Here’s Your Secret Strength, Based on Your Personality Type

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ISTJ – Your Laser Attention to Detail

If somebody thinks they can pull the wool over your eyes for a second, they’re wrong. You’ll remember the patterns of their past behavior, their weaknesses, their strengths, and you’ll know exactly when they’re trying to manipulate or “con” you. You may seem quiet and studious, but you notice so much more than people give you credit for.

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ISFJ – Your Awareness of Change

You notice when something is out of place faster than just about any other type. You are also keenly aware of changes in body language and tone of voice. This gives you an innate ability to notice when someone is trying to hide something or when someone has hidden motives.

ESTJ – You Are Always Prepared

When the ship is capsizing or someone is trying to foil your plans, you have a contingency plan. In fact, you probably have contingency plans for your contingency plans. You have an agenda, a plan B, a plan C, and the determination and confidence to surpass whatever obstacle comes your way.

ESFJ – You Know What People Desire

You have an innate ability to sense what people want, need, and value. You are keenly aware of the emotional “temperature” of the people around you and can pick up on their motives and agendas. This can be a handy tool when two opposing parties need to come to a compromise, or you need to find a “win-win” solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. It also means that when someone is trying to manipulate you to get something they desire, you’re very likely to know when it’s happening.

ISTP – You Are Underestimated

Because you don’t go around blurting out your thoughts and plans to any and everyone, people tend to underestimate how much you really do know. But unbeknownst to them, underneath your reserved demeanor, you have a library of accumulated knowledge, tactics, and experience at your disposal. At just the right moment, usually, when someone is getting too cocky or patronizing, you pull out an extremely scathing, accurate one-liner that completely floors them (and everyone else around).

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ISFP – Your Inner Passion and Resolve

You may appear modest and reserved, but what people don’t know is that underneath your quiet demeanor is a fiery passion. You believe in being your best self, in fighting for your cause, and in standing up for the underdogs of the world. If someone threatens or violates one of your core values, or a person you care about, the sheer intensity of your passion can be an intimidating foe.

ESTP – Your Quick Reflexes

As an ESTP you are totally immersed in the moment and hyper-aware of what’s happening around you. If someone tries to take you by surprise, they will be sorely disappointed. Your intense awareness of the environment, combined with your natural physical grace, makes you a force to be reckoned with.

It also doesn’t hurt that, no matter how chaotic things are, you have the ability to quickly size up the situation and solve problems without losing your head!

ESFP – Your Resourceful Optimism

You have an innate grasp of what’s going on around you, and what resources are at your disposal. When the situation is dire and there seems to be no way out, you embrace hopefulness rather than despair.  You don’t waste time catastrophizing about what could go wrong, you work on fixing the problem that’s right in front of you.

INTJ – Your Strategic Vision

You may seem quiet, and your intuitive predictions might confuse or puzzle other people. But when calamity strikes, your insight into the underlying meaning of things combined with your laser-sharp logic is invaluable. You find original and ingenious solutions to problems using your big-picture vision and strategic planning abilities.

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INFJ – Your Ability to Operate Outside the Box

You don’t care much for tradition or simplicity. Your ability to question everything, ask “what does this really mean?”, and see what’s going on beneath the surface makes you an indispensable ally. You are able to see patterns, future implications, and underlying meanings that others easily miss. You believe that the impossible just takes a little longer and you are fearless in breaking apart limited thinking and constraints.

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ENTJ – Your Visionary Determination

You have an ambition and determination that is virtually unstoppable in its power. You are excited by challenges, the unknowable, and the possible. With your decisiveness, logical thinking, and ability to organize and plan effectively, almost any goal can be yours. If anyone tries to get in the way of your vision or plan, they will soon learn that “giving up” isn’t part of your vocabulary.

ENFJ – Your Insight Into the Motivations of Others

As an ENFJ you can see past personas and façades to the inner desires and drivers of the people around you. When people need an inspirer who will connect to them on an intimate, personal level, you’re the one who can make them feel heard, even when you’re speaking to a group of hundreds. So follow in the footsteps of famous ENFJs like Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou, and go and transform the world around you!

INTP – Your Ability to Solve Mysteries

No puzzle is too confounding for your analytical brain. Mental challenges and contradictions energize you and set your mind whirring with possibilities and connections. You can piece together clues and see hidden connections that others might not consider. When others run out of solutions using the traditional methods, you’re the one they call on to analyze all the complexities and find precise, accurate solutions.

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INFP – Your Ability to Be a Human Lie-Detector

As an INFP, you are a master of a mental process called Introverted Feeling (Fi). This process gives you a keen awareness of the emotional safety of others and their levels of sincerity. Almost nothing is more important to you than authenticity, so from an early age you learn to detect sincerity (or lack thereof) in others. When we need to know who to trust, you’re the one we should be calling on.

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ENTP – Your Ability to See Random Connections

ENTPs like you use a process called trans-contextual thinking. This means that your neocortex is active all over, and each region has a high amplitude and is out of synch with the others. Why does this matter? Well, this unique style of thinking enables you to look for answers to problems in unusual, random, and varied parts of the brain. This way, you can find creative, surprise solutions to problems that other people tend to miss.

ENFP – Your Innovative Mind

When the traditional method fails to solve a problem, your imaginative mind is up for the task. You are not afraid to challenge traditional methods, try new techniques, and experiment with possibilities and theories to discover unexpected ideas. You are drawn to the atypical, the surprising, and the novel. Your creative mind and desire for originality give you solutions to some of the most confounding dilemmas.

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