The Flirting Style of the ESTP Personality Type

If your dream man or woman has the reflexes of Black Widow and the cleverness of Tony Stark you just might have a thing for ESTPs.

These types are overflowing with charm, enthusiasm, and street smarts. They’re the kind of people you want with you when you’re venturing down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night. They’re also the kind of people you want with you when you want to be swept off your feet and taken on a sensational escape from everyday life. Nothing seems to startle or shock these types – they love fun, action, and a challenge (especially if that challenge is for the man or woman of their dreams).

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Many articles paint ESTPs to be adventurous but rather shallow. But chances are, if you’ve met an ESTP you’ll be attracted to their mind as much as their sense of adventure. They enjoy accumulating facts, troubleshooting, and forming logical connections between various experiences and ideas. Their brainy nature comes in handy during crisis situations when they really know how to shine. The brakes stopped working on your car and you’re headed towards oncoming traffic? Scoot over and let an ESTP take the wheel.

Clever and perceptive, ESTPs often know how to “read” people, and this can make it extremely easy for them to woo you. If you like an ESTP, chances are they’ll know it. If they like you, you’ll probably know it too – after all, mysterious flirting isn’t efficient!

But in case you’re not sure if an ESTP likes you, we’ll be going over some of the signs in today’s article.

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The Flirting Style of the ESTP Personality Type

  1. They Show Off

ESTPs aren’t typically mysterious about wanting to impress you. They’ll lift heavy objects, crack the funniest jokes (winking at you afterwards), and challenge competitors to arm-wrestling matches just to show you their power or wit. My ESTP husband made a point of doing handstands, flips, or stunt car maneuvers as a way to show me his physical prowess when we were dating. It was obvious he was trying to impress me – aaaaand it worked.

Keep in mind, if your ESTP is shy (yes, this can happen) they may be more covert in their methods.

  1. They’ll Help You With ANYTHING

ESTPs want to be good Samaritans (contrary to what many stereotypes say). Got a leak in your roof? They’ll be there with tools. Getting over a friendship break-up? They’ll show up with ice cream, wine, and a warm hug. Have a flat tire and you’re late for work? They’ll be there to save your day. ESTPs want to find ways to practically help the people they’re crushing on. They want to be your hero.

Is there anything more swoon-worthy than that?

  1. They’ll Really Listen to Your Emotions

ESTPs can grow impatient with the emotional ramblings of people they’re not especially close to. But if they care about you romantically, they WANT to know how you feel. In fact, they will put themselves on the line emotionally and try as hard as possible to express their feelings to you. Sometimes this feels awkward to them, but they crave sappiness with their potential partners. They adore love letters, they’ll hold you when you cry, and they’ll try as hard as possible to actively listen when you’re sharing your raw emotions.

Just remember, these types are often afraid to be vulnerable. Give them time to open up about their deeper feelings or emotional wounds – if you pressure them too quickly in the relationship it can scare them off!

  1. They’ll Try to Thrill You

ESTPs want to give you goosebumps. Sometimes this means taking you on the steepest roller coaster in town or playfully stroking your hair while they whisper something in your ear. These types are all about amping up the current experience and making it memorable and intense. They want to embark on an adventure with the man or woman of their dreams. They want laughter, novelty, spontaneity, and rich sensations. And they want to give you that experience as well. They want to feel like they’ve opened your eyes to a new chapter in life that is physically and emotionally captivating.

      5. They’ll Make You Laugh

ESTPs get a major thrill from seeing you laugh. Their rapid alertness to their environment means that they find all kinds of humorous things going on around them that other people miss. Whether they’re impersonating cartoon characters saying over-the-top sexy lines, pranking someone (think Jim Halpert from The Office) or making silly faces at you during a serious board meeting, they’ll find some way to trigger your funny bone.

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  1. My dad is an ESTP and this is a pretty good description of the way he’d behave around those he loved. He was helpful and generous to a fault, and unlike the predominant TP stereotype, he actually had a pretty hard time saying “no”.

    Eagerly awaiting the version of this article for ISFPs!

  2. I can’t find any ISTP article for this ☹️ This was the closest thing, and of course it’s not accurate.

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