Get a look at some activities and projects that will relieve boredom for the #INTP child! #MBTI #Personality

Boredom Busters for the INTP Child

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INTP children like their alone time and personal space, but even they can get bored during an extended period of isolation. Right now life is uncertain for a lot of people (2020 has been a rough year for all of us, I think). This uncertainty can seep into our parenting and get absorbed by our children. The restlessness and stress can create a feeling of apathy and boredom for many children. That’s why I’ve been writing this series with boredom “busters” for each personality type in childhood. I hope this will help you as a parent, or any young-at-heart INTPs who are looking for options!

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First of all, what is an INTP?

Let’s start with the basics.

I stands for Introversion. INTPs get energy from the inner world of thoughts and ideas and reflections. They look inside before they look outside.

N stands for iNtuition. INTPs are more focused on the abstract possibilities that could exist than the concrete reality fo what is here right now.

T stands for Thinking. INTPs try to stay detached and logical when a decision needs to be made. They don’t want to get distracted by their feelings. They’d rather weigh the pros and cons and analyze the cause and effect of an option.

P stands for Perceiving. INTPs like a flexible, open-ended schedule rather than something highly structured and planned out. They’d rather adapt to their day then have a regimented plan.

What to Watch Out For:

If your INTP child seems extremely emotional, reactive, and concerned with how other people feel about them, they are probably highly stressed. Whenever your child “flips a switch” there’s usually a sign that stress is on the loose. Help your INTP child to feel calm by giving them pleasant rituals to de-stress. If they are very young give them a warm bath and read them a story. Older INTPs enjoy curling up on a couch with some soft blankets, a snack, and audiobooks to listen to. Keep lights and noise to a minimum and give them some cozy comforts to help them let go of their anxiety. Give them the assurance that you’re there for them and things are under control. Stay calm and collected, and be logical when they ask you questions. Assure them that you love them.

Boredom Busters for the INTP Child:

Being cooped up at home isn’t typically dull for the INTP. These types usually have a thousand ideas and interests that they can pursue. That said, if they don’t have the creative means to pursue those ideas they can get listless and apathetic. So set up some audiobooks, give them access to Amazon Free Time (or Overdrive if you have a library card!), and break out some board games. Mental stimulation and creativity are key for these types. They enjoy strategy games, riddles, brain-teasers, and solo games like solitaire. Creative video games like Minecraft and Portal are also great picks. Got a big yard? Send them out to see if they can find a variety of insects or birds to research. Help them make birdhouses or bird feeders. Encourage them to learn a new language with Duolingo! The more these children feel like they can broaden the boundaries of their mind, the happier they will be!

Books to Read:

INTP children like stories that have independent, driven characters. They are fascinated by stories that open up their imagination to new possibilities and adventurous pursuits. Stories like “My Side of the Mountain,” where a boy learns to survive on his own in the wilderness are absorbing to them because they are fascinated by the bravery, independence, and ingenuity of the main character. All the books in this list have been recommended to me by INTPs I know.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, Watership Down by Richard Adams, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. For younger kids, Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel, The Whisper by Pamela Zagarenski, Please Bring Balloons by Lindsey Ward, Beyond the Pond by Joseph Keufler, National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why by Amy Shields.

Movies to Watch:

INTP children enjoy movies that break them away from the mundane. Science fiction and fantasy films tend to be their favorites.

The Lord of the Rings (for older kids), Star Wars, The Incredibles, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Flight of the Navigator, Tomorrowland.

Other Ideas:

  • Play strategy games
  • Make crafts
  • Stargaze
  • Bird watch
  • Go fishing
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Make something from sculpting clay
  • Learn a language on Duolingo
  • Learn to draw with lessons on YouTube
  • Make a fort
  • Create an indoor obstacle course
  • Build a challenging puzzle
  • Grow a magic crystal tree out of table salt
  • Find science experiments to do online
  • Visit to learn all kinds of fascinating facts and theories.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have any suggestions for INTP children? Let us know in the comments! You can also find out sooo much more about the INTP in Personality Hacker’s INTP eCourse!

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Get a bunch of ideas for keeping your #INTP child occupied and boredom-free! #MBTI #Personality
Get a look at some activities and projects that will relieve boredom for the #INTP child! #MBTI #Personality

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