The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENFPs

It has been fascinating to talk to the different personality types and see what each person considers “the perfect gift”. Last week I focused on ESTJs, and they were all about function and practicality. This week I’ve spent a lot of time talking to ENFPs. The stark difference between the two types has been wildly entertaining to see! I’m inspired by how different each person is and by the kinds of things that make them feel loved or appreciated. So if you have an ENFP in your life and you’re deliberating over what to get them for Christmas I hope this list makes your job a little bit easier!

The ENFPs Relationship with Gifts

To an ENFP, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. They can enjoy nearly anything if the giver takes the time to find a personal application. The element of surprise is also important to ENFPs. They’d prefer not to give a detailed list of the things they want because that ruins the surprise for them. They also aren’t as attracted to gift cards or “generic” gifts.  They enjoy being surprised by something thoughtful and personal. They aren’t very materialistic, and some ENFPs admit that they even feel a little guilty receiving gifts, but they do appreciate knowing that someone took the time to find something that has a unique personal or symbolic meaning behind it. Novelty gifts, gifts relating to inside jokes, and experiences were the most appreciated gifts of all.

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENFPs

  1. An Experience

ENFPs thrive on exciting, eye-opening experiences. They would rather have a special moment with someone they care about than a material possession. Experiences that were mentioned the most were vacations, recreational pursuits, dinner out together, going to a concert, a play, or even something as simple as hanging out by the fire with hot chocolate and watching a favorite TV series.

  1. A Mix Tape or CD

The ENFPs I spoke to loved the idea of receiving a mixed CD. These inspirers are often major music aficionados, and they love the idea of finding out what music inspires their loved ones. Try putting together a mix CD with songs that remind you of your friendship with them and they will love it!

  1. A Hand-Written Letter

As I said before, ENFPs aren’t likely to be materialistic. They would rather receive a heartfelt letter than almost any material gift. Being able to see what is really on your heart, or to have a written testament of your friendship and feelings means a lot to them.

  1. Something Hand-Made

Do you have a crafting ability or hobby? Use your skills to make your ENFP something that will remind them of you. They love the personal touch of hand-made gifts. Several mentioned that they love receiving natural items (lucky rocks, hand-picked wildflowers, a collection of sea shells) that reminded the giver of them in some way.

  1. A Book

ENFPs may be extroverts, but they also love to curl up alone with a good book! Books tap into the rich imaginative processes and intuition of ENFPs. Not sure what book to get them? Try gifting them with an Audible or Kindle Unlimited membership!

  1. Artwork or Art Materials

ENFPs are very inspired by the arts and they enjoy escaping into ethereal landscapes, vibrant colors, and creative photographs. Find a piece of framed artwork for a room in their house, a lovely piece of furniture, or a sculpture! Are you an amateur photographer? Try taking some photos and framing them as a gift!

  1. Symbolic Jewelry

If you’re giving your loved one a piece of jewelry just because it’s traditional, think again. What ENFPs appreciate about jewelry isn’t so much the beauty or the fashion appeal, it’s a symbolic meaning or purpose behind the jewelry. Find a necklace that reminds you of the color of their eyes, a birthstone pendant, or a hand-woven friendship bracelet. The price tag isn’t as important as the story behind your gift.

What Do You Think?

Do you love these gift ideas? Do you have any ideas of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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ENFP Gifts

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  1. Great list, especially the letter & experience! Not a fan of hand-made stuff or “trinkets” though…more of a minimalist in design.

  2. Really like this list. The letter was a bit of a surprise for me. Not so sure if I’ll consider that a gift.
    But the element of surprise & the personal applications, personal meaning – that totally nails it.
    Love symbolic jewelry and art pieces.

    1. I would like very practical stuff such as a gift certificate for groceries or cat food for some liquid soap. This frees up money for for traveling.

  3. Strange list to me. I’m an ENFP male so maybe that has an effect. The only things on this list I would want and that would make me feel like someone took the time to think about who I am would be an experience or artwork. The rest would yield the thought “do you even know me?” It is the thought that counts and when someone gives a gift that doesn’t make sense it can actually hurt. I am not a card/letter guy. Can’t stand them really, giving or receiving. They feel disconnected and canned to me, more so with cards. I would rather someone just told me how they feel about me or how I make them feel. Receiving gifts does often feel awkward to me though.

    A book is right out. I do receive books but I don’t have the attention span to get deeply involved in a book. To me they are slow and keep me from expierencing something real. I would rather interact like with a game. The result is a gift that goes completely unused. I read all the time but is normally in the form of research and self improvement. Love the site. I’d be interested to know if maybe gender plays a role. As a male I know I’m in the minority as far as ENFPs go.

  4. I really love philosophical and self improvement books. I also love something that has meaning not necessarily the value. More important, I like to spend time with the people I care about.

  5. The concert, CD, book, and symbolic jewelry ideas are correct! But I also love gifts that are fandom related, heehee… a Lord of the Rings trivia game? PERFECT for me! 😀 I don’t really like hand made gifts unless they’re from my small siblings… and a letter wouldn’t feel like a gift unless it was from a love interest…

  6. 4-6 are great, but I’d rather have a CD of an artist I like. And for Arty jewelry, take me along to choose. Quirky/unique cookbooks are cool too. Cat themed gifts are also a plus.

  7. I would enjoy any of these gifts, however I reallly love it when I get something that I can use (like clothes, giftcards, and money) or maybe something personalized that fits my interests. (ENFP-A)

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