Find out what attracts other people to you, based on your #personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP

Here’s Why They Fell in Love With You, Based on Your Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what your specific brand of attraction is? While no two individuals are alike, certain personality types have a unique energy that draws specific other people to them. What gives you that “special something” that makes you stand out from the rest? Let’s find out!

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Here’s Why They Fell in Love with You, Based on Your Personality Type

Disclaimer: There are 1001 reasons why people can fall in love with other people. This article is meant to point out some of the most common attractive qualities of each personality type. What attracted someone to you might have been different than what is listed here, and that’s okay!


Unconventional and imaginative, you make us believe that nothing is impossible. You bring originality to a whole new level and aren’t afraid to risk it all to chase after your dreams. Your enthusiasm for the world that lies beyond the beaten path is contagious. Your presence beckons us into a new adventure, a new idea, or a completely transformative way of looking at the world. You bring exploration and possibility wherever you go and this is one of the many reasons that people fall for you.


Your unique blend of cleverness and curiosity are irresistible to those of us who are tired of working within the bounds of the traditional. You’re not afraid to toss conventional viewpoints out the window and create a new system for understanding the world. Your intellectual bravery paired with your offbeat humor and authentic charm makes you lovable and intriguing to many.


Pensive and thoughtful, you always have a secret behind your eyes that beckons us to look deeper. Your rich imagination and individualistic sense of purpose set you apart. You make us re-think what we stand for, what really matters in life, and what is possible. You invite us to think about what the world could be if we all just stepped outside of narrow, consumerist-driven perspectives. Your depth and idealism make you captivating and unforgettable and we’re so thankful that your personality type is in the world to broaden perspectives and provide an imaginative view.

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Intellectually determined and vividly imaginative, you make us think twice about concepts or rules we’ve taken for granted. Your never-ending quest for the truth and your fearlessness at breaking apart inaccuracies and destructive social constructs is intriguing. But you’re not all theories and analysis. Underneath the flurry of mental activity that surrounds you lies an intensely loving, devoted heart.


You are loved for so many reasons, but one of the significant things that draws people to you is your warm, empathetic nature. Like an emotional sponge, you sense the feelings and deeper human needs of the people around you. You also sense potential, possibility, and unique strengths. You fascinate people when you show them what they are capable of and what tomorrow could bring if they just harnessed their skills instead of sleeping on them. There for others on their darkest days, you remind people of how valuable they are. That insight and understanding is incredibly attractive and compelling.


Your intellectual confidence and visionary insight make you extremely attractive, especially to those who are seeking direction. You aren’t afraid of a challenge, and your bravery in accomplishing far-reaching objectives makes you extremely attractive. You can seem like a high-powered executive in one meeting and a meditative philosopher at another. People fall for you because of how in-charge and insightful you can be and how deep your loyalty runs.


Underneath your gentle, empathetic demeanor lies a visionary, idealistic soul longing to bring about a better future for the ones you love. People fall for you because they sense your depth and insight, they know that beneath your reserved but friendly persona there’s a fiery passion and determination to improve the world. Your affection, once gained, is steadfast and loyal and you are emotionally generous and supportive. These are things that make you valued as a partner and friend.

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Your mind is a fascinating place full of theories, possibilities, and predictions. You draw us into your intellectual curiosity and make us wonder about things we’ve always taken for granted. But you’re not only focused on thoughts and musings, you’re someone who puts action to your strategies and plans. You make things happen and are unstoppable in pursuit of your objectives. We love you because you don’t just want to make the world more efficient, you want to understand it and improve it for the people you love.

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Charismatic, expressive, and adventurous, you win us over with your sincerity and audacity. You put action to your dreams and aspirations, challenging yourself to live a life of boldness and fun. Sometimes you have to hold off on your adventures till the weekend, but there’s always a new experience just on the horizon with you. We love you because you see the sparkle of opportunity in every moment and a glimmer of humanity in each individual. Life would be a very bleak place without your type in the world.


Bold and bubbling over with good-humor, people can’t help but love your maverick perspective on life. You challenge us to seize the day and make the most of every opportunity without fear or trepidation. Your steady confidence and beguiling charm can make even the most risk-averse individual take a chance on you.


Gentle and free-spirited, people are drawn to you because there’s something mysterious just beneath your steady gaze. You’re a secret we want to unlock, a story waiting to be told. You don’t share your deepest self with everyone you meet; it takes time and trust to coax your dreams and passions out into the open. But when this happens you’re full of beautiful aspirations, hopes, and a contagious sense of adventure. You manage to be a dreamer with a steady sense of reality and that’s incredibly attractive.

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People fall for you partially because you’re so mysterious and self-sufficient. There’s nothing desperate or clingy about your independent, lone-wolf way of life. Your knowledge and street smarts are impressive, and you’re surprisingly helpful and supportive during situations that call for logical problem-solving. There’s something about your rugged, spontaneous lifestyle that hints of excitement and thrilling stories waiting to be told.

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Caring but capable, you’re the place that many of us just can’t wait to come home to. Your practicality and consistency are reassuring and your emotional awareness helps many to feel understood. People are attracted to you because they feel comforted and at peace in your welcoming presence. Just make sure that whoever falls for you is willing to tend to your needs as carefully as you tend to theirs.

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Steady and confident, you give a sense of order and efficiency to everything around you. People fall for you because they sense that in your presence there is reasonableness and honesty. Your straightforward manner of speaking might scare some people away, but for many, it’s comforting and refreshing. You keep things real and don’t waste people’s time with game-playing or manipulation. Your integrity and clear sense of direction are a soothing balm in a world full of confusion and chaos.

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Often reserved, you tend to stay in the background on many occasions. But to the person who loves you, the gentleness and capability you bring to every situation is exceedingly attractive. You care with a devotion and empathy that is staggering. You have a sense of loyalty, responsibility, and compassion that colors every decision you make. All these qualities may not sum up the true essence of why people love you. Whatever it is may be far beyond this. But these are just some of the things that make people stop and notice you.

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Principled and loyal, you have a grounded nature that is reassuring and attractive. While some types are drawn to bombastic, showy individuals, others find your understated elegance and pragmatic outlook compelling. You move forward in life with a sense of competence but also caution. You’re not going to rush headlong into something without first assessing all the facts and details. Your focus and attentiveness aren’t limited to impersonal tasks either. What many love about you is how gentle and careful you are with the ones you care about. You’d risk anything to protect the individuals you love and that integrity and commitment is deeply attractive.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

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Find out what draws other people to you, based on your #personality type. #MBTI #INFJ #INTJ #INFP #INTP
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  1. INTP:
    “Intellectually determined and surprisingly imaginative, you make us think twice about concepts or rules we’ve taken for granted. Your never-ending quest for the truth and your fearlessness at breaking apart inaccuracies and destructive social constructs is intriguing. Surprising to many is that underneath the flurry of mental activity that surrounds you lies a surprisingly loving, devoted heart. Find out more about what makes you tick in your personality profile.”

    “surprisingly imaginative”; “surprisingly loving”,

    What’s this supposed to mean?? Should I be concerned???

    1. Wow! That was just poor writing on my part. I wrote “surprisingly” because so many people think of INTPs as the steroetypical unfeeling or cold thinking types (I obviously disagree). I changed the wording so it’s not so “surprising” 🙂 Thanks for alerting me of this!

      1. This made me LOL big time… cause it’s so true. I feel like a weirder version of Michael Cera in real life. But my lady finds it super adorable so I digress.

  2. What you wrote was so true some I heard time and time again some I felt but didn’t know how to say it but I express how I feel more then thank you for this

  3. I used to like reading these personality type descriptions when they weren’t interchangeably generic. You can read any of them and still think they relate to you. There’s no science or real study to these specific descriptions other then conjecture, and they’ve gotten to Buzzfeed levels of click bait, I’m waiting for the day I see “What type of fall sweater are you based on personality type” to pop up.

    1. These brief descriptions, based on a very specific topic, must be looked at as such–briefly described. Even with that, I don’t know about you, but when I look at my opposite type–ESFP, to my INTJ–I see a definite distinction and see immediately that the description has my daughter’s type written all over it, not mine. In addition, the same goes for all the other types I look at when I think about each family member or friend. Certainly, the same goes when you read each type’s individual, in-depth description. The opinion you shared is typical of who knows how many others out there, like you, who feel it is just another [fortune cookie or horoscope reading]. Just a suggestion, that you read them with a little more thoughtfulness and insight. You may be surprised at what you glean from them, then.

  4. This INTP Things I don’t understand because they not referred to as our horoscope so I don’t know where I fall into, maybe if it was elaborated better I would understand

  5. Entp
    I married an infp. I loved him when I pushed him away and he loved me still. To this day…I love Him because of his loyalty.

  6. As an ISFP, I find ISTPs to be too clingy which is why I’ve always run away from being in a romantic relationship with them despite having had quite a good number attracted to me (I think they make up the largest percentage of suitors I’ve had). This is not surprising since they’re melancholy-sanguine.
    They want me to speak with me all the time, they want to be around me a lot and so on and that’s too much for my phelgmatic self (ISFPs are phelgmatic-sanguines).
    Although, I’ve discovered that they’re not this way with those they’re not romantically interested in.

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