Here’s the Animal You’d Be, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal would sum up your Myers-Briggs® personality type? Today we’re going to explore (in a rather lighthearted way) which animal best fits your unique personality type. Keep in mind, we can only understand a small amount of what really goes on in an animal’s mind, so this is post is mainly theorizing based on the limited information we have. Let us know what you think when you’re done reading!

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Here’s the Kind of Animal You’d Be, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

ENFP – The Dolphin

Smart, friendly, and curious – dolphins capture many of the personality traits we love about ENFPs. These marine mammals are very creative and inventive, finding unique ways to capture fish and survive. For example, they sometimes wear sponges on their noses to protect themselves near rocks. They’re also capable of playing, tumbling, leaping, and socializing for enjoyment and fun. Like ENFPs, their creativity knows no bounds!

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ENTP – The Chimpanzee

Intelligent, innovative, and adventurous – chimpanzees embody many of the strengths of the ENTP personality type. They creatively build, invent games, enjoy playing, and have complex social relationships. Their innovative nature gives them the capacity to create their own spears to hunt for prey or even use long branches to dig for termites. This ability to adapt to their environment, be resourceful, and communicate with others in their troop reminds us of the sociability and imaginative intelligence of the ENTP.

INFP – The Asian Elephant

Compassionate, wise, and even sentimental, we couldn’t imagine a better fit for the INFP personality type. These gentle giants are one of the only animals that show a great capacity for empathy. Researchers have watched female elephants help baby elephants climb up muddy banks or out of holes. They’ve seen elephants assisting others that are injured, pulling out tranquilizer darts, or even spraying dust on each other’s wounds. These empathic animals even mourn their dead and comfort other elephants that are mourning. On top of this, elephants are creative – they work together to solve puzzles and can even paint portraits!

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INTP – The Green Anole Lizard

Clever, adaptable, and curious, these beautiful lizards capture some of the brain-power and critical thinking skills common of INTPs! They have shown an ability to count, problem-solve, and modify their learning depending on their environment. Some herpetologists believe that anoles are so intelligent and quick to learn because they’ve lived in complex environments where insects are difficult to capture.  Like INTPs, they adapt to their environment and find innovative, creative ways to stay at the top of their game.

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ENFJ – The Arabian Horse

Gentle, intelligent, and persistent – Arabian horses capture many of the strengths of the ENFJ personality type. These dazzling horses are known for their responsiveness to humans. In fact, they’re one of the best horses for families and children and can often recognize and respond to human emotions. They are also known for their passionate spirit – their endurance is considered higher than any other racing horse. When they have a goal there’s nearly nothing that can stop them – much like the ENFJ.

ENTJ – The Cheetah

Self-sufficient, determined, and insightful about their prey – cheetahs capture the restless, ambitious spirit of the ENTJ. Known to be hard-working and somewhat impatient, ENTJs would appreciate that cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world – sometimes reaching 112km/h in just three seconds! Like ENTJs, cheetahs also value autonomy, freedom, and a prepared responsiveness to life.

INFJ – The Humpback Whale

Empathetic, protective, and even introverted – these gentle giants are the closest animal we could find to embodying the INFJ personality type. Unusually protective of even those outside their species, they will deliberately interfere with attacking killer whales to help others in distress – helping animals like gray whale calves, seals, and other sea creatures. Peace-loving and known for their complex songs, these animals capture the compassionate, insightful nature of the INFJ.

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INTJ – The Octopus

 Creative, clever, and strategic, the octopus captures the outside-the-box intelligence of the INTJ. These invertebrates are powerful hunters, strategically creating ways to outsmart predators. They can navigate their way through mazes, solve problems quickly, and even play – which is a clear sign of animal intelligence. They think quickly, using their pincers to grasp food and tear it apart or ejecting an inky cloud of darkness to evade predators.

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ESFP – The Blue and Gold Macaw

Loving, playful, and bright – the blue and gold macaw is known for its big personality and so are ESFPs! Like ESFPs, these particular macaws are adaptable, adventurous, and quick learners. They love to socialize and enjoy interacting with a variety of people. Highly observant, they enjoy being surrounded by people they love and new and interesting landscapes.

ESTP – The Fox

ESTP The Fox

Adaptable, smart, powerful – the fox embodies many of the natural strengths of the ESTP. Like the ESTP, foxes trust their instincts and use their quick-thinking skills to survive and succeed in life. They are ceaselessly curious, playful, and often friendly – especially if they’ve been raised among humans. Just don’t get near these playful creatures – sometimes they (foxes, not ESTPs) can carry rabies!

ISFP – The Leopard

ISFP The Leopard

Elusive, empathetic, and striking – the leopard captures the enigmatic nature of the ISFP. Like ISFPs, these big cats enjoy their solitude but have an unusual empathy for other creatures at times. During a National Geographic programme called ‘Eye of the Leopard’, a wild leopard killed a baboon in order to feed herself. However, once she noticed the infant baboon clinging to its mother, she groomed and cuddled the baby throughout the night as if it were her own cub.  Like the ISFP, the leopard is cunning, resourceful, and likes its space and alone time.

ISTP – The Crow

Resourceful, independent, intelligent – the crow exemplifies many of the strengths of the ISTP. Like ISTPs, crows are excellent problem-solvers and masters with tools. Some crows can form probes and hooks from sticks and leaf stems to poke into the crowns of palm trees. Others gather nuts from trees and place them on the street for cars to crack open. When a crow dies, the other crows will gather around the crow to find out what killed the member. Then, they will band together and chase predators down in a behavior called “mobbing.” Their cleverness, curiosity, and craftsmanship abilities remind us of the ISTP intellect.

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ESFJ – The Vampire Bat

ESFJ Vampire Bat

Nurturing, practical, and surprisingly smart – the vampire bat might seem like an odd choice, but it actually makes sense. These often underestimated creatures have a giant neocortex which allows them to have complex social bonds. They maintain long-term relationships with other bands and will bond for years, taking care of each other’s young, grooming, and sharing food. Like ESFJs, vampire bats believe in taking care of each other and realize that safety and security is found when you have a solid support group.

ESTJ – The Wolf

Dedicated, focused, and intelligent – wolves work in groups to take care of their pack. The ESTJ would probably be the alpha wolf, leading the pack and organizing the best hunting methods. Deeply loyal, wolves will actually develop very close relationships and bonds with each other. When they mate they mate for life, and may even sacrifice themselves for their family unit! This steadfast loyalty and determination is something we love about most ESTJs.

ISFJ – The Penguin

Loyal, protective, and intelligent, penguins have a lot of qualities in common with ISFJs! These arctic birds have complex social abilities and will go to great lengths to take care of each other. They also have a remarkable memory for detail – returning to the same spot year after year and being able to find it, even if the landscape has changed or it’s surrounded by other colonies. Like ISFJs, penguins are also fiercely loyal, staying monogamous and recognizing their partners’ song, even in noisy colonies where hundreds of penguins are searching for each other. This ability to hone in on one individual is a trait that penguins share with humans!

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ISTJ – The Great Horned Owl

Observant, protective, and revered as wise, the great horned owl captures many of the things we love about ISTJs. These mysterious-looking birds are solitary in nature, preferring to stay with their mates or families. They also are extremely focused and attentive – gliding slowly above the ground to catch unsuspecting prey. Like ISTJs these birds like to keep to themselves, but they are also very dedicated to their loved ones and very hard-working in providing for them.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree or disagree with this article? Do you have a better animal in mind for your type? Let us know!

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  1. I’m and Asian Elephant and I feel this suits me because I have always related to an elephant’s sense of empathy and intelligence.

  2. I am an ENFP, and my INFJ daughter once said (after I had read her Kipling’s ‘Rikki-tikki-tavi’), that if I were an animal, I would be a mongoose. I’d rather be a dolphin, but there are too many deadly cobras around. 🙂

    Thanks for your work and your fascination for human beings!

  3. I am an ENFP and love dolphins however for sheer playfulness and exuberance for me it’s otters that win the prize.

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