7 Reasons Why An #ENFP friend is Completely Unforgettable! #ENFPS #personalitytype #myersbriggs #MBTI

7 Reasons Why You Need an ENFP Friend in Your Life

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When it comes to friendship, each personality type has something completely unique to bring to the table. Some types are empathetic and talkative, while others give practical advice and are good listeners. What unique gifts do ENFPs have to bring to a friendship? Let’s take a look!

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7 Reasons Why You Need an ENFP Friend in Your Life

#1 – ENFPs Will Dream With You

Have a big idea that you think could never possibly be a reality? An ENFP friend thinks outside-the-box and lives to break boundaries. They love hearing about your big dreams and your “crazy” ideas and they’ll get right beside you and believe in you dream with you. They are especially good at coming up with strategies and perspectives to help you make that dream a reality!

#2 – ENFPs Will Get In Your Shoes

ENFPs are very empathetic friends who want to connect with you on a deep and meaningful level. They’ll try to imagine where you’re coming from when you talk about your life and empathize by “getting in your shoes” and trying to figure out how you’re feeling in a personal way.

#3 – They’ll Be Real With You

ENFPs don’t have any patience for phoniness or insincerity. While they’ll try to be as kind as possible in their communication, they also strive for authenticity in everything they say. They’re the kind of friend who can compassionately “tell it like it is”.

#4 – They’ll Brainstorm Solutions With You

Have a problem that seems insurmountable? Not sure what you want to do with your life? ENFPs are excellent brainstormers who love to find novel solutions to especially tricky challenges. Many ENFPs even get a thrill by being surrounded by chaos and having to find unique, creative “fixes”. They are good at coming up with ideas that are new and innovative, and they’ll appreciate you asking for their help!

#5 – ENFPs Have a Sense of Adventure

ENFPs are drawn to new and novel environments, cultures, and experiences. Being exposed to anything new and different stimulates their intuition and gives them new ideas and inspiration for life. If you want a friend who will be up for a trip across the world, an innovative business idea, or any other adventure, you’ll find a true “partner in crime” in an ENFP.

#6 – ENFPs are Open-Minded

If you want a friend who won’t try to “put you in a box” or expect you to conform to a traditional standard than an ENFP is the one you need. These individuals are drawn to misfits and people with unusual views and interests. And hey, if you’re not odd or quirky, that’s okay too!

#7 – They Bring Imagination to the Friendship

ENFPs are filled to the brim with imaginative ideas and dreams. Just being around them is often an inspiring and eye-opening experience. The world seems bigger, possibilities seem more endless, and you get the feeling that anything is possible. This is probably one of the reasons that ENFPs are referred to as “inspirers” and “champions” in many type descriptions!

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7 Reasons Why an #ENFP Friend is Completely Unforgettable! #Myersbriggs #personality #MBTI #friendship
7 Reasons Why An #ENFP friend is Completely Unforgettable! #ENFPS #personalitytype #myersbriggs #MBTI

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