ENTJs are known for being determined, visionary, and logical. These tough thinkers tend to appear as the quintessential “Type A” personalities. In relationships, they can either intimidate or attract mates because of their strong, direct personalities. Their confidence is often seen as sexy, but their firm, opinionated nature can also scare away more bashful individuals. What do ENTJs want in a relationship? What do these strongly independent types need in a partner? Let’s take a look!

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10 Things ENTJs Want in  Relationship

#1 – Respect

ENTJs know how to laugh at themselves and loosen up, but in a relationship respect is key. That means being honest, listening to their ideas with an open mind, and respecting their values and goals.

#2 – Honesty

ENTJs are no-nonsense people who have no patience for manipulation or dishonesty. Game-playing and two-faced behavior is one of the biggest turn-offs to them. If they get even a whiff of phoniness or emotional trickery, they’re likely to second-guess the relationship.

#3 – Loyalty

Once ENTJs decide to commit to someone, they’re usually in it for the long haul. Disloyalty, wishy-washy behavior, and infidelity are rarely tolerated.

#4 – Physical Affection and Attraction

When it comes to love languages, physical affection ranks very highly for ENTJs. ENTJs aren’t generally the most affectionate people with acquaintances, but when it comes to their spouses and partners they like a lot of intimacy.

#5 – Curiosity

ENTJs have a strong sense of wonder and curiosity about theories, possibilities, and future implications. They want to be with a partner who is open-minded and curious about the world and has a desire to discuss opportunities, ideas, and dreams together.

#6 – Shared Values

ENTJs may not talk about their values a whole lot, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. ENTJs, especially as they get older, tend to develop strong values and beliefs that they adhere to in every aspect of their lives. While they may not constantly discuss these, it’s important to them to be in a relationship with someone who is on the same page with them about what they believe is right and wrong.

#7 – Practicality

ENTJs are big-time visionaries and innovators, but they’re also extremely pragmatic. They want a partner with a steady head on their shoulders and an ability to take what life throws at them. They dislike drama, people who search for it, or create it. They also dislike it when people are so focused on their emotions or feelings that they can’t put them aside to “get the job done”. Being able to handle life and take things in stride is very important.

#8 – Confidence

ENTJs tend to be confident, and they respect this same attribute in their partner. They generally don’t like having to feed someone’s ego or grapple with another person’s insecurities and pleas for attention. They enjoy being in the company of someone who has their own goals, ambitions, and dreams and doesn’t need their self-esteem catered to.

#9 – A Sense of Adventure

ENTJs are big-time dreamers and visionaries (via intuition), and they also have tertiary Extraverted Sensing (Se). As a result, when they’re feeling especially playful or creative they enjoy taking risks and challenging themselves. When they get a big idea or vision for the future, they like to go for it with gusto, regardless of the risk. They want a partner who’s willing to stick alongside them no matter how hard it gets.

#10 – Intellectual Stimulation

ENTJs are drawn to intellectual pursuits, questions, theories, and abstract ideas. They like to analyze out-loud with other people and question commonly accepted traditions and beliefs. They want a partner who can spar with them mentally and engage with them on an intellectual level. They will grow weary of conversations that revolve around celebrity gossip, small talk, shopping, or details that don’t have a deeper meaning or purpose.

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What do #ENTJs really want in a relationship? Find out! #MBTI

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