Here’s What Gives You Peace of Mind, Based On Your Personality Type

Depending on your personality type, peace of mind can be walking in nature or spending time with a friend or reading a book about science. Everyone needs different things to feel calm and tranquil inside. I surveyed people over the last several weeks to find out what brings them peace of mind, and sorted their answers based on personality type. So if you’re feeling restless, anxious, or overwhelmed, here are some ideas of ways to find peace.

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Here’s What Gives You Peace of Mind, Based On Your Personality Type


Peace of mind for you is putting that last check mark on your to-do list. It’s quiet evenings with a new book and a hot cup of coffee. It’s knowing all your bills are paid and you’ve got enough money left over in case of an emergency. It’s knowing what to expect and having a comfortable, peaceful routine. It’s the crisp, smooth feel of freshly-washed sheets and the sound of soft rain on your windowpanes. Peace of mind for you is consistency, security, and plenty of time alone to reflect and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

“I have peace of mind when everything is planned out (for the most part), knowing what I’m going to do in an hour, in a day, in a week.”
– Brandy, an ISTJ personality type

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Peace of mind for you is knowing that on the hard days you’ve got someone to rely on. It’s wrapping a soft blanket around your shoulders as you sit by the fire and reminisce about days gone by. It’s knowing everyone is tucked safely in their beds, whether it’s your children or your favorite pet, and they are all safe and sound. It’s harmony and traditions with the people who’ve meant the most to you in life. It’s knowing that a beautiful moment will be forever etched into your memory. For you, peace of mind is about having a loyal support group, it’s about having quiet time without feeling alone, it’s about feeling secure, and knowing the people you love most are cared for.

“I have peace of mind when I’m able to have complete trust in someone or something. That it/he/she won’t fail or let me down.”
– Hayley, an ISFJ personality type

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Peace of mind for you is the knowledge that your future is secure. It’s knowing your bank account is amply lined and your to-do list is completed. It’s knowing if anything were to go wrong that you’d have a contingency plan in place to take care of your loved ones. It’s having all the details taken care of so that you can be free to travel and enjoy your friends and family without worry. For some ESTJs, it’s knowing that their faith will see them through and that God is there for them no matter what.

“Peace of mind is 6 months worth of salary for an emergency fund, manageable debt, stable multiple streams of income and a significant other to spend all this money with. Traveling, dining out, and enjoying life until retirement age!”
– Diane, an ESTJ


Peace of mind for you is a warm hug from a trusted friend. It’s a hand-written letter expressing love and loyalty. It’s a neatly-organized home and a stable, consistent routine. It’s a sense of order and community that ensures that not only are your financial needs met, but you’ve got people to take care of and people who will take care of you if needed. It’s sitting around a bonfire on a crisp, fall evening, swapping stories and drinking hot apple cider. It’s warmth, friendship, security, and harmony.

“A sense of belonging. The loyal presence of a friend I can trust and share anything with. Knowing everything is secure. That’s what gives me peace of mind.”
– Janessa, an ESFJ


For you, peace of mind is attained by being alone in the wilderness. Whether that wilderness is a desert, a forest, or your own workshop filled with projects you can’t wait to finish. It’s an empty calendar and a videogame you’re dying to complete. It’s a stack of books related to your new hobby. It’s the texture of bark on your hands as you make your way up the tallest tree you can find. Peace of mind is independence, adventure, intrigue, and knowledge.


For you, peace of mind is the soft warmth of your blankets as you climb into bed knowing you can sleep in as late as you want. It’s the excitement you get when you find a new Netflix show you can’t wait to binge-watch. It’s going between the comfort of your bed to the thrill and wonder of being in nature. It’s knowing you can share your deepest secrets and feelings with someone and they won’t judge you. It’s dangling your feet into cool water just before you slip into a crisp, cool lake. Peace of mind to you is freedom, acceptance, and being at one with the natural world.

“Being in the natural world, but also coming home and eating fun snacks and watching TV. Having lots of free time. Cozy pajamas. These all give me peace and comfort.”
– Tania, an ISFP


An empty calendar and a head full of opportunities is what gives you peace of mind. Mental clarity is feeling free from obligations, getting in the car, rolling down in the windows, and going anywhere you want to without restrictions. It’s taking that leap; whether it’s a literal skydiving leap or a business leap that you just know is going to be thrilling. It’s laughter and story-swapping with some true friends. Peace of mind to you is freedom, thrills, no obligations, and the knowledge that a new opportunity could be just around the corner.


Peace of mind to you is laughing so hard that tears come to your eyes. It’s driving with the top-down on a cool summer night, being open for any possibility. It’s weekends filled with zero obligations and dozens of potential adventures. Mental clarity can be as simple as walking barefoot along the beach under the moonlight or dancing with your friends and belting out your favorite songs. It’s knowing you can be real with the people you love and you don’t have to pretend. Peace of mind to you is new sights, intoxicating sounds, thrilling experiences, and friends who’ve got your back no matter what.


Peace of mind for you is understanding the reason why everything happens in your life. It’s being able to withdraw from the world and contemplate the big picture, the connections, and the possibilities that lay before you. It’s libraries that remind visitors “shhh…this is a quiet place”. It’s wandering through the forest at dusk and feeling so small when the world and all it has to offer is so big. It’s having your to-do list completed, your day efficiently planned out with room for peace and solitude. Peace of mind for you is autonomy, structure, and peace and awareness of what will happen in the future.

“I need to be physically comfortable and well rested, and then I need to provide an intellectual framework or some kind of theory for whatever thing I’m trying to process.”
– Hannah, an INTJ

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Peace of mind for you is a tranquil, meditative moment where you can envision a future that is filled with promise. It’s a peaceful evening laying out under the moon, feeling small yet full of potential. It’s reading Kierkegaard or C.S. Lewis by candlelight and finding deeper meanings and symbolic resonance behind everything you experience. It’s deep, raw, honest conversations with trusted friends. It’s having harmony among your family members. It’s the feel of the wind in your hair on a cool, summer evening and the fireflies dancing around you, reminding you that you’re connected to nature and everything has its place. Peace of mind for you is being able to understand the dance of the universe, to foresee future implications, to have peace, quiet, and harmony.

“Peace of mind for me is creative activity that captures all of my attention, having a long talk inside my own head with a trusted (but imagined) other; a truly, connected, deep, and real conversation with a trusted other. Time in the mountains and the forest. Quiet.”
– Ronda, an INFJ

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Peace of mind for you is having a well laid-out plan to reach your next big goal. It’s a completed to-do list and a clear vision of where things are going. It’s working with a team of people who honor your vision and strive to be efficient and innovative. It’s getting done with a hard day’s work and collapsing into your favorite chair with a mind-bending book on philosophy, business, or strategy. It’s the moment you realize that the risk you took, the one everyone urged you not to take, was the right choice. It’s chasing a vision, doing things nobody else has done, and being in control of your own fate.


For you, peace of mind is a warm hug after a meaningful, raw, honest conversation. It’s the sense of satisfaction you get when you’ve helped someone find meaning and purpose in their life. It’s seeing the potential for humanity and not getting bogged down in everything that’s wrong with the world. It’s seeing the everyday heroes and realizing that each individual has the capability to make something better. It’s the quiet consolation and presence of a friend who knows that sometimes you need to be comforted even though you’re usually the one comforting. It’s resounding music, poetry, symbols. Peace of mind to you means being a catalyst for good, being a friend and having a friend. It’s harmony and a clear vision of your direction in life.

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For you, peace of mind is coming home after a busy day, closing the door, and taking a deep breath to revel in the solitude. It’s the spark you feel inside when you realize you have an empty calendar and zero obligations for a few days. It’s collapsing into your favorite chair with a stack of books, video games, and favorite DVDs. It’s getting lost in a theory and not finding your way out till you have all the data organized perfectly in your head. It’s a “please do not disturb” sign when you know your truest friends understand your need for quiet. It’s coming out of your blissful alone time to discuss your ideas and theories with someone who is as excited about them as you are. Peace of mind for you is autonomy, acceptance, and following your curiosity wherever it takes you.

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Peace of mind for you is living in alignment with your core values and ideals. It’s the peace you feel when you’ve made a decision that you know your conscience is happy with. Mental clarity can be gained by walking barefoot through the grass under the stars, imagining far-reaching possibilities. It’s reading fairy-tales and legends by candlelight and feeling like you’re imagination has transported you to somewhere entirely new and magical. It’s talking about dreams and theories with your closest friends and really, truly believing in their potential. It’s honest, meaningful conversation and complete authenticity with your loved ones. Peace of mind to you is gained through imagination, integrity, and harmony with the people closest to you.

“Almost anything in nature makes me feel at peace, especially crashing waves, rain, thunder, leaves rustling in the wind, birds singing. Listening to Christian music and reading Christian books always settles me. Living in alignment with my values and journaling my feelings.”
– Suzie, an INFP

“Peace of mind is connecting to the universe, to all time, looking up at the night sky in awe and oneness. Nothing scheduled for the day…thus a feeling of freedom…I can do anything!”
– Carolyne, an INFP

“Peace of mind is silence and dim lighting in solitude for when I’ve had a draining day and need to collect my thoughts. Being secluded in nature, reading a good book, and also connecting with like-minded people about ideas, theories, and dreams…I often feel at peace at night time when everyone has gone to bed, because that’s when I feel that there are no expectations and I can just entertain my thoughts and daydreams as I please.”
– Jennifer, an INFP

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Peace of mind for you is finding a new idea that sets your mind buzzing with possibilities. It’s having all the annoying, mundane details of life taken care of so that you can focus on what really interests you. It’s an open calendar that you can fill up with brainstorming, experimenting, and strategizing. It’s having that light bulb moment where you find a creative answer to a problem that has been stumping everyone else. It’s trying something in a new way and making a process more effective than it was before. Peace of mind for you is knowing your data is accurate, knowing the future is wide open, and that you’re free to pursue your vision.

“I don’t need my life to be simple; I need my life to be highly complex and yet well thought-out, and in my back pocket.”
– Christina, an ENTP


Peace of mind for you is stepping off an airplane in a new place that is full of possibilities and new experiences. It’s running barefoot through the sand chasing the sunset and a million ideas that are dancing in your mind. It’s raw, intimate conversations with friends where you can be real and all facades are put aside. Mental clarity can be as simple as shutting the door on the outside world and sinking into bed with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee. It’s sensing the glimmer of possibility in an otherwise dire situation. Peace of mind for you is chasing your dreams, embracing new ideas, and having friends beside you who you can trust 100%.

“Peace of mind for me is nature, beautiful music, long walks in beautiful scenery. It’s knowing that I am truly free to love and be loved, and knowing that I am acting in step with the moral code of honor, truth, and lovingkindness in every area of my life.”
– Charity, an ENFP

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