narrow down. INFJs have a wide variety of interests; I read somewhere that INFJs prefer non-fiction while INFPs prefer fiction, but from my own experience I haven’t seen this to be true. We do seem to have a penchant for philosophical books, meaningful novels, fantasy/sci-fi, and books related to self-help or psychology. Chances are, if you know an INFJ very well, you’ll know what kind of books they enjoy.

Not sure what kind of book your INFJ would enjoy? Gift them with a  Kindle unlimited or Audible subscription!

  1. An Experience

A huge number of INFJs said they would rather receive an experience than a material gift. Being able to share a meaningful moment with a loved one meant much more than a gift card or an object of any kind. Experiences INFJs mentioned included vacations, camping trips, dinner and a movie, kayaking, stargazing, or even a board game to play together!

  1. Alone Time

This gift was mentioned predominantly by INFJ mom’s and dad’s who spent a lot of time juggling family members and work or household responsibilities. INFJs need alone time more than many other personality types, due to the nature of their dominant function. Ni-dominant personality types (INFJs and INTJs) are easily overstimulated by outside interruptions and noises, so being able to have some time alone is especially important to them. Being alone also allows the INFJ to better access their dominant function, Introverted Intuition.

  1. Something Hand-Made

There’s something magical and meaningful about receiving something that a loved one really put their heart into and spent time putting together. Hand-made gifts always made an impact with INFJs.

  1. Journals and Pens

Many INFJs are able to express their thoughts and feelings in a deeper way through journaling. Because INFJs use Extraverted Feeling (Fe), instead of Introverted Feeling (Fi) they are often more aware of other people’s feelings than their own. This can cause them to feel stifled and overwhelmed when they experience strong emotions, whether good or bad. They are naturally built to understand emotions outside themselves, not inside themselves. One amazing way for INFJs to understand their own emotions and feelings better is to write them down in a journal and read them back to themselves. This allows them to feed their emotions back through Extraverted Feeling and get a better perspective.

  1. Something Creative

Paints, art kits, photography supplies, and scrapbooking materials were all mentioned. INFJs love to try out a new creative hobby as it gets them in touch with their rich imaginations as well as their Extraverted Sensing function.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with these gift ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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Susan Storm is a certified MBTI® practitioner and lover of all things psychology-related. She is the mom of five beautiful children and loves using her knowledge of personality type to understand them and others better! Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to learn more about type!

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  1. True! I also like something old with a story. Were its from, who it used to belong to, in witch time it was used en why en why they picked this for me.

  2. Meaningful gift, letter, and handcraft are way to go. Though if you are a parent, anything that he want to receive would be the best.

  3. Being an INFJ I’d be offended if someone gave me a letter or “alone time” for christmas/birthday. Presents that make my heart throb include a – well choosen – book, comfy clothing, cute items that match my current obession (tv show, travel, adventure, stories I am writing, etc). Most of all I love receiving something that shows the person knows me well. What means the most to me is when friends/family are able to find something I’d have never bought for myself but that they know I’d love. For example a massage at the spa, a beautiful Harry Potter Sweater, a handmade calendar with my favourite TV show characters or nature spots, handmade decor items, something funny that reminds me of good times and jokes shared, etc (yep sister if you read me, your presents are always on point :D)

  4. I’m an INFJ and an experience is the first one for me. I also love journals and different coloured pens????. I have often struggled with understanding why I prefer giving gifts so much and I now understand.

  5. Recently I’ve got a book as a gift from my friend. She wrote it, draw illustrations and published it as well – all by herself. I had no idea she’s such an artist until she (just btw) showed me her illustrations for her book. Guess what type she is 😉

  6. I agree with someone in the comments, I too wouldn’t want an alone time as a gift (though some INFJs might prefer it if they’re a really busy person), but something that shows that they know me well. Like official or unofficial merch or DIYs of things I’m into like bands, shows, etc. INFJs tend to be nerdy haha. I also like gifts that are actual things that I won’t buy for myself, like make-up, shoes or shoes, jewelry (with a special meaning). Though clothes are a bit difficult bc it’s hard to find one that they would like. I say go for merch of things they like~

  7. Dear Ms. Storm,
    I enjoyed and appreciated your research. As an INFJ (“weirdo”) it’s always a pleasure to discover more about “myself”.
    A suggestion I would put to you would be a similar article about the gifts that INFJs give; I wonder if there is any uniqueness in that, or just the intoxicating feelings when one goes on “quests” to find the perfect gifts.
    Again, thank you for sharing your research.

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