The Best Indoor Hobby for Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Looking for a new hobby to keep you inspired in 2022? In today’s article, we’re exploring some of the most common favorite hobbies for each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. I hope you enjoy it! And if you have any alternate suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments for other readers.

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Discover the hobby that will inspire and motivate you in 2022, based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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The Best Indoor Hobby for Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

ENFP: Crafting

You are filled with brilliant, imaginative ideas and crafting gives you a channel for bringing them out into the world. Whether you prefer knitting or crocheting, writing and illustrating stories, sculpting clay figures, or building DIY furniture, crafty hobbies like these can be a channel to express yourself in a creative, inspiring way.

Other popular ENFP hobbies: Playing a musical instrument, writing, appreciating art, reading, participating in a community theater, volunteering.

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ENTP: Gaming

You need a hobby that will keep you intellectually engaged and challenged. Try your hand at video games or tabletop games like Risk or Dungeons and Dragons! These mediums allow you to exercise your strategic problem-solving skills while sharing a sense of camaraderie with fellow gamers.

Other popular ENTP hobbies: Researching,  taking online classes, watching movies, reading, vlogging, learning new languages.

INFP: Writing and Reading

INFPs love the written word; whether they’re embarking on a journey into a mind-bending novel or crafting their own story in a notebook. The act of putting their imaginative inner worlds down on paper is often therapeutic and relieving for them. If you’re not feeling up to writing yet, just start with reading fiction. The more you read the more you’ll feel inspired to concoct your own story! A book can also be a doorway to another world, no plane ticket required!

Other popular INFP hobbies: Appreciating art, painting, watching movies, playing a musical instrument, crafting, meditation and yoga.

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INTP: Building 3D Models

You’re someone who likes understanding how the world works and how various objects and ideas fit together. Mental models excite you; but real, 3D models can also be highly engaging. If you’re looking for a solo hobby that works your mind and hands, 3D modeling offers the perfect balance of challenge and creativity. If building 3D models isn’t quite your style, consider coding applications or video games – both offer an engaging mental exercise alongside learning valuable new skills.

Other popular INTP hobbies: Gaming, learning new languages, putting together jigsaw puzzles, researching, reading.

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ENFJ: Analyzing People

Whether you’re analyzing the characters in a television show or asking your friends thought-provoking questions, getting to know the inner workings of others’ minds captivates you. This type of hobby is a great way to pass the time and enrich your understanding of the psychological sphere.

Other popular ENFJ hobbies: Researching, vlogging, dancing, performing, listening to/creating music, reading.

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ENTJ: Starting a Side Hustle

ENTJs are masterful at creating efficient systems, so it makes sense that this type would enjoy starting a side hustle to generate extra cash. If you’re looking for a hobby with the potential for financial reward, finding a way to monetize your skills can be an exciting challenge. Whether you take on writing, inventing, or graphic design, you’ll be sure to use your natural strategic abilities to their full potential.

Other popular ENTJ hobbies: Strategy board-gaming, organizing, investing, exercising, taking a class, reading, researching.

INFJ: Viewing art

Art is a transformative source of inspiration that INFJs can enjoy alone or with others. Whether you’re admiring portraits, studying paintings, or simply appreciating the natural beauty of places like forests or oceans, this type of activity allows for deep introspection while inspiring the imagination to run wild.

Other popular INFJ hobbies: Reading, writing, meditating, researching, taking a class, listening to/playing music.

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INTJ: Researching

Whether you’re diving into the philosophy of Existentialism or trying to understand the inner workings of the human brain, you love the process of gathering new information. If you’re looking for a hobby that keeps your mind sharp and helps you soak up knowledge like a sponge, check out the vast expanse of topics available online or at your local library. Determine to be the master of a theory or concept that could inspire many different avenues of productivity and expression in your life.

Other popular INTJ hobbies: Investing, writing, reading, strategy board-gaming, appreciating art, taking classes, learning new languages.

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ESFP: Performing

You need a hobby that allows you to express yourself and engage with the world in a physical, spontaneous way. Whether you’re trying your hand at singing, dancing, or acting, performing allows you to get into your element and show the world your style, humor, physicality, and/or dramatic flair.

Other popular ESFP hobbies: Playing a musical instrument, cooking, watching and/or playing sports, playing social games, decorating, painting.

ESTP: Competitive games

Being inside doesn’t mean you have to completely shut off your thirst for competition. Whether you’re going toe-to-toe in a game of ping-pong or challenging friends to a round of poker, you love the thrill of competition and will jump at any chance to challenge your mind or body.

Other popular ESTP hobbies: Playing sports, researching, listening to and/or playing music, building/craftsmanship, starting a side hustle.

ISFP: Painting

You need a relaxing activity that allows you to express your lush inner world. Your rich feelings and passion for beauty make you a natural when it comes to creative expression. Even if you don’t consider yourself a talented painter yet, simply experimenting with this hobby can be an outlet for your emotions and your creativity.

Other popular ISFP hobbies: Reading, cooking, writing, dancing, singing, decorating, crafts, photography.

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ISTP: Learning a Musical Instrument

You’re always looking for a way to challenge yourself and experiment with the physical world of objects and experiences. Whether you’re picking up the guitar or taking classes at your local music store, learning an instrument is a great way to exercise your dexterity, mind, and creativity. You never know what could happen or where your musical expertise could take you in the future!

Other popular ISTP hobbies: Gaming, building 3D models, drone racing, building/craftsmanship projects, reading, researching.

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ESFJ: Cooking

You love bringing people together over shared, harmonious experiences. What better way to do this than with a delicious meal? Cooking allows you to embrace the detail-oriented side of yourself that loves flavors, smells, tastes, and textures. It also gives you a way to connect to other people. Bringing your neighbor’s freshly-baked cookies or hosting a dinner party can be an exciting way to get to know people (and impress them with your culinary skills!)

Other popular ESFJ hobbies: Letter-writing, indoor gardening, decorating and/or organizing, interior design, painting.

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ESTJ: Exercising

Your personality type is often touted as being bold and strong-willed, so it makes sense that you would enjoy a hobby that improves your physical power and strength! Whether you’re working on your bench press or just dancing in your living room with your partner, finding fun ways to release tension is sure to be rewarding.

Other popular ESTJ hobbies: Volunteering, building, craftsmanship, playing and/or watching sports, investing.

ISFJ: Indoor Gardening

There’s something deeply satisfying about helping a plant grow and flourish. Many people think gardening is only for the outdoors, but you can bring gardening indoors easily! Create a fragrant window herb garden or invest in some DIY hydroponic planters to truly bring your gardening skills inside. You could also find some indoor trees to improve air quality and add a little bit of nature to your home.

Other popular ISFJ hobbies: Reading, cooking, writing, organizing, decorating.

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ISTJ: Investing

You favor a hobby that has a productive reward. As an ISTJ, your cautious, detail-oriented nature and logical way of thinking give you a perfect mindset for investing. Whether you’re learning about stocks and bonds, exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, or simply pouring over mutual fund returns and market reports, finding a way to invest has all of the benefits of exercising your mind while also bringing in some money!

Other popular ISTJ hobbies: Reading, watching/playing sports, creating and maintaining an aquarium, DIY projects, cooking.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree with these hobbies? What hobbies do you love most? Let us (and other readers) know in the comments!

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Discover the hobby that will inspire and motivate you in 2022, based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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  1. I’m an ISTP and also happen to be a pianist (I started teaching myself the piano before I knew anything about the 16 personalities) and I really appreciate you listed an accurate and brilliant hobby for us rather than the stereotypes like ‘woodworking’.

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