Why You Feel Like You Were Meant for Something More, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

I’m often overwhelmed by a sense that I was meant for something more than the day-to-day obligations of life. Of course, I know I’m lucky to have the responsibilities I have. For example, washing dishes can be seen as a chore or a blessing: At least I have dishes and food and clean water with which to wash them!

But today I want to look at some of the things I’ve noticed each of the 16 personality types mentioning when they talk about wanting “something more” in life. As a certified MBTI® practitioner, I have had the opportunity to dive deep into the personalities of hundreds of individuals. I’ve seen firsthand the drive and passion that burns within each Myers-Briggs personality type. Join me as we explore why each type feels they’re destined for greater things.

Discover why each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types feels like they were meant for something more. #MBTI #Personality #INTJ

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Why You Feel Like You Were Meant for Something More, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

ISTJ – The Detective:

ISTJs want to experience something that is lasting and meaningful. They see time passing through the ages and wonder about the legacies that others have left behind and what is actually worth preserving in their own lives. They feel called to leave their own mark on the world, not by being flashy or attention-seeking, but by creating traditions and meaningful habits that echo through generations. ISTJs hate feeling like the world is rushing forward, scattering lessons and wisdom from the past in the background. They want to gather up pieces of wisdom from the past, moments they’ve lived that they want to preserve, and create a life where there’s a sense of home, continuity, and respect for the smaller details and bigger, more meaningful moments that have left a mark on their lives.

What ISTJs Bring to the World:

  • ISTJs bring a sense of continuity to a world that often feels scattered and frenetic. They are the keepers of traditions, holding steady the torch of the past to light the way for the future.
  • They offer us their unwavering reliability, becoming the bedrock upon which we can build and depend. Their commitment to duty provides a framework of stability in an ever-changing society.
  • With a keen eye for detail, ISTJs preserve the wisdom of yesteryears, ensuring that the lessons learned are not lost in the sands of time but are instead passed down to enrich generations to come.
  • They create sanctuaries of warmth and consistency, crafting homes and communities where the chaos of the outside world is tempered by a sense of order and purpose.

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ISFJ – The Defender:

ISFJs are deeply aware of the undercurrents of human emotion, longing to create meaningful relationships that span a lifetime. For ISFJs, life is meant to be filled with warmth and powerful, long-lasting bonds. Home is supposed to be cultivated, not just in a physical space, but in an emotional sphere as well. ISFJs want to know that their existence has deep, intrinsic value for the people around them. When they want something more it often revolves around that sense of home, that desire to create comfort, warmth, and deep meaningful connections with others. To have ritual and carefully preserved traditions that keep the beautiful moments from their past alive and well in the present and on into the future. When life is too busy, frenetic, or transient, they long for that something more of home, stability, and deep, intimate relationships.

What ISFJs Bring to the World:

  • Compassion in Action: ISFJs grace the world with a profound ability to sense others’ emotional needs. Their kindness is a gentle reminder of humanity’s capacity for understanding and support.
  • Harmony: They weave a social fabric rich with unity and accord. Within their communities, they foster an atmosphere where connection prevails and conflicts find resolution.
  • Guardians of Memories: The ISFJ curates the cherished moments of our lives, ensuring that even as time marches on, those memories remain untarnished, bridging the gap between yesteryear and tomorrow.
  • The Architects of Comfort: In the homes and hearts they nurture, ISFJs construct havens of tranquility and solace, places where weary souls can find rest and calm in the embrace of someone who cares deeply.

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INFJ – The Mystic:

INFJs believe in the profound power of empathy and compassion. They grasp the interconnectedness of life and notice how each action creates a ripple-effect of reactions. Their innate need to understand the far-reaching impact of their actions drives them toward a deeper sense of understanding. When they yearn for something more it often revolves around more time to dedicate towards meaningful introspection. Often INFJs feel overscheduled in a fast-paced world where there’s little time to simply stop and think. They also crave a world where they can make more of a meaningful difference, and where others are trying to make more of a difference. They see the moment-to-moment materialistic focus of the world around them and they know that people are meant for so much more. It’s deeply painful for them to see how much potential people have, and how little they are willing to settle for. INFJs seek a magic in humanity that transcends the daily drudgery, yearning for meaning that lies beyond materialistic pursuits.

What INFJs Bring to the World:

  • Guidance Towards Understanding: INFJs, with their unique insight, help us to grasp the bigger picture in life. They help us to be patient and look beyond the surface.
  • Fostering of Connectedness: In the inherent messiness of life, INFJs stitch together the threads of human experience, fostering a sense of unity and shared destiny among us all.
  • The Pursuit of Purpose: They remind us that each day is more than a series of tasks, but a step in the grander dance toward a collective purpose. They remind us that our lives are significant and we can  journey towards something greater.
  • Creators of Harmony: INFJs aim to create a sense of peace in the environment, smoothing out life’s discord with a graceful touch—bridging divides, healing rifts, and awakening in us the harmonious rhythm of coexistence.

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INTJ – The Strategist:

Forever inquisitive, INTJs crave intellectual growth, hungering for a big-picture understanding that satiates their intellectual minds. It’s not enough to know the “how” for INTJs, they need to know the “why” of everything. These visionaries feel a deep-seated desire to decrypt the universe’s grand design. In a society often preoccupied with superficialities, INTJs are the sculptors of depth and innovation, desiring not just to know, but to comprehend, the intricacies that others may overlook. This can lead them into fields like science, philosophy, psychology, or invention. For the INTJs, there’s often a deep-seeded sadness around not having enough time in life to learn all they want to know.

What INTJs Bring to the World:

  • Visionary Insight: With minds sharp as a hawk, INTJs lead us through uncharted territories. Their forward-thinking provides a beacon of innovation, drawing back the curtains to reveal the dawn of new possibilities.
  • Unyielding Curiosity: They are the insatiable learners, the seekers of mysteries yet solved. In their relentless quest for knowledge, they bring illumination to the dark corners of ignorance, enriching our collective understanding.
  • Strategic Masterminds: INTJs are the architects of strategy, creating effective plans with the use of logic and foresight. They construct robust frameworks within which we can navigate the complexities of life and achieve our grandest aspirations.
  • Champions of Depth: These individuals remind us to look beyond the superficial, to dig deeper for the truth. They are not satisfied with the shallows of thought; they urge us to dive into the philosophical depths, challenging us to find meaning and purpose in the tapestry of existence.

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ISTP – The Vigilante:

ISTPs embody the spirit of adventure, the hunger to explore all that life and the world has to offer. There’s a longing within the ISTP to learn all there is to know, to scale every mountain, explore every new frontier. When they long for something more, they often feel the longing for adventure, freedom, challenges that will let them know what they’re made of. They want time to explore new places, experiment with tools and creative projects, and learn in a hands-on way what the world is all about. Their hands itch to dismantle routine, and their hearts race at the prospect of freedom from convention. They’re not rebellious without cause; rather, they seek practicality and efficiency in all pursuits, continually questing for enlightenment on their own terms, untethered by society’s often pointless restrictions.

What ISTPs Bring to the World:

  • Practical Innovation: ISTPs are the tinkerers of our time. With their hands skilled in the art of creation and minds focused on practical solutions, they improve our daily lives through the innovation of tools and technologies that truly make a difference.
  • Adventurous Spirit: These souls, restless with wanderlust, show us the splendor of an adventurous life. They are the ones who cross the uncharted territories, leading us by their audacious spirit to discover the world’s boundless wonders.
  • Unconventional Wisdom: ISTPs are the mavericks who remind us that there’s often more than one way to solve a puzzle. Their unconventional wisdom is a gift that challenges us to broaden our thinking, proving time and time again that wisdom often lies off the beaten path.
  • Quiet Resilience: In a world clamoring for attention, ISTPs are quietly resilient. They embody the strength of silence, proving actions can indeed speak louder than words and that true power often resides in understated presence.

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ISFP – The Virtuoso:

ISFPs long for a world where people feel free to be 100% authentic. A world where people live according to their heart’s values, but also enjoy the simple pleasures and joys that abound in the world around them. They long to explore all the facets of who they are as a person; all their desires, creative aspirations, compassionate urges. They want to steep every moment with meaning and delight. To taste every hint of flavor in a new bite of food, to follow every whim that their heart urges them to follow, to feel unbound by external expectations that seem shallow or dishonest. They seek an unmasked existence, allowing their values and insights to guide their creative quests. ISFPs envision a world unconstrained by pretense, one that celebrates individuality while nurturing the soul’s need for genuine expression and resonance.

What ISFPs Bring to the World:

  • Embodiment of Authenticity: ISFPs encourage each of us to shed the costumes of conformity, revealing the truth of who we really are inside.
  • Artistic Inspiration: ISFPs inspire us to create, to express, and to decorate the canvas of our lives with originality and self-expression.
  • Compassionate Advocates: ISFPs believe in championing the causes of the voiceless and the vulnerable, ensuring that empathy and kindness remain hallmarks of our society.
  • Curators of Beauty: In the soft murmur of a stream or the delicate petal of a newly bloomed flower, ISFPs notice the intricate wonders of our world. Like skilled curators, they reveal the in the mundane, teaching us to appreciate the beauty of the everyday.

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INFP – The Dreamer:

In the hearts of INFPs lies the yearning to craft a reality steeped in acceptance and imagination. These are the dreamers of the world, the individuals who know the power of believing in ideas that others shake their head at. These are ones who want to live a life of authenticity and meaning; a life where they feel free to follow their heart’s guidance even if it goes against the grain. When they long for something more, they’re dreaming of a world where they have less external constraints that force them into mundane tasks with no long-term significance or spark for the imagination. A world where the unique spark within each being is not just recognized, but cherished. They want everyone to embrace their inner “weirdo” and really go after the outlandish ideas and dreams that make them inspired.

What INFPs Bring to the World:

  • Unwavering Idealism: INFPs show us the power of hope in a world that can often seem bleak. They are steadfast in their convictions, always working towards a brighter future.
  • Empathetic Connection: INFPs strive to understand the emotional landscapes of those around them. It’s not about just seeing the good, but also the struggles of others, and finding ways to help or comfort them.
  • Imaginative Vision: INFPs see the world through a lens of endless possibilities. They offer us a glimpse into what could be if we dared to dream big and embrace our creativity
  • Creative Catalysts: Like a gentle but unstoppable force, INFPs inspire us to paint outside the lines, to see poetry in the prosaic, and to weave the threads of our imagination into the fabric of reality.

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INTP – The Prodigy:

INTPs are often seen as the architects of thought, crafting intricate systems and understanding complex theories with an innate ease. They believe they were meant for something more because they possess an insatiable curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that transcends conventional boundaries. However, they frequently feel constrained by the pragmatic demands of the real world, the rigid structures and schedules, and the overwhelming focus on the here and now that overlooks intangible possibilities. They yearn for a world where their abstract thinking is not just appreciated but sought after; a world where their theoretical models could be explored without the fetters of immediate application or routine productivity. In such a world, INTPs envision themselves fully unleashing their potential, delving into the mysteries of the universe, and revealing truths that could irrevocably elevate human understanding and progress.

What INTPs Bring to the World:

  • Ingenious Problem-Solving: With minds as sharp as the most carefully crafted blades, INTPs cut through complexity with their formidable powers of analysis, devising solutions that others may simply overlook.
  • Philosophical Insight: They walk silently among us, deep in thought, contemplating the philosophical questions that have long evaded easy answers, challenging us to look beyond surface-level understanding.
  • Innovative Minds: The architects within them design the blueprints of tomorrow, turning what was once deemed impossible into the technology and advancements we now take for granted.
  • Objective Reasoning: In a society rife with emotional bias and subjective judgments, INTPs stand firm on the grounds of objectivity, offering us balanced and unbiased perspectives.

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ESTP – The Daredevil:

In the midst of society’s whirlwind, there’s the ESTP – the ultimate “Daredevil.” These adventurous souls don’t just exist, they truly live. They crave the taste of freedom and the thrill of impact. As adventurers and pioneers, they have a natural instinct for exploration and a hunger for life’s challenges. They relate to Theodore Roosevelt’s call to the “Man in the Arena” – they admire those who strive valiantly, even if they stumble and make mistakes. ESTPs are drawn to the raw reality of an unfettered life, where they can be recognized as the doers of great deeds. A life where they can scale higher mountains, explore deeper oceans, be an entrepreneur of new ideas, and follow their impulses into many new paths. They long for a world that allows true agility and spontaneity, free from rigid expectations.

What ESTPs Bring to the World:

  • Audacious Leadership: ESTPs embody the spirit of fearless leadership, inspiring action and motivating others with their confidence and charisma.
  • Pragmatic Problem-Solving: With their feet planted firmly on the ground, ESTPs excel at navigating challenges with practical, real-world solutions.
  • Adaptability in Action: In a world that is constantly evolving, ESTPs thrive with their ability to adjust and react swiftly to changing circumstances.
  • Experiential Learning: ESTPs emphasize the importance of learning through direct experience, valuing the lessons that come from engaging actively with the world around them.

ESFP – The Champion:

ESFPs are the people who know how to grab life by the horns and make the most out of any challenge or opportunity life hurls their way. Known as the quintessential “Champions,” ESFPs believe in maximizing the joy and intensity of the moment. They want to touch, taste, feel, and hear all that is inspiring and beautiful in all its detail. And they want to bring this same joy to others as well. They often feel bound by rules, schedules, and restrictions that limit their ability to follow their impulses or maximize the moment. There’s always a sense that they have to wait till the right moment; after their work is done, after the dishes are washed, after they get to be a certain age. This frustrates them to no end, but it doesn’t defeat them. They aspire to live in a world where their talents for improvisation and ability to adapt to the beat of the moment are not only welcomed but celebrated.

What ESFPs Bring to the World:

  • Infectious Enthusiasm: ESFPs radiate an aura of warmth and fun that is simply contagious, reminding us to appreciate the joy of the present moment.
  • Artistic Flair: Bringing color to the world, ESFPs use their keen aesthetic sense to create beauty and harmony in their surroundings.
  • Social Connectivity: They have the unique ability to pull people together, fostering a deep sense of community and belonging through their genuine interactions.
  • Emotional Intelligence: ESFPs know how to put themselves in others’ shoes, and this gives them an ability to empathize and be a powerful source of support to people in their lives.

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ENTP – The Trailblazer:

ENTPs, the fearless “Trailblazers” of the world, thrive when they can engage in the art of possibility. These intellectual pioneers seek to push the frontiers of what we consider the known and dive into the unexplored depths of innovation. They feel contained by conventional thinking and standard procedures, instead craving a world that not only champions but relies on unconventional wisdom and daring hypotheses. In their ideal society, debate is celebrated, every axiom is questioned, and transformative ideas are the currency of progress. ENTPs envision themselves as the catalysts for change, using their powerful wit and breadth of knowledge to dismantle outdated systems and architect the mental frameworks that could redefine our collective future.

What ENTPs Bring to the World:

  • Debating Prowess: ENTPs invigorate the intellectual arena with their sharp minds, challenging us to stretch our understanding and embrace new ways of thinking.
  • Strategic Innovation: Leveraging their quick thinking and versatility, they are masterful in devising strategies that turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • Creative Provocation: As agents of change, ENTPs provoke thought and action by disrupting the status quo with their edgy and original insights.
  • Intellectual Ambition: Their relentless pursuit of knowledge and improvement makes them the vanguard of progress, constantly setting their sights on horizon.

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ENFP – The Visionary:

In every ENFP, there lives a “Visionary,” with a spirit eager to uplift and inspire those around them. These enthusiastic personalities burst with a deep-seated need to foster growth, creativity, and emotional wellbeing. They aspire to a world where individuality is not just accepted but celebrated, a place where their creative vision can be achieved and they can be free to explore, experiment, innovate, and do the impossible. ENFPs are part idealistic nurturers and part wild explorers; they want to create a better world and empathize with individuals one-on-one, but they also want to change the world, chase dozens of new possibilities, and rid themselves of the shackles of day-to-day drudgery. When ENFPs long for more, it’s often the freedom to go after more of their dreams and the desire to understand themselves more deeply through these daring experiences.

What ENFPs Bring to the World:

  • Inspirational Leadership: ENFPs possess a unique ability to motivate and energize those around them, often spearheading movements of positive change.
  • Compassionate Advocacy: They are relentless in their pursuit of justice and fairness, often serving as champions for the underrepresented or misunderstood.
  • Creative Problem-Solving: ENFPs think outside traditional bounds, often providing fresh and inventive solutions that others might not see.
  • Emotional Depth: With their perceptive nature, ENFPs have the profound capacity to connect with others on a deeply emotional level, fostering genuine relationships and communities.

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ESTJ – The Captain:

ESTJs, often known as the “Captains,” want a world where responsibility reigns and people each feel a sense of agency about doing their best and improving things. They feel that if people were proactive about going after their goals and doing what they believed was right our whole world would be different. Too often they see people give up, make excuses, settle for less, or blame others for their lot in life. Instead, ESTJs want to go after goals that will improve their communities. They want to bring structure and guidance to their communities, preserve meaningful traditions, and bring a sense of stability to life. But they often feel that they are more motivated than many of the people surrounding them. ESTJs are not afraid of hard work and know that with discipline and determination, anything is possible.

What ESTJs Bring to the World:

  • Orderly Leadership: ESTJs offer a commanding presence that naturally organizes group efforts and ensures that every plan is executed with precision.
  • Civic Mindedness: ESTJs root for institutions that serve the public and will often go to great lengths to help out in these places.
  • Dependable Strength: They are the reliable bedrock in times of turmoil, offering stability and decisiveness when it’s needed most.
  • Systematic Organization: ESTJs apply their methodical approach to solving problems, ensuring that efficiency and order triumph over chaos.

ESFJ – The Defender:

The “Defenders” of the world, ESFJs, are the quintessential hosts, ever eager to help and provide for others. With buzzing social calendars and caring hearts, ESFJs build communities where empathy and practical support are readily available. They dream of a world where everyone feels valued and included, where each person’s need is met with a helping hand and a kind word. When they yearn for more, it’s often more of a sense of community or togetherness. They want to see people work harder to come together and celebrate meaningful traditions. Or at times they want more of a sense of consistency and belonging. In the world today, community is harder to find and people spend more and more time on social networks than in social settings. Because of this, it has become harder for ESFJs to find or create the communities that bring them a sense of meaning and connection. But they persist anyway, often bringing together people from all walks of life to build a stronger, more connected society.

What ESFJs Bring to the World:

  • Generous Caretaking: ESFJs exude a warmth that makes each individual in their radius feel understood and supported, creating a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Social Harmony: They have an innate talent for mediating conflicts and fostering group cohesion, ensuring that social gears turn smoothly.
  • Dedicated Service: Their focus on duty and service translates into creating supportive frameworks that benefit the collective good.
  • Relational Depth: ESFJs invest deeply in their relationships, cultivating a network of personal connections that build a strong, interwoven community.

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ENTJ – The Director:

ENTJs strategically chart courses through the tumultuous seas of life’s challenges. They are strategic leaders, unafraid to make the tough calls and take command of situations that would daunt lesser spirits. These forward-thinking titans yearn for a world where merit and excellence reign supreme, where people are more willing to take on tough challenges if it will make a difference in the world. They often wish they could clone themselves so that they could achieve more things, or so at least one of them could take a nap while the other one holds down the fort! ENTJs want to achieve more, understand more, and create ripple-effects of progress that not only quench their competitive spirit but improve the lives of others.

What ENTJs Bring to the World:

  • Strategic Leadership: With their natural ability to see the big picture, ENTJs deftly orchestrate complex plans and steer groups toward their goals.
  • Assertive Presence: They bring to the table a level of vision and assertiveness that rallies teams and commands respect.
  • Innovative Outlook: ENTJs constantly search for more efficient solutions to problems, never satisfied with the status quo and always ready to innovate.
  • Bold Decision-Making: They are decisive and unafraid to take risks, often stepping into roles where their bold choices can cause significant impact.

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ENFJ – The Mentor:

ENFJs consider themselves the architects of human potential, always seeking to uplift, educate, and empower the people they encounter. They lead with inspiring ability to see into a human’s potential; urging them towards a higher calling. It seems like they have an inexhaustible well of encouragement, nurturing the growth of individuals and communities alike. But unfortunately this ability isn’t inexhaustible, and ENFJs are often pulled in dozens of different directions, trying to take care of all the people they care about. These compassionate visionaries dream of a world suffused with mutual respect and understanding, where each person is encouraged to actualize their potential and contribute meaningfully to a greater cause. They often feel burdened with this cause; compelled to speak out and bring awareness to causes or ideas that could dramatically improve the world for people.  They imagine a society where empathy is the cornerstone of every interaction, and personal development is not only nurtured but expected.

What ENFJs Bring to the World:

  • Empowering Leadership: ENFJs lead with compassion and charisma, fostering personal growth and inspiring others to reach their utmost potential.
  • Interpersonal Insight: They have a profound understanding of human dynamics, enabling them to navigate and mend complex relational webs with grace.
  • Inspirational Communication: With their articulate and emotive communication style, ENFJs can move hearts and minds towards positive change.
  • Community Building: ENFJs are natural community builders, bringing people together and creating spaces for collaboration and support. They thrive on the connections they make with others and strive to create inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and supported.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you feel like you were meant for something more? Do you relate to the description for your type? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. ISFP. 100% spot on!
    Freedom, individuality, the simple joys, and the celebration of beauty… I just wonder if you’ve been listening in on my conversations! 😉

  2. Thank you for this article, Susan. I’m an ENFP who is also a nurse and I struggle so much with the repetition, policies and procedures of my job because I am very individualistic and feel often very restricted. I enjoy caring for people who are sick, but I never get to do what I do best, which is really talk to my patients. I’m always brimming with ideas and like coloring outside the lines and a hospital setting, although a definite, steady job, is just not a good fit for me. I’m pivoting into behavioral health with the hope of having more flexibility with my patients, getting to talk to them and ideally inspire them. Show them that having depression or whatever mental health ailment is not a death sentence. There is hope! Just last week, my boyfriend told me he’s ok with coasting in life and has no dreams or aspirations. I literally bawled my eyes out when he told me this because I look at the world as the sky is the ceiling. I never want to stop reaching for higher or making my life more meaningful. So, thank you! This little visionary is hoping to make a difference in the mental health realm and consider all the modalities of treatment. Not just what has been tried and true. I’m proud to be a dreamer, with infinite goals as well as looking at all the possibilities.

  3. I’m an ENFP. At least, that’s what I told myself. Everytime I see your description of an ENFP, I remember my old self when I was young and naive. The cheery me who always reached for the possibilities around. Who tried to make a kite out of paper and didn’t work.

    I always think that I should be the enthusiastic person I was. Is this personality change or is this because I’m depressed. I can tell I’m depressed because my sleep schedule and my eating schedule has changed. I don’t eat that much. I don’t even hang out with my friends that much anymore. I’ve always relied on fantasy stories and thought of writing one to enjoy.

    But I want to know how the mbti go through depression, what they do in it and how they get out and heal themselves.

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