21 Hobbies That INFJs Love

Our Myers-Briggs® personality types describe the ways our minds work, so it makes sense that people with the same type might have similar interests. Everyone is a unique individual with their own preferences for how to spend their down-time, but you’ll often see people with the same type enjoy similar hobbies. Here are 21 hobbies that many INFJs love.

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Looking for a new obsession? Get a look at 21 hobbies that INFJs LOVE. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ
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21 Hobbies That INFJs Love

1. Appreciating Nature

INFJs often love to spend time in nature, especially alone time. A walk in the park, sitting on a beach watching the waves, or hiking up in the mountains is a calming and invigorating experience for many INFJs.

2. Art

Making and appreciating art is another favorite hobby for INFJs. INFJs can often be found wandering art galleries or checking out a local art fair. They also make art through a variety of mediums including painting, sculpting, graphic design, and photography.

3. Conversation

INFJs often enjoy deep, intellectual conversation. I’d never thought about this as a hobby before, but even though we’re introverts, we INFJs thrive on quality conversations. I’ve seen several INFJs say that seeking out good conversations is one of their favorite hobbies.

4. Cooking and Baking

This is one of my personal favorite hobbies, and I’ve seen quite a few other INFJs talk about it as well. Cooking and baking engages our sensing side and it gives us the chance to do something nice for others by sharing the tasty treats we create.

5. Crafting

There are far too many crafting hobbies to mention them all specifically, and INFJs enjoy a wide range. Just a few of the arts-and-crafts related hobbies that I’ve seen INFJs talk about include jewelry making, glassblowing, soap making, flower arranging, and furniture restoration.

6. Cultural Events

Many INFJs appreciate attending cultural events, especially ones in a more intimate or quiet setting. Live theater, concerts, festivals, and similar events appeal to INFJs. Many also enjoy watching movies, either in theaters or in the comfort of their home.

7. Dance

Many people don’t think of Intuitive types as enjoying an activity that demands as much physical coordination as dance. I might trip over my own feet walking down a perfectly straight hallway, but I love dancing and turn (mostly) graceful when there’s music. It’s probably not the most popular INFJ hobby, but I know other INFJs who also enjoy dance.

8. Daydreaming

INFJs love to spend time inside their own heads, so much so that daydreaming is often one of our favorite hobbies. We can spend hours entertained by the ideas and worlds inside our minds.

9. Gaming

Many INFJs find that they enjoy playing games (video games, board games, etc.) either with small groups of friends or on their own. INFJs often enjoy cooperative, RPG, or storytelling games where the emphasis is less on competition and more on engaging with others or participating in a narrative.

10. Gardening

This is one of the hobbies I see INFJs mention pretty frequently. It’s an outdoor activity, which is something many INFJs enjoy, and it also engages our Sensing side by giving us something to do with our hands.

11. Fiber Crafts

Many INFJs report enjoying fiber crafts like knitting, crocheting, and quilting. Some also make their own clothing or sew for specific events like attending a Renaissance Faire (that’s what most of my sewing projects are for).

12. Journaling

INFJs often like to analyze themselves, and journaling is a hobby that lets us do that through writing. It’s also a way to get our feelings and thoughts down on paper so they’re easier for us to deal with.

13. Music

Creating and/or listening to music is a passion for many INFJs. Even those of us who aren’t all that good at making music usually enjoy listening to it, and there are plenty of talented INFJ musicians who compose music, sing, or play guitar, piano, or some other instrument.

14. Outdoor Sports

INFJs often enjoy spending time out in nature and many choose some kind of outdoor sport as a hobby. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and running are all popular hobbies with INFJs.

15. People Watching

INFJs love looking at patterns and we tend to be very attuned to other people’s needs and emotional states. People-watching lets us look at patterns between people and we often enjoy observing how they interact with each other. Part of this is curiosity and part is a desire to understand people and better meet their needs.

16. Reading

This is one of the top hobbies reported when you ask INFJs how they like to spend their time. Many INFJs are voracious readers who consume a variety of fiction and non-fiction books.

17. Researching

This hobby could be lumped in with reading, but INFJs mention it consistently enough that I thought it deserves its own category. Favorite topics can vary widely, but psychology, history, philosophy, and other social sciences seem to be particularly popular fields of study for INFJs who enjoy research as a hobby.

18. Target Practice

One thing that surprised me when I was researching this post was that I came across several INFJs talking about how much they enjoyed archery, skeet shooting, and related hobbies. Most of the INFJs talking about this hobby specified that they shoot at targets rather than going hunting.

19. Volunteering

INFJs are often altruistic individuals who love helping others and/or have a strong desire to forward causes they care about. Volunteering is a great way for INFJs to use their gifts to make the world a better place.

20. Writing

This is another very popular hobby for INFJs. Their favorite writing topics and formats can cover a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Some INFJs write just for themselves, others share their writings with some kind of an audience.

21. Yoga and Meditation

Many INFJs enjoy incorporating some kind of spiritual and/or mindfulness practice into their lives. Yoga, meditation, and similar practices are popular hobbies for INFJs.

Your Turn:

If you’re an INFJ, did your favorite hobbies make the list? Are there any other hobbies you would have added?

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Looking for a new obsession? Get a look at 21 hobbies that INFJs LOVE. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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  1. I’m an INFJ. I agree with all of these, also I’d like to add culture loving. I’m a culture lover.

  2. As an INFJ, I agree with all of the above! I would add travel to the list as well! I love a good road trip exploring somewhere I’ve never been before! National Parks are my favorite..goes along with the love of nature 💚

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