5 Ways to Annoy an ENFP

Ever wondered what ENFP pet peeves you might accidentally poke and prod without realizing it? These types are called “The Inspirers” and it’s not hard to see why. They have an infectious zest for life and an open-minded enthusiasm that makes them exciting and intriguing to be around. Because they live in a world of possibilities, they are eager to live life to its fullest and explore every trail or idea that sparks their imagination. ENFPs tend to be natural optimists, using their intuition to see possibilities for good everywhere. While they may seem unshakable, there are some things you should absolutely avoid if you want to stay on their good side:

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Accuse Them of Flirting

ENFPs are genuinely interested in the people they meet. They care about how people think and feel, and they love to put people at ease with their naturally enthusiastic, warm personality. Because of this natural warmth and charisma they are often accused of flirting, or people mistake their interest for a romantic crush. This is extremely irritating to ENFPs who are just trying to show genuine interest in a person.

Belittle Their Ideas

ENFPs are big-time dreamers, living in a world of possibilities, ideas, and alternatives. They are also very project-oriented and they get really excited about trying something new. Many well-meaning, more practical people can feel compelled to put down the ENFPs dreams and passions as unrealistic or “crazy”. This can be very disheartening and frustrating for an ENFP. While everyone needs a reality check from time to time, the passion and imagination of the ENFP is one of the things that makes them so vital in our world. As much as possible, believe in them and their dreams. Remember the words of one famous ENFP, Walt Disney, when he said; “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Always Expect Them To Be the Entertainer

While ENFPs love to entertain and give people joy, they can burn out on relationships where they are constantly expected to be smiling, happy, and full of laughs. ENFPs often relate more to ambiversion than extreme extroversion, and need time alone to be able to think and reflect. Sometimes they want to listen to someone else or be entertained or encouraged by someone else. Sadly, certain people take advantage of the ENFP’s enthusiasm and warmth and then act disappointed or let down when the ENFP wants to stay in the background for a while or is having a bad day and just wants to be quiet and recharge. Try to give back some of the joy that the ENFP has given you – they’ll appreciate it!

Micro-manage Them

ENFPs love to have personal freedom and the ability to pursue their dreams in their own way. Being controlled or kept on a tight leash will drive them crazy, and it’s never a good idea for a relationship. ENFPs are natural free-spirits who desire independence and adventure. They work best when they have the freedom to harness their intuition and creativity effectively in their own ways, without a detailed schedule or plan.


ENFPs are usually natural optimists and can see possibilities and potential in even the most gloomy situations. They have a deep emotional side, but they find those that constantly dwell on the negative to be frustrating. They love to encourage and don’t mind listening when others are feeling down, but if that person just wants to complain and complain without need of a solution the ENFP can feel frustrated by this. They see no point in being pessimistic and not even attempting to find a “bright side”.

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  1. I love your articles! Very entertaining and fun to read. I am An ENFP and I love ESTJ and ISTJ since my two best friends are each. I’ve have dated these types as well while I like this type I want to know more about how to help them understand me. Thank you for great articles!

  2. Oh I so don’t think it’s really soon enough if. I NEVER get misread as a flirt again just because I’m friendly but I boobs. Sheesh.

  3. wow so spot on! just recently discovering my personality type and this just makes me feel so understood! <3

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