5 Ways to Annoy an ESTP

I have a confession to make. A while back I did a series of blog posts about what annoys each of the personality types…only I missed one! Most ESTPs don’t get as involved in Myers-Briggs® theory as other personality types do. These action-oriented types would probably rather be out mountain climbing or socializing over debating the various pros and cons of intuition versus sensing, etc,. However, I got an email recently from an ESTP asking where their pet peeves post was! I couldn’t believe I had missed them! Since then, I’ve been trying to find as many ESTPs as I can to find out if there were any common pet peeves that were more particular to their type. But before we get into it, let’s talk a little bit more about ESTPs…

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ESTPs are often called The Doers, and this is because they live in a world full of action and excitement. They love to be interacting with the outer world; whether it’s fixing things, building, whitewater rafting, dancing, or racecar driving. These thrill-seeking types are full of fun and energy, and they have brains to match their adrenaline! They rely on Introverted Thinking (Ti) to form deep logical conclusions and to analyze things objectively. They have quick wits and can be relied on in a crisis to come up with fast, efficient solutions. Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Harry Houdini are some examples of famous ESTPs.

But how do you annoy these adventurous types? Let’s take a look!

1 – Plan Their Schedule
interrupted plans

ESTPs are Extraverted Sensing (Se) dominant. This means they thrive on taking in all the sensory information from the outer world and processing it before making a decision. They like to live in the moment and prefer to think about now versus later. They hate to be micro-managed, controlled, or forced to sit down and plan out long-term decisions. They would much rather find ways to enjoy and make the most of the current situation then worry about, or be tied to, something that may happen in the future.

2 – Seek Attention at All Costs

ESTPs are down-to-earth and practical. They like people to be straightforward and they pride themselves on keeping a level head. They get irritated quickly by emotional manipulation, or people who seek out drama or fish for compliments. Because ESTPs have tertiary Extraverted Feeling (Fe), they can easily pick up on other people’s hidden motivations and feelings, and are surprisingly quick to discern phoniness or insecurity. Don’t try to fool these clever types!

3 – Complain Without Wanting a Solution

ESTPs like to fix problems. They don’t wallow, and they don’t see the point in hashing out all their issues for no purpose. They get agitated by having to spend a lot of time listening to someone complain who doesn’t want to be offered any practical advice. ESTPs are all about what’s practical and they like to fix problems, not dwell on them. If you feel like venting without getting advice, make sure to say so at the beginning of your conversation; that will save them frustration later.

4 – Do Everything Slowly

ESTPs like to get from place to place rapidly and they move with a purpose. They are known for having some of the quickest reflexes of any of the personality types, and so I think this gives them a little more frustration when dealing with people who amble through life a little more leisurely. Slow drivers, people who take up the whole sidewalk with their friends and then proceed to walk slowly, these kinds of things make their blood boil.

5 – Dismiss Their Analysis and Logic

ESTPs have quick, logical minds due to their auxiliary use of Introverted Thinking (Ti). They have a vast, internalized mental map of how things work and they are constantly modifying it with new data and information. Because their thinking process is directed inwards and not externalized as it would be with a Te-user, some ESTPs are met with skepticism when they share their plans and ideas. Te-users will talk out their plans and logical objectives, and they may distrust Ti-users who seem to come up with plans and ideas out of the blue without walking other people through their thought process. This can be very frustrating to the ESTP who has spent a lot of time thinking through a plan or objective just to have it dismissed.

What Do You Think?

Do you relate to these pet peeves? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Just found this site. I’m definitely an ESTP. This was spot on, especially the dismissing of analyses. Going through it the past couple of days and it PISSES me off. Great site!!!

  2. When I originally took the MBTI in my undergraduate degree, I was in my mid 30s and an ENTJ. Now in my 50s I’m ESTP! Both fit my personality, so who knows!

  3. I’m an ESTP!!
    I feel so relaxed right now.
    Reading about ESTP it makes so much sense!
    And I thought I was strange because my friends are not like me.
    And do seem to understand me.
    Thank you.

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