10 Signs You Might be an Introverted Feeler #INFP #ISFP #ENFP #ESFP

10 Signs You Might Be an Introverted Feeler

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When it comes to personality typing, the most effective way to type yourself is to understand the cognitive functions. For example, a lot of IFPs mistype as IFJs. This wouldn’t happen so often if tests and indicators asked questions that determined use of introverted feeling (Fi) or extraverted feeling (Fe). FPs use introverted feeling in the dominant or auxiliary position, and TJs use introverted feeling in the tertiary or inferior positions. FJs us extraverted feeling in the dominant or auxiliary position, and TPs use extraverted feeling in the tertiary or inferior positions.

So What Is Introverted Feeling?

Introverted feeling is a judging function. This means that it is what FPs use when they decide. It involves a deep awareness of one’s own values, morals, ethics, and emotions. Fi-users seek internal harmony and strive to live in accordance with a very personal set of values that are usually very private.

10 Signs You Might Be an Introverted Feeler

#1 – Authenticity Is Extremely Important to You

You are determined to be “real” and honest in the way you live your life and interact with other people. Phony social niceties and small talk drive you crazy. When you spot insincerity from other people it’s an instant turn-off.

#2 – You Get Gut Feelings Pretty Quickly That Something is Right or Wrong

You don’t always know where these feelings are coming from, but you get a strong “intuitive” hunch when something is out of line with your ethics and values. You become anxious and might even feel sick if you do something that goes against your values.

#3 – You’re Private About Your Emotions

Someone has to earn your trust in a big way before you’ll share your deepest feelings and values with them. You hate when you cry in front of people.

#4 – You Are Individualistic

You don’t really care so much what society or culture says you should look like or dress like. You like having your own unique tastes, styles, and preferences that feel true to you.

#5 – You Don’t Want to Force Your Values on Others

Everyone has a right to their own unique set of values. Unless someone is hurting someone else or being a bully you don’t feel comfortable asking other people to conform to your set of morals and ethics.

#6 – On the Outside You’re Easygoing. On the Inside You Have Strong Convictions.

To others you might seem tolerant, open-minded, and accepting. On the inside, however, you hold yourself to a strict set of morals and core beliefs that you strive to remain true to no matter what opposition you face.

#7 – You’re Not an Open Book

Even if you are friendly, sociable, and outgoing, there’s a part of yourself that you tend to keep private and internalized. Some people might call you “mysterious” or “enigmatic”.

#8 – You Dislike Critiquing People and Being Critiqued

Who you are is not for someone else to judge, and you feel uncomfortable judging other people or evaluating their performance. You feel like everyone has their own unique gifts to bring to the table and it doesn’t feel right to make judgments about how they do things unless it’s hurting someone else.

#9 – You Crave Freedom

You dislike conforming to a set of rules and structures that have been made by someone else. You love traveling, exploring, experimenting, and being independent. You hate being controlled or trapped.

#10 – You Can Instantly “Step Into Other People’s Shoes”

You’re good at picking up on emotions and other people’s feelings, especially one-on-one. You may even notice how others are feeling before they do!

What Do You Think?

Do you relate to these signs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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10 Signs You Might Be an Introverted Feeler #INFP #ISFP #ENFP #ESFP

10 Signs You Might be an Introverted Feeler #INFP #ISFP #ENFP #ESFP

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  1. I know I’m weighing in late here, but I’m wondering how much of this is written from an NFP perspective. I am an SFP, and while I relate to much of these points, the descriptions leave me feeling a bit cold, and even doubting whether I have Fi so high up in my cognitive stack.

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