Find 26 relatable and hilarious memes about the INTJ experience. #INTJ #Personality #MBTI

26 Memes Any INTJ Will Relate To

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Are you an INTJ who needs some solidarity or just a good chuckle? I’ve collected (and created) some memes that I think you’ll strongly relate to!

Disclaimer: I made some of these memes and others I collected from across the internet. Some memes didn’t have references to who created them. If you created any of these memes and would like to be cited let me know in the comments or via the contact form on my site!

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26 Memes Any INTJ Will Relate To

INTJs like to have a mental map of how their day is going to unfold. Unexpected surprises or intrusions can make them feel overwhelmed and irritable! Be sure to give them a heads up if you’re going to drop by.

Christmas or birthday around the corner? Now you know what to buy your favorite INTJ!

INTJs tend to gravitate towards subjects that are abstract, philosophical, or complex. Small talk and gossip are typically boring to them and may result in an impromptu nap.

Credit to vinitblizzard

INTJs often feel misunderstood and underestimated by others. Their ability to see the big picture and sense how things will unfold can make them aware of profound changes long before they occur. It can often feel to them that others are walking around with blinders on, only able to see the immediate path in front of them. This meme is funny, but many INTJs will be nodding their heads as they read it!

Dwight from “The Office” is an ESTJ, but many INTJs will relate to this sentiment (although not too seriously).


INTJs do enjoy socializing with the right people (at the right times) but when they’re amongst strangers or shallow acquaintances they tend to be mysterious and “unreadable.” They don’t tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves or show a lot of emotions not their faces unless they are deeply invested in something. This coupled with their distaste of large social gatherings can make them seem intense and intimidating to other people.

This meme communicates the same message as the meme above it. INTJs dislike being stuck in social situations where they’re forced to talk about mundane or trivial topics for long periods of time.

INTJs prefer to stay out of the drama, but that doesn’t mean they’re never are amused by it from a purely analytical perspective.

INTJ females are the second-rarest female personality type and as such are often expected to act like the more common SF personality types. Many INTJ females I’ve spoken with have struggled throughout their lives with the pressure and burden of having to behave more like stereotypical feeling women. Rather than be direct and straightforward they’re expected to be especially tactful or nurturing. Their natural gifts are often appreciated in the male world and dismissed in the female world, but I hope that will change in the near future! You can find out more about this in my article Type Bullying and the NT Girl.

INTJs tend to enjoy a good debate. Truth and understanding are vital to them and they don’t mind ruffling a few feathers to get to the bottom of something or to clear up someone’s foggy perception. This can be alarming or unnerving to some parents!

INTJs make excellent friends, but don’t expect them to open up about their life stories right off the bat! It takes patience and trust before they really open up to others.

INTJs do care. They just don’t tend to show it in superficial ways.

INTJs should definitely check out Sarah Andersen’s artwork and comics because sooo many of them will be relatable to this type. This comic in particular captures one of the most annoying situations INTJs can encounter in public.

This classic meme is definitely relatable to most, if not all, INTJs.

INTJs have a knack for predicting how things will play out in the future. When others refuse to listen then they can derive mild (or not so mild) amusement from seeing the situation unfold exactly as they said it would.

Not a bad life goal.

INTJs prize their personal space. Most were fairly relieved when social distancing rules were enforced and they were able to have a reasonable excuse to stay distanced from strangers at social events.

INTJs usually don’t want to get involved in other people’s personal drama. While other types (we’re looking at you, FJs) enjoy sharing ideas and feelings about relationship troubles, INTJs prefer to tackle the problems directly rather than dwell on them or talk about them.

Most introverts will relate to this one I suspect.

To be fair, most INTJs I’ve met are much better at being empathetic and tactful than this meme would imply. But they’ll still relate to the feeling, whether they express it or not.

INTJs can be suspicious of social niceties and surface-level friendliness at times. That said, they know there’s a time and place for it.

Almost nothing provides more satisfaction to the INTJ than seeing their strategy unfold exactly as they imagined it.

Social events where chit-chat and prolonged social interactions are the norm can make INTJs feel anxious and restless.

This meme is definitely an exaggeration, but it’s also going to be relatable. INTJs have inferior Extraverted Sensing, which means that a lot of sensory stimulation and commotion can make them feel overwhelmed and stressed. While ESxP personality types thrive in unpredictable, exciting situations that demand rapid reactions to unexpected data, INTJs tend to feel anxious in these same situations. You can find out more about this in my article about the inferior function of every personality type.

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Find 26 relatable and hilarious memes about the INTJ experience. #INTJ #Personality #MBTI

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  1. This is how the MBTI types and the real cognitive functions match

    If anyone wants to read more about this, and then maybe ask/comment, you can find me at (you don’t need an account to send messages there), but first make sure to check the index, read the texts/links carefully (even several times), and think things over, please. This requires some time (not just a few hours) because most people are too used to the widespread misconceptions, and the needed reevaluation is not easy (also, many people make a living out of them, or have their sense of “identity” built around them, so they basically can’t/won’t ever admit that they have been wrong all this time). Some important posts are #01, #13, #19 and #25 (but also #24, #31, #35, #59, etc). There are also tables, lists (including the Socionics correlation), and even some memes 🙂

    This is a very brief summary of the problem: what the famous (but nonexistent) e-i-e-i/i-e-i-e “stacks” call “functions” are not what Jung discovered and described in his book. They are not functions, but behavioral traits that correspond to different pairs of letters:

    Their “Te” is not the real extraverted thinking, but a mix of TJ-traits.
    Their “Fe” is not the real extraverted feeling, but a mix of FJ-traits.
    Their “Se” is not the real extraverted sensation, but a mix of SP-traits.
    Their “Ne” is not the real extraverted intuition, but a mix of NP-traits.
    Their “Ti” is not the real introverted thinking, but a mix of TP-traits.
    Their “Fi” is not the real introverted feeling, but a mix of FP-traits.
    Their “Si” is not the real introverted sensation, but a mix of SJ-traits.
    Their “Ni” is not the real introverted intuition, but a mix of NJ-traits.

    The real cognitive functions are different (for example: Fi is not about “emotions”, Si is not “memory”, Ni is not about “the future”, etc). There is a second group of people that have a sense of what [some of] the functions are, somehow, but they use those same mistaken “stacks”, so they mistype everybody (I talked about this in post #58). They should be using the correct function arrangements of the types, which are as follows:

    ESTJ is Te-Se-Ni-Fi
    ENTJ is Te-Ne-Si-Fi
    ESFJ is Fe-Se-Ni-Ti
    ENFJ is Fe-Ne-Si-Ti
    ESTP is Se-Te-Fi-Ni
    ESFP is Se-Fe-Ti-Ni
    ENTP is Ne-Te-Fi-Si
    ENFP is Ne-Fe-Ti-Si
    ISTJ is Ti-Si-Ne-Fe
    INTJ is Ti-Ni-Se-Fe
    ISFJ is Fi-Si-Ne-Te
    INFJ is Fi-Ni-Se-Te
    ISTP is Si-Ti-Fe-Ne
    ISFP is Si-Fi-Te-Ne
    INTP is Ni-Ti-Fe-Se
    INFP is Ni-Fi-Te-Se

    Most people are going to reject this, I know, but that’s how the types and the real functions match. That’s how everything fits.

    There is a third group of people (the smallest in number of the three, of course) that have found this, usually by themselves, after reading and thinking a lot about these things. Maybe you can be one of them 🙂

  2. I have one intj nitpick – about the party one. Intjs can often be the last to leave a party if they’ve found people to talk at. I might be a craven introvert but given the chance the love of the sound of my own voice wins out and I’ll talk to anyone about specific topics, especially if it involves a zesty debate.

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