7 Reasons Why You Need an INFJ Friend in Your Life

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”
– Saint Basil

Each personality type has special gifts to bring to any friendship or relationship. I’ve had a lot of requests to write about friendships with each  type, so I thought I’d start with the types that visit my blog the most: The INFJs. What strengths and unique qualities do they bring to a friendship? Let’s find out!

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7 Reasons Why You Need an INFJ Friend In Your Life

#1 – They Are Good Listeners

INFJs enjoy deep, meaningful conversations and are able to listen for sustained periods of time as long as the conversation isn’t coasting on superficial, shallow subject matter. If you’re going through a bad breakup, or you can’t figure out your purpose, or you’re going through an existential crisis, the INFJ is an excellent and patient counselor who will listen without interrupting or getting bored.

#2 – They Are Extremely Empathetic

INFJs have a tendency to “absorb” the emotions of the people around them. When you’re in pain, they feel your pain. When you’re happy, they’re overjoyed for you. If you want to talk to someone who will really try to see your perspective, get in your shoes, and understand where you’re coming from, the INFJ is an excellent choice.

#3 – They Can Inspire and Motivate You in Your Future Plans

INFJs are visionary idealists who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and make grand plans for the future. If you have a dream and you want someone to motivate you in that dream, an INFJ is definitely very capable. They’re also good at seeing strategic ways to make your hopes and possibilities as likely as possible.

#4 – They’ll Show Up When Promised

If an INFJ says they’re going to be there for you, they will be there for you. They’ll show up on time, remember important plans, and they won’t be wishy-washy about your friendship. They are usually extremely loyal, devoted, and reliable friends.

#5 – They Bring Imagination to the Friendship

Not sure if your idea is “crazy”? Need an imaginative solution to a problem? Need someone who can see everything from 100 different perspectives? You can count on an INFJ to listen to all those crazy ideas, enter your imaginative mental playground, and daydream with you without limits.

#6 – They’ll Get Creative With You

INFJs are naturally creative and drawn to originality and novelty. Want to spend the day writing short stories or coming up with innovative business plans? Whether it involves paint, pen, clay, drama, or entrepreneurship, INFJs love anything creative and one-of-a-kind.

#7 – INFJs Are Natural Harmonizers

Are you stuck in a conflict you can’t see a way out of? Do you feel like your friendships are full of arguing and needless offense? INFJs are excellent peacemakers who are good at seeing both sides of a situation in a conflict. Unless one of their core values has been violated (which you should never do!), INFJs will try to see the best in everyone in a given situation. They hate conflict and will avoid creating it in a friendship unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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7 Reasons Why An #INFJ friend is AWESOME! #personalitytype #personality #myersbriggs

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  1. I’ve dated two INFJs for long time periods and pretty much none of this has been true. Am I meeting broken INFJs?

    1. Well, there are a couple of possibilities. One is that you dated unhealthy INFJs, and unhealthy INFJs will definitely not appear at all in the same way as healthy or even average INFJs. I have an article about unhealthy INFJs here on the site somewhere. The other (big) possibility is that they were mistyped. As an MBTI® practitioner, about 90% of the people who come to me and say they are INFJs are not. Most people are typed via online tests and get inaccurate results that way.

      1. I think that the best free personality test is at personalityhacker.com – but, as always, it’s most effective if you can talk to a practitioner. You can do this through personality hacker or you can do this through the official Myers-Briggs® system. Hope this helps!

    2. My BEST friend in the entire world is an INFJ, and I am a ENFJ, and I can tell you everything she says about both of us is absolutely true. She is the best listener and I lover her so much. She is basically my sister!!

  2. I’m an ENFJ and one of my best friends of the past two years is an INFJ. I appreciate how loyal she is, supportive, and empathetic. One of my biggest goals, and challenges, is to fully embrace and be myself. And she has helped a lot with this by validating my strengths and giving me a person to relate with about how deeply I think about relationships and life. Appreciate your posts, Susan! They’ve helped me a lot!

    1. Same here, I’m ENFJ, my best friend is INFJ. We are the best of friends and she always comforts me when my self-criticism kicks in. We didn’t see each other for a year, and nothing changed.

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