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The Enneagram Types of Your Favorite Disney Characters

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Are you an Ariel, Snow White, or Aladdin? In today’s article we’re going to take a look at the enneagram types of some of the most popular Disney characters! Keep in mind, Disney movies only give us a small glimpse of someone’s character. These are our best guesses for their Enneagram types – but we’re open to alternative suggestions if you have them! So be sure to scroll down to the comments if you have any thoughts or perspectives!

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Find out which #Enneagram types some of your favorite #Disney characters have! #Enneatype #Personality

Enneagram and Disney Characters

Enneatype One – Mary Poppins and Rabbit

Orderly, pragmatic, and driven, Mary Poppins and Rabbit have many of the positive qualities of Ones. More than anything, they want to do what’s right rather than what’s easy. Mary Poppins, as a healthy One, guides her young charges towards a happier, more peaceful, responsible existence. In “Mary Poppins Returns” she helps instill in the children a sense of imagination and renewal. Patient but commanding, healthy Ones have a gift for seeing what’s good in any situation and enthusiastically leading others towards a life of integrity and acceptance. Rabbit is a less healthy One in many situations, so he is often more critical, stressed, and quick to judge or condemn.

Other qualities of the One:

  • Self-disciplined and responsible
  • Hard-working
  • Have high standards and ethics
  • Reasonable and grounded
  • Strive to be the best they can be
  • Careful with money and decisions
  • Detail-oriented
  • Rule-oriented
  • Focused on truth and justice

Other Possible Ones: Elsa (Frozen), Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio), Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6), Mufasa (The Lion King)

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Enneatype Two – Anna of Arandelle, Cinderella, Snow White

Generous, empathetic, and selfless, these Disney characters all have a habit of putting other people first. Cinderella never loses her temper with her stepsisters, Snow White generously nurtures seven messy little men, and Anna will risk her life to fix her relationship with her distant sister. In fact, these characters are sometimes so selfless that you want to shake them and make them take care of themselves (hello, Cinderella! You have power! Stop taking other people’s orders!).

Other qualities of the Two:

  • Caring
  • Adaptable
  • Generous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Sensitive and tactful
  • Make people feel comfortable
  • Struggle to ask for help
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • More comfortable giving than receiving

Other Possible Twos: Kanga, Snow White

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Enneatype Three – Lightning McQueen and Tiana

Ambitious and hard-working, Threes are driven to win. The worst they can imagine is not fulfilling their goals or being “nobodies.” More than anything, they want to feel valuable and successful. The idea of wasting their lives or drifting in the background is terrifying to them. Friendly but competitive, they can become too fixated on their appearance (like Lightning McQueen when he’s ashamed of his Rust-Eeze commercials). At healthier levels, they let go of having to appear perfect and are more focused on being authentic and motivating.

Other qualities of the Three:

  • Hard-working
  • Optimistic and confident
  • Industrious
  • Self-motivated
  • Energetic
  • Tend to put work first
  • Naturally take to leadership
  • Want to stand out in some way
  • Present themselves well

Other Possible Threes: Mr. Incredible, Sulley, Gaston, Lady Tremaine

Enneatype Four – Belle, Eeyore, and Sadness

Imaginative and introspective, Fours want to find their true identity and unique purpose in life. Belle shows many signs of a Four – craving a life that feels authentic and deeply fulfilling to her rather than going along with the crowd of her small village. Also like the healthy Four, Belle is forgiving, gentle, and intuitive. Sadness from “Inside Out” displays some of the melancholy tendencies of Fours. While she may seem like a nuisance to Joy, she shows the importance of properly grieving and facing one’s self honestly. This is something that Fours are able to bring the world – an understanding that processing our feelings and facing our dark side can make us more whole in the long run.

Other qualities of the Four:

  • Compassionate
  • Introspective
  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Supportive
  • Refined
  • Can be moody
  • Deep and insightful
  • Can struggle with envy
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Long to be understood

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Enneatype Five – Jane Porter and Alice Kingsleigh

Analytical and perceptive, Fives long for knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Jane and Alice are driven by their curiosity and need to know and understand things. They also tend to feel different from most people, not conforming to the status quo or being occupied by the typical interests of their peers. They can struggle to express their thoughts succinctly, but they also tend to not be caught up in material possessions and status.

Other qualities of the Five:

  • Persevering
  • Sensitive
  • Self-controlled
  • Objective
  • Wise
  • Can be critical
  • Stubborn
  • Intellectual
  • Reluctant to be assertive or aggressive
  • Non-conformist

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Enneatype Six – Mulan, Piglet, and Sebastian

Loyal against all odds, Sixes will go to great lengths to protect the people they love. You might think that because of this they are fearless, but the opposite is often true. Sixes often struggle with anxiety, insecurity, and doubt. They can also be defensive and testy on their worst days. Exemplifying the healthy Six, Mulan fights against her fear and trusts her instincts by bravely fighting to protect her family and China. Piglet also shows a less valiant form of Six behavior. He is hyper-vigilant, anxious, and desperate for a support network of friends to guide him. But he’s also kind, likable, and deeply caring.

Other qualities of the Six:

  • Compassionate
  • Witty
  • Practical
  • Helpful
  • Responsible
  • Dislike pretension
  • Either rule-following (phobic) or rule-breaking (counterphobic)
  • Take things seriously
  • Committed to family and friends
  • May obsess about what other people think of them

Enneatype Seven – Ariel and Prince Naveen

Fun-loving, adventurous, and clever, Ariel and Prince Naveen capture many of the lovable traits of Sevens. Both of them have the strengths of the Seven – they see opportunities quickly and have a romantic, charismatic view of life. Both also have some of the weaknesses of unhealthy Sevens – impulsivity, selfishness, and a certain undisciplined nature. Yes, I know Ariel lovers, she’s awesome – BUT she does risk everything (including her family’s welfare) to chase after a prince who she’s never even had a conversation with. Prince Naveen is fun-loving and gregarious, in typical Seven nature, but he can also be lazy, arrogant, and hedonistic (another trait of unhealthy Sevens).  These characters (especially Ariel) are often people’s favorites.

Other qualities of the Seven:

  • Spontaneous and adaptable
  • Productive (when healthy)
  • Quick and impulsive
  • Charming and good-humored
  • Curious
  • Restless and energetic
  • Jack-of-all-trades
  • Often gregarious and social
  • Love excitement and novelty

Other Potential Sevens: Aladdin, Genie, Tiger, Peter Pan, Dory, Joy

Enneatype Eight – Merida and Jasmine

Self-confident and energetic, Merida and Jasmine capture many of the remarkable traits of the Eight enneatype. Both hunger for independence and control over their own lives and both can be quick to anger. Eights long for authority to make their own decisions and are hesitant to let anyone tell them what to do. But they also are very protective of people they feel are vulnerable or oppressed and will go to great lengths to stand up against bullies or villains (or in Merida’s case, bears). At their best, Eights are protective, energetic, and authoritative. At their worst, they are insensitive, domineering, and self-centered.

Other qualities of the Eight:

  • Pragmatic and grounded
  • Can be assertive and aggressive when necessary
  • Direct and honest
  • Non-conformist
  • Protective
  • Supportive of the underdogs
  • Self-reliant and independent
  • Hard-working
  • Crave excitement and stimulation
  • Argumentative

Other Potential Eights: Tinkerbell, Beast, Lilo

Enneatype Nine – Pocahontas and Winnie the Pooh

Caring and open-minded, Nines want to see the beauty in everything. Often labeled “The Peacemakers,” Nines are nurturing and gentle and are willing to put aside judgment ntil they get to know someone well. They are also imaginative and see beauty where other people see the mundane. Nines often feel at one with the universe and have an innate sense of the ebbs and flows of life. “Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We shall get there someday.” In this quote, Winnie the Pooh echoes the laid-back, flexible approach of the Nine. “What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing.” Pocahontas has a sense of curiosity and gracefulness with the flow of life but is also willing to disrupt her peaceful existence to protect others.

Other qualities of the Nine:

  • Pleasant and accepting
  • Peaceful and patient
  • Receptive
  • Generous
  • Diplomatic
  • Open-minded
  • Empathetic
  • Can be forgetful
  • Imaginative
  • In touch with nature
  • Spiritual

Other Potential Nines: Princess Aurora, Baloo, Rafiki, Mater

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Find out which #Disney character has your enneatype! #Personality #enneagram

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  1. What types do you think the characters are in Encanto? I feel like there was a lot of feelings talk in that movie and Luisa is my favorite- how she feels like she has to be strong all of the time and shoulder the load that others are too weak for… I think she’s an 8…

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