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Here’s the Stranger Things Character You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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Have you been anxiously counting down the days until season four of Stranger Things! On May 27th, we’ll finally get to find out what happened to Eleven and the gang after that crazy cliffhanger at the end of season three. While we wait, let’s take a look at the Myers-Briggs® personality types of some of our favorite characters from the show.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one of each Myers-Briggs® personality type in this show, at least at this point in the series. Hopefully I can revise this at a later date if other characters and personality types show up!

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The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Stranger Things Characters

Joyce Byers – ENFP

Joyce Byers ENFP

Devoted and creative, Joyce Byers would do anything for her sons. When Will is taken by the Demogorgon, Joyce stops at nothing to get him back. Her intuition shows up in her ability to make random connections between what’s happening in the outer world and what’s happening to her son in the Upside Down. Whether she’s stringing up Christmas lights or papering her entire house with Will’s drawings, she trusts that her intuition is guiding her to an essential insight. It’s maddening to her that others don’t trust her instincts like she does, but she has the conviction to stick with it – even when people look at her like she’s crazy.

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Dustin Henderson – ENTP

Dustin Henderson ENTP

Curious and imaginative, Dustin is always coming up with new ideas. Whether he’s creating a transmitter to communicate with anyone on earth or negotiating conflicts with his friends, he’s always ready to think outside the box. Like many ENTPs, Dustin is scientifically inclined and loves to tinker with gadgets. He’s also quick-witted and often comes up with puns and jokes on the spot. And while Dustin is a thinker, he’s also skilled at reading his friends’ emotional states and dealing with their intense moods and disagreements without getting overly-sensitive and emotional himself. This is common for ENTPs who have tertiary Extraverted Feeling, enabling them to guess at peoples’ emotions and intensify or diffuse conflicts skillfully.

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Will Byers – INFP

Will Byers INFP

Sensitive and artistic, Will Byers has a soul that longs for inner peace and belonging. Like many INFPs, Will is happiest when he can live in the world of the imagination. Through D&D gameplay he’s able to be playful, curious, and childlike – something that’s difficult for him in the “real world.” Tormented by visions of the Demogorgon and the Upside Down, Will longs for a place where he can feel safe and understood. Yet it’s difficult for him to externalize his feelings and the emotions he’s struggling with. He often internalizes his fears and anxieties, which ultimately makes things worse than if he’d shared them with someone he trusted.

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Robin Buckley – INTP

INTP Robin Buckley

Sarcastic and ingenious, Robin Buckley is the code breaker that deciphers the Russian’s plan in season three of Stranger Things. In typical INTP fashion, Robin is skilled at pattern recognition and making logical deductions. She’s also quick-witted and often comes up with clever comebacks on the spot. At times her dialogue can be random, rambling, and out of order, and at other times she’s concise, direct, and sarcastic. Like many INTPs, she mostly cares about living up to her own inner principles and standards.

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Michael “Mike” Wheeler – ENFJ

ENFJ Mike Wheeler

Loyal and protective, Michael “Mike” Wheeler is the leader of the group. Like many ENFJs, Mike is quick to sense the needs of others and often takes on the role of mentor or empathizer. He even goes so far as to jump off a cliff to protect Dustin from bullies! Focused on togetherness, Mike aims to keep the group together, even though he can get sidetracked by the complex relationship he has with Eleven. Like most NJ personality types, Mike can sense things going on behind the scenes and trusts his intuitions, even when others don’t have faith in him.

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Erica Sinclair – ENTJ

ENTJ Erica Sinclair

Snarky and sarcastic, Erica provides much of the comic relief in the Stranger Things series. Like many ENTJs, Erica is quick-witted and has no problem telling it like it is – even if her comments are cutting and harsh. She’s also unafraid of taking risks, but she expects compensation if she’s putting herself on the line for others. After all, Erica states, America is a country that “works on capitalism.”

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Martin Brenner – INTJ

INTJ Martin Brenner

Calculating and visionary, Martin Brenner is the mastermind behind Hawkins Laboratory. Like many INTJs, Brenner is a visionary thinker who’s always two steps ahead of everyone else. He’s able to see the potential in Eleven and is willing to do whatever it takes – even if it means breaking the law – to achieve his goals. Brenner is also unafraid of using underhanded tactics to get what he wants. Unhealthy INTJs can adopt an “ends justifies the means” approach to life, however, healthy INTJs will not do anything that violates their conscience or their principles.

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Steve Harrington – ESFP

ESFP Steve Harrington

Charming and outgoing, Steve Harrington is initially the heartthrob of Hawkins High. Like many ESFPs, Steve exudes a natural sense of fun and impulsivity. He enjoys being the center of attention, pursuing his physical desires, and chasing excitement. At first, Steve seems like a typical jock or even a bully. But as the series progresses we realize there’s more to him than initially meets the eye. He can be very caring and protective, especially when it comes to the people he loves. From bully to babysitter, he’s willing to take risks and put his life on the line to protect those that are weaker or younger than he is.

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Billy Hargrove – ESTP

ESTP Billy Hargrove

Rebellious and impulsive, Billy Hargrove is the new bad boy in Hawkins. Like many ESTPs, Billy is a thrill-seeker who’s always looking for the next big adventure. Unfortunately, as an unhealthy ESTP, he looks for excitement and thrills in shallow and ultimately unfulfilling ways. Because of his inner pain over his mother’s abandonment, he doesn’t allow himself to get close to anyone. He’s protective of Max, but his efforts to protect her are seen as domineering and even abusive rather than caring and supportive.

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Eleven – ISFP

ISFP Eleven

Deeply feeling and mysterious, Eleven captures many of the intriguing qualities of the ISFP personality type. Private and quiet, she keeps a lot to herself, and even though she may feel things intensely, she often keeps her true emotions under wraps until she reaches a breaking point. As an introverted feeling type, she evaluates situations based on an internal sense of right and wrong. Even though she’s been raised by psychotic or selfish individuals, she doesn’t emulate their behavior. Instead, she displays a strong sense of morality and compassion, which ultimately leads her to make selfless sacrifices for the people she loves.

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Kali Prasad – ISFP

Kali is Eleven’s “sister” and shares many of the same ISFP personality qualities. She’s an introverted, deeply feeling type who’s quiet and mysterious. Yet she’s also allowed the pain she’s experienced to harden her and she can be manipulative and vengeful as a result. Her moral code pushes her to seek revenge and justice in unconventional ways. But ultimately she has a heart for outcasts and is welcoming to any outsiders, even if they don’t have gifts or special abilities.

Maxine “Max” Mayfield – ISTP

ISTP Max Mayfield

Action-oriented and independent, Max is a force to be reckoned with. Like many ISTPs, she’s a natural rebel who doesn’t follow the rules or conventions of her times. She enjoys skateboarding, playing at the arcade, and indulging in other activities that were considered “unladylike” for girls in the 1980s. She’s also very independent and resourceful, able to take care of herself and even stand up to Billy when he tries to control her. Rational, adventurous, and down-to-earth, she’s a welcome addition to the group of misfits.

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Jim Hopper – ISTP

Jim Hopper ISTP

Chief Jim Hopper is another ISTP personality type. As the chief of police, he’s a natural leader and authority figure. But he’s also an independent thinker who’s not afraid to break the rules or go against the grain. He takes in a lot of information and uses his powers of deduction to solve crimes. But as an Enneagram Eight he’s also quick to anger and can be quite impulsive at times, ultimately saying things he regrets.

Bob Newby – ESFJ

Bob Newby ESFJ

Compassionate and good-natured, Bob Newby captures many of the best qualities of the healthy ESFJ. He’s always looking out for other people and wants to make sure they’re happy and safe. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Will when he goes missing and to comfort Joyce and try to find solutions to the quizzical nature of Will’s visions. While Bob is a feeler, he’s also able to harness his thinking side to master computer programming and coding languages like BASIC. Even though he’s terrified of the demogorgons, he doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line to protect the people he cares about.

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Nancy Wheeler – ESTJ

ESTJ Nancy Wheeler

Practical and down-to-earth, Nancy Wheeler is all about the facts. Rather than trusting her intuitions, like her brother Mike does, she gathers data. What happened to Barb? Where did she go? Who saw her last? It takes a lot of convincing for her to believe in the paranormal events happening in Hawkins, but when she does come to terms, she’s quick to take action and make things happen. Like many ESTJs she’ll put up with a lot of frustration and mistreatment to go after her objectives. For her, she dreams of being a journalist and getting the story, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, she encounters a lot of sexism along the way and has to work twice as hard as her male counterparts. But hard work is something Nancy never shies away from.

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Barbara “Barb” Holland – ISFJ

ISFJ Barb Holland

Organized and detail-oriented, Barb is someone who has a cautious and prepared approach to life. Like many ISFJs, she looks out for her friends and avoids risky or impulsive decisions. She’s the cornerstone of support for Nancy, always being there for her when she needs it. Unfortunately, this can also lead to her own downfall, as her association with Nancy ends up leading her into dangerous territory.

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Lucas Sinclair – ISTJ

ISTJ Lucas Sinclair

Rational and down-to-earth, Lucas Sinclair aims to be the voice of reason among his group of friends. It takes a lot to convince him of the monsters in the Upside Down, or even of Eleven’s powers. He has to see things for himself and only trusts evidence he can observe and verify. While he can be bossy and skeptical, he ultimately wants to support and protect his group of friends.

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Murray Bauman – ENTP

ENTP Murray Bauman

Quirky and insightful, Murray Bauman is the investigator that Barb’s parents hire to figure out what happened to their daughter. While he has unconventional ideas and approaches, his intuition and intelligence help him to get to the bottom of the case. He’s always thinking two steps ahead, which can sometimes make him seem like he’s not really listening to what others are saying. But his unique perspective often helps him see things that others miss (for example, the fact that Nancy and Jonathan had feelings for each other).

Jonathan Byers – ISFP

ISFP Jonathan Byers

Sensitive and artistic, Jonathan Byers is deeply in touch with his feelings and emotions. He’s a gifted photographer who sees the world through his own unique lens and is curious about the quirks and nuances that everyone tries to hide. He has a strong connection to nature and music, which he often escapes to when things in his life get too overwhelming. Like most ISFPs, it’s crucial to Jonathan to be authentic even if it goes against the grain of what society expects.

I couldn’t find an INFJ character, so I created one

INFJ Stranger Things Character

Okay, I’m going out on a limb here and combining two characters for the INFJ personality type. There are no INFJ characters (so far) in Stranger Things, but both Mike Wheeler and Eleven have characteristics that INFJs will find relatable. Mike has the warmth, empathy, and vision of the INFJ, while Eleven has the quiet nature and the ability to sense patterns. INFJs are not as extroverted as Mike, nor are they typically as quick to respond to to the physical world as a sensor-perceiver like Eleven, but they will probably identify with many qualities of both characters.

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  1. Barb could be INFJ (because they are similar to ISFJ and we didn’t really see a lot of her anyway), Will could be INFJ (cuz they are pretty much identical to INFP), and maybe Eleven, since she is super intelligent, plus the whole savior complex thing. Maybe their science teacher also, but I think he gets typed as INTP by most people. I think Winona Ryder is INFJ in real life. I don’t really agree with Mike being an ENFJ because he doesn’t really seem that caring of others. He just seems to really like Eleven, which seems to have a hint of possessiveness about it. I think he might be ESFP, ISTP, or ENTJ. I don’t think Lucas is ISTJ either but I def see some of that vibe. Honestly im not sure what his type is.

  2. I’m flattered! Your ‘INFJ Profile’ features the 2 characters (apart from Dustin) that I would like to be identified with…
    Thank you for a most interesting essay — Myers-Brigg is a Character Reference System that I find more reliable than Astrology. 🙏🏻

  3. I’m not convinced Joyce is an ENFP, but I’d agree with all the other typings you came up with, especially Max (quintessential ISTP!).

  4. As an INFJ who’s best friends are all INFP’s, I really think Will is an INFJ. He is so sensitive to others’ emotions (Fe) and waits to come to a conclusion (judgmental not prospective). He also likes a lot of INFJ media and is basically the Gandalf character in D&D.

  5. Is wrong to want an updated version of this article? Just to see characters like Eddie Munson listed on here, he is definitely an ENFP from what I’ve noticed.

  6. Well, I think Mike is more an INFJ, he understood Eleven’s hidden meanings through her actions quickly: and Lucas is more an ESTJ. Max is more an ESTP (though I like the way you put her as an ISTP). I see more ENTP vibes in Robin, and Jonathan is an INFP. The way he thinks about his hobbies and the people around him make him more a NeSi user than a SeNi user. Anyway, I love this post!

  7. I think Jonathan is more an INFP. His hobbies and his way of thinking about the people around him set him apart from others, make him more a NeSi user (ISFPs often become different for more specific reasons).

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