10 Things That Excite the ENFP Personality Type

ENFPs are often celebrated for their enthusiasm and creativity. Natural idea-seekers, these types are always drawn to exploration and discovering the unknown. What things excite these types? What activities or experiences naturally bring them joy? Let’s find out!

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Discover what brings joy to the #ENFP #personality type. #MBTI

10 Things That Excite the ENFP Personality Type

#1 – Raw, Authentic Conversation

ENFPs love it when people get real and discuss their sincere hopes, fears, and dreams. They enjoy solidarity with others and empathizing with shared human experiences.

#2 – Asking “What If?”

ENFPs live to question traditional norms and think outside-the-box. They look at the world around them and generate possibilities and theories that may seem outlandish to some and genius to others. They want to turn things upside down and figure out how an innovative new idea might transform the world.

#3 – The Future

ENFPs are visionaries who thrive when they can imagine future possibilities and opportunities. They get a thrill from discovering a new idea that they’ve never thought of before or envisioning a potential they can’t wait to share with others.

#4 – Spontaneous Adventure

Does the idea of dropping all your plans and jumping on a plane to Australia sound exciting to you? Most ENFPs hate a routine existence and get a rush from switching things up with random, unexpected adventures.

#5 – Unusual Theories

Natural questioners, ENFPs enjoy digging into abstract ideas and concepts with others. Exploring the connections between the unknown and finding new mind-bending discussions is thrilling to them.

#6 – Music

ENFPs find solidarity and inspiration in music that embodies their feelings, moods or lifts their spirits. Whether it’s writing music, playing an instrument, or just listening to the radio, it’s clear that ENFPs have a strong connection to the musical world.

#7 – Art

According to the MBTI® Manual, ENFPs were over-represented in “Appreciating Art” as a leisure time activity. This coincides with what I’ve found from talking to ENFPs, who frequently mention creating art or looking at art as a major inspiration and satisfier.

#8 – Writing

Also in the MBTI® Manual, writing was listed as the favorite leisure time activity of ENFPs. This isn’t surprising since many famous authors like Dr. Suess, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Anais Nin were rumored to be ENFPs.

#9 – New Places and People

Variety and novelty inspires ENFPs and makes them feel like they are truly living. Going somewhere they’ve never been before or meeting people from a different culture or lifestyle piques their curiosity and makes them feel like there are never-ending options to explore.

#10 – Unstructured Time

Having an empty calendar or a weekend with zero plans is stimulating to ENFPs. They like to have a lot of different activities and opportunities available, but they hate being tied down to a schedule that confines them. They would much rather do things spur-of-the-moment than in a planned-out fashion.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Discover 10 things that bring joy to the #ENFP #personality type. #MBTI

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  1. I like the list but I feel there is one activity important to ENFP’s left out: creativity in general.
    Creativity takes many forms, not just writing, music or art.
    Creating my own business or building my dream vacation home were the biggest rushes of my life.

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