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Here’s How You Help Others, Based On Your Personality Type

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As an ENFP you desire to protect the individuality of the people around you. You believe in supporting the underdogs and connecting with the “realness” of each person. You let people be themselves without judgment and you shed pretense in order to empathize and bring comfort to others. You also have a gift for seeing possibilities and creative solutions to inter-personal issues people are dealing with.

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As an ENTP, you help people by analyzing situations and finding creative, efficient solutions. You are gifted at troubleshooting and understanding how systems work – you can take a problem apart and look at it from many angles to find ingenious solutions. You can explain complex problems in a concise way, quickly getting to the root of the problem and making it easy for other people to understand. You are also good at helping people find out-of-the-box possibilities they may not have considered before. People learn to depend on you in chaotic situations when they need a creative yet logical mind.

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As an INFP you help people by deeply empathizing with their humanity and putting yourself in their shoes. You are good at seeing patterns and trends for how people live life and you use your imagination to understand what it’s like to really be them. You connect with their humanity and you look outside-the-box to find solutions for their problems. You don’t ask anyone to put on a facade or wear a mask.  You look at people and say, “I want to hear your darkness – I want to hear your pain – I want you to know that you’re not alone.”

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As an INTP, you help people by interpreting many possible meanings and outcomes to a situation or event. You step back, look at a problem objectively, and generate a flood of ideas and solutions that you internally narrow-down into “what works”. You’re honest with people and give them the accuracy and effective long-term solutions that they really need when a problem just seems too complex. You like challenging your mind and finding unique solutions. You’re the one people turn to when traditional avenues fail them.

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As an ENFJ, you help others by getting powerful insights into how the future will play out for them. Using this information you find ways to help them achieve their goals or realize a vision that they could reach someday. You believe in harnessing human potential, whether one-on-one or on a massive scale. You easily get a sense that something will or won’t work and you have a unique ability to “see” a person’s potential and special gifts. You also provide empathy and hope to people who are struggling to see their own unique strengths.

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As an ENTJ, you help people by envisioning their potential and giving them the truth about whether something will or won’t work for them. You believe human strength or ability is a terrible thing to waste and you don’t mind cutting through “tactfulness” to let someone know if they are wasting their gifts. When people come to you with their problems, you don’t just give them sugar-coated platitudes, you offer real, working solutions. Your advice isn’t always “easy”, but it’s usually wise to take it either way. You offer pragmatic yet visionary guidance and effective long-term solutions.

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As an INFJ, you help people by taking on their emotions and feelings and understanding exactly where they are coming from. Many typologists call your gift something akin to clairvoyance and it’s not surprising. You have a remarkable ability to “absorb” emotions and you use this gift to understand the emotional depths of the people around you in intricate detail. You are willing to go to places emotionally that many other types try to avoid. Just remember to give yourself regular alone time so you can avoid getting overwhelmed by too many of the feelings of others.

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As an INTJ, you help people by finding logical, innovative solutions to their problems. You are skilled at streamlining a task and creating effective, sequential ways to achieve goals. When people are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of their direction, you look at the situation objectively and create a strategic plan that will dig them out of the hole they feel trapped in. You give people honesty, direction, and a regained sense of control over their lives.

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As an ESFP, you help others by creating positive experiences. You seem to have an innate grasp of what would make people smile, laugh, or get a thrill. You notice enjoyments and opportunities all around you, and you bring those experiences to the forefront of other people’s lives. Whether you’re telling the perfectly-timed joke, helping out when your friends are in a fix or taking your family on an adventure, you know how to make life feel like it’s truly being lived to the fullest extent possible. You help others by being authentic, compassionate, and reminding everyone of the beauty every moment has to offer.

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As an ESTP you help others by providing practical help in times of chaos. You have a gift for troubleshooting, thinking on your feet, and tackling a problem from new, innovative angles. You are quick to take a problem apart and test different solutions to find leverage points for maximum impact and effectiveness. When everyone else is panicking, you’re the one who steps up to the plate calmly, ready to tackle whatever formidable problem is ahead of you.

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As an ISFP you help others by queuing in on their practical needs and their deeper emotions. You are in tune with your environment and can act quickly in a crisis to make sure everyone’s needs are met. You have a gift for responding to chaos with a clear head, taking tactical action and finding expedient solutions. Aside from your practical skills, you also have a gift for empathy and compassion. You identify and defend the values of others, and hold space for people who are struggling. You realize that everyone has their own unique path in life and you provide open-minded, sincere support to the people you care about.

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As an ISTP you help others by providing both logical and tactical support in times of chaos. You are incredibly tuned into what is actually going on around you and you can quickly find hands-on solutions in times of crisis. Your ability to stay calm, objective, and level-headed makes you a person people to turn to as a source of strength and mental ingenuity. You are good at stepping back when other people are panicking and finding precise, logical solutions to current problems.

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As an ESFJ you help others by tuning into their feelings and providing empathy and practical support. You are skilled at making people feel included and involved and you quickly notice if someone needs to be “brought into the fold” or comforted. You enjoy praising people’s accomplishments and efforts and you also enjoy listening to their troubles and feelings. You want people to feel “at home” in your presence and you achieve this by staying tuned into their practical needs and creating a warm, harmonious environment.

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As an ESTJ you help others by providing lessons and wisdom you’ve gleaned from your life experience. You have a memory for what works in the real world, and as you go through life you constantly store every lesson you learn, every tip or trick that’s ever been effective. In times of crisis, you use this storehouse of solutions to provide support and practical direction to the people you care about. Your loyalty and devotion, as well as your calm, level-headed nature, makes you a source of great strength to many.

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As an ISFJ you help others by tuning into what is important to them. You create a sense of unity and harmony within a group and recognize the importance of shared values and traditions. You are good at peacemaking, attending to practical needs, and listening to people who are struggling. You work hard to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth and you preserve the values and traditions of your community. You believe in upholding the memories and beliefs that are important not only to you but the people you care about.

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As an ISTJ you help others by noticing when something isn’t working right and carefully finding the source of the problem. You are good at taking apart a situation or object and systematically working on it till there’s a lasting solution. When people are feeling perplexed by an especially big project you are gifted at structuring and organizing the steps into an easy-to-follow format. Along with all of this, you are also deeply loyal and devoted to your loved ones. You take you responsibilities and commitments seriously and work hard to make sure that everyone’s practical needs are met.

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Find out how each #personality type helps the people they care about. #MBTI #Personalitytype #Myersbriggs #INFJ #INTJ #ENFP

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